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    I think for a lot of people it makes a nice change when the rest of the time they're drowning in vile, abusive, threatening and downright aggressive right wing attitudes. It's just hard to notice when you're not in the firing line. I do think Tories are entirely welcome, but if it's that much of a shock to see what it's like outside the bubble then it's probably a good and healthy thing to see isn't it? Better than imagining the dining room conversation actually encompasses the whole country's views for sure. Tolerance is quite a different thing to meekly not saying anything despite having issues, and I think folk sometimes get confused.
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    If exposing someone's political beliefs for what they are makes them feel uncomfortable then maybe they should look at why that is and whether deep down they know they're wrong. If a Tory took me to task about my socialist beliefs I wouldn't feel remotely ashamed.
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    It's a shame that Tories would go to a festival rooted in left wing politics and feel unwelcome, and I sympathise. I recently bought a copy of Tractors Weekly magazine only to find it full of stuff about tractors. I was gutted.
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    Unemployed people, asylum seekers, immigrants, LGBT kids, single mothers, black people, Liverpool football fans, disabled people, people who live on council estates, the traveller community, etc etc. Compare the abuse and vilification they all experienced by the tories over the years and compare it to what the original poster experienced at Glastonbury
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    Tories are most certainly welcome at the festival. One thing I love about the festival is that it's a wonderful promotion of left wing values. Look at what makes Glastonbury great as opposed to every single one of its major competitors and it's the left wing values going through the festival like a stick of rock. The fact that enjoyment of punters is what drives any changes, not profit making. The fact that artists make a lot less money for Glasto but do it for the experience and prestige (though the extra record sales don't hurt). The artwork on the walls. Of course theres things that don't always tally with that too but that's almost inevitable. So for Tories to come and be exposed to this is good - maybe some of them might see an alternate vision of what might be possible. What really pisses me off though is people like the original poster here. People who complain about the festival being "too political". Ignorant morons who come to a festival like Glasto and have no appreciation of its roots and the fact the festival wouldn't be what it is otherwise. There's many things I enjoy which I appreciate wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for capitalism. I still enjoy them all the same, so the least Tories can do is appreciate the socialist values which make Glasto what it is, whilst also saying they don't necessarily agree with those values elsewhere in society. Christmas is a great time of the year. I'm not remotely religious, my family isn't even Christian. It would be crazy for me to say there's too much religion in Christmas despite how secular a celebration it's become. This is sort of like what some Tories are saying.
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    He's the most sinister and horrible of all of them; smug pencil necked shite who thinks there's something whimsical and eccentric and cartoonish about being a horrible divisive shit stain who belong to a party that ruins lives on a massive scale for their own gain. I could very cheerfully strangle him.
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    Sick of this boring point whiny tories keep making. People having opposite views to yours isn't an attack on you, grow the fuck up. It's like people who went to the Jacksons complaining everybody wearing a Foo Fighters t-shirt was attacking their personal choice of Saturday night headliner. Grow the fuck up, learn to hear people having different opinions to you, especially at a left-wing festival that has a tower named after Tony Benn, and who's founder stood for election as a Labour candidate.
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    I expect to be able to watch the Kaiser Chiefs without being exposed to lowest common denominator rabble rousing.
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    This tendency to treat politics as a theoretical zero sum game that has no actual impact on people's lives is another reason why people hate the Tories.
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    So much for the tolerant left, eh brother?
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    Moderat: https://transfer.pcloud.com/download.html?code=5ZSmpiZf0TgFmfxVr8ZlF0RZWLnbF7VLf1SUhuqtYqritJO4XOg7
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    Without any regard at all for how that may make any Tory voters in the audience feel, the vile, agressive monster.
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    Are Tories welcome in the toilets at Castlefield Bowl?
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    She'll be safe anyway, it's just ridiculous that she's getting targeted.
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    I've read this full thread just now and apart from seeing Corbyns speech before KC you haven't actually said what other vile or aggressive behavior you were subject to, I was at the pyramid for JC's speech and it was neither vile or aggressive, it was perfectly in tone with the views and beliefs of the festival. So I'll ask, as others have, what vile and aggressive behavior were you subject to, I'd like a constructive response. I work with some Tory voters and any time I have a difference of opinion to them I'm accused of being aggressive so please come back with something better than people disagreeing with you and actually wanting to debate whatever you've said, you must have said something as I don't think people will have guessed you were anti Corbyn
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    Labour now ahead of the Tories in the polls- they had a huge upward swing during the election but ran out of time. You're being ridiculous by pretending there's nothing going on at the moment and nothing was achieved.
