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    Just wondering because as I wandered around what struck me was the amount of vile,abusive,threatening and downright aggressive anti Tory messaging I have ever seen at the festival, In my view it was my favourite of the 6 I've been to in every way,bands,DJs,weather,side attractions,food, Thatchers cider (yummy!) but not the politics which was just everywhere this year. I totally get that Glastonbury is a left leaning festival, thats fine but does this leftness just have to be so damn aggressive and toxic. Seems the original Glasto ethos of peace,love, harmony has been completely lost in aggressive Momentum style Left wing rhetoric. This was compounded by Corbyn crashing the Glasto crowd, claim them as his own and practically blaming rich evil Tories for killing everyone at Grenfell,this a spectacle I was forced to watch whilst awaiting the arrival of the Kaiser Chiefs on the Other Stage. It is a pity as Tory supporters prob make up a massive proportion of the Glasto festival goers, and if they're not welcome then presumably neither is their money and Glasto can just become a giant version of the Leftield stage. Sensible replies please

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