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    I voted for Public Service Broadcasting. Never been into Pet Shops at all and Public Service Broadcasting are right up my street. Race for Space is class. Great live too.
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    Public Service Broadcasting is music for people who can't dance, but can tell you how many pn junctions and different layers there are in a thyristor.
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    PSG are much better than PSV, even after they sold Ibrahimovic
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    Back to thinking about going to this, can still get flights and the ticket and camping for > £130. I'd be going alone, is it a friendly place?
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    Anyone see the one on sky arts on Saturday about Bowie and prince, and some others who died. It ended with a segment on leonard Cohen. Absolutely superb. I was pissed like
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    Evening all. Happy new year to everyone also hope 2017 turns into the year everyone hopes it will be
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    Hello! I'm feeling a little better today, still not very mobile and it still hurts, but I feel a bit more like me. I've even managed a bath! I can't be left alone just yet though as am not able to move very much, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Looking forward to a smoke when I go home tomorrow! That will help
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    is this a university dissertation?
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    Got to be original psb . I was only being boring
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    It's been a bit quiet here.. 1. The Bends 2. The National Anthem 3. There There 4. Ful Stop 5. No Surprises 6. Pyramid Song 7. Myxomatosis 8. Lotus Flower 9. Identikit 10. The Numbers 11. Reckoner 12. Daydreaming 13. Just 14. How To Disappear Completely 15. Everything In Its Right Place 16. Idioteque 17. Bodysnatchers 18. Let Down 19. Fake Plastic Trees 20. Present Tense 21. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 22. Paranoid Android 23. Creep 24. Karma Police
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    Using fascism in your argument is always a sign of desperation.
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    Struth... Bloody hell.... And vodka.. Well it was wine that it I had a glass of wine and my eyes must have gone woggly.. Mine you in my favour it did say £10 for the bottle.. It's OK tho the wife only paid £4.. I've never paid more than a £5 spot for wine and you know wot it only tasted OK for £10 I'd want it to be amazing...... Well that's my excuse
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    Left your glasses in the Kitchen again Old Son
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    I have mind welded with the page and have failed to gather any data.
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    thankfully i suppose this means it won't be ready in time for their festival shows - i want a strictly greatest hits/minimal Sonic Highways + the awful covers section that came with it show
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    One of my claims to fame is that Elizabeth Taylor made me a cup of tea, I was working as a journalist covering South Wales for national newspapers when Richard Burton died. By this time he had divorced Elizabeth Taylor and had married Suzy Hunt and was living in Switzerland, where he was buried. However a memorial service was held near his home town of Port Talbot and Elizabeth Taylor, who was still a close part of the extended Burton (Jenkins) family, came over. Along with all the journos I went to the memorial service. Afterwards all the women went back to the family house to prepare the ham sandwiches. The men (and the journos) opted to go to the pub. In the pub Richard's brother Graham got absolutely legless. So when it came to getting him home another reporter and I pretty well carried him, with his arms draped over our shoulders, the mile back to the house. We knocked on the door, it was opened and we carried him in and plonked him on a sofa. Liz Taylor was standing there with rubber gloves on doing the washing up. She turned to me and smiled and said: "Seeing as you've kindly carried him home, the least I can do is make you a cup of tea." So I sat down next to Graham while Liz Taylor made and brought me a cup of tea.
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    Is this even debateable? Public Service Broadcasting were that boring I actually went and watched Andy Murray in the tennis when they supported New Order at Jodrel Bank. I would not mind but I can't stand tennis. It was just pretensious noodling. The Whip came on after them and absolutely blew them away.
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    1975 played last year, no? Think you're right re headliner; Killers, KoL, or Arcade Fire.
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    I would assume the same for The Weeknd also.