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    Do you mean the 'vile,abusive,threatening' grammar? I blame Gove!
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    I'm guessing you're not a fan :-) Being serious for a moment I was sickened by some of the applause he was getting on QT last night, particularly regarding cutting the foreign aid budget.
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    I'm confused as to what exactly you found vile, abusive, threatening or agressive? Discomfort at 100,000 people coming together to reject your views is perfectly natural and doesn't count towards the above. TBF I did find the chanting a little tedious too, however at the same time it was heartening to hear so many who have realised that thier voice can be heard and that they don't have to just accept the status quo.
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    It did seem, more than ever, that politics was a binary 'Labour/Corbyn good / everyone else bad' attitude at the festival this year. I understand why, but those of us with Green and/or Liberal leanings seem to have been shoved in the 'bad' box or worse (particularly in the case of the Green Party) rendered invisible, which given the environmentally-aware slant of the festival seems a missed opportunity to add some balance.
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    Then stop pretending you're so sensitive that you can't handle the level of tory hostility at Glastonbury, it was mild at best. I don't honestly know how you get through life if you considered that so devistating.
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    Actually, Glastonbury isn't simply a "left leaning" Festival. It's an actively and proudly left wing campaigning festival. This isn't a new thing either, it's been that way since CND effectively started running the show in the early 80s. I'm pretty sure that Tories at the Festival will feel a lot more welcome now than they would have done when Thatcher was in power. It's fair to say that in the last 10-15 years the political elements have been overshadowed by the lineups and various expansions, but they never went away. The fact that in recent years it was maybe easier for Tories to ignore or look past the politics doesn't change what the Festival is and has been for most of it's history - a voice against everything that the conservative party stands for.
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    If you consider what you experienced at Glastonbury as vile, abusive, threatening and aggressive then you have lived a very sheltered, privileged life
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    It has gone past the point of being tolerant of Tories now.
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    That was fucking spectacular. Just wow. Reflektor and Creature Comforts especially blew me away. Best crowd I've ever been in too. Whichever festival over here books them next year is a festival I'm going to.
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    Gave in my supervisor quitting letter ... bloody relief .. now need to work out the next stages of my life
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    I have discovered what EL wire is, and intend to adorn myself with it in 2019. On a more practical note I've started a spreadsheet of things I need to remember to bring next time, like a torch for visiting the portaloos at oh dark thirty.
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    Hey guys and gals!! My friend bailed but I still want to go , so is anyone up for company on Saturday and Sunday?? Just looking to enjoy the day and rave to some lit tunes I've seen some of you are already meeting up, if love to come too
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    Hi! I'm going alone on Sunday would love to meet up with someone
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    Id love to go with someone, I bought the whole weekend ticket and my friend bailed and everyone else is busy and now the other days have sold out, but I still really want to go I enjoyed it so much last year!! X
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    Not really. If you think about it.
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    Exactly this innit. And furthermore, even beyond those who the Torys directly neglect and try to sideline in society, the amount of nefariously inequitable mud slung in the direction of anyone left of Nick Clegg since 2008 means Torys have absolutely no right to complain about their views being lightly mocked at Glastonbury. Corbyn's speech before RTJ was totally fair compared to bacon sandwich gate etc.
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    Yeah there seemed to be a group with them.
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    Just wondering because as I wandered around what struck me was the amount of vile,abusive,threatening and downright aggressive anti Tory messaging I have ever seen at the festival, In my view it was my favourite of the 6 I've been to in every way,bands,DJs,weather,side attractions,food, Thatchers cider (yummy!) but not the politics which was just everywhere this year. I totally get that Glastonbury is a left leaning festival, thats fine but does this leftness just have to be so damn aggressive and toxic. Seems the original Glasto ethos of peace,love, harmony has been completely lost in aggressive Momentum style Left wing rhetoric. This was compounded by Corbyn crashing the Glasto crowd, claim them as his own and practically blaming rich evil Tories for killing everyone at Grenfell,this a spectacle I was forced to watch whilst awaiting the arrival of the Kaiser Chiefs on the Other Stage. It is a pity as Tory supporters prob make up a massive proportion of the Glasto festival goers, and if they're not welcome then presumably neither is their money and Glasto can just become a giant version of the Leftield stage. Sensible replies please
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    Mate I'm reporting an observation, it does not imply some kind of sensitivity, like I say I was after sensible responses, further correspondence from you will be ignored unless its constructive

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