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  1. I think what is concerning about this is that if we had a "world beating test and trace system" we should be confident that we could nip this in the bud pretty quickly and not need to talk about local lockdowns.
  2. If you go back to May, Scotland's death rate was about the same as the UK average. It's now about a third of the UK average and falling faster. That is not explicable by a lower starting infection rate. I think the benefit of the Scottish Government's approach is that, if things continue as they are, our low infection rate will actually begin to allow us to unlock faster than England. I'll repeat this again because it is really important. I am not praising the scottish government approach because they are the SNP but simply because it makes sense. They made mistakes at the start as the UK government did but unlike UKgov they appear to have learnt from their mistakes. I think it would put retail workers in a really difficult position if they were expected to enforce the law especially in smaller shops where they do not have back up if things get heated. I'm pretty sure if there was widespread flouting of the rules Scotgov would take action to enforce them.
  3. I appreciate these things are anecdotal & there will always be people who don't comply - I have a colleague at work who point blank refuses to wear a mask. and it is , of course, important to remember that there are people who are excused from wearing masks. My experiences are in Fife & Edinburgh. I'll ask my son who works in Morrisons (petrol station) what his experience is. I'm sure we would all agree that voluntary compliance is much preferable to police enforcement,
  4. saying something many times doesn't make it true. I have pointed out that caution is not just measured by dates on the calendar but much more importantly by the level of infection in society when measures are eased. There is not one example of Scotland easing any measure when infection levels were not lower than in England. as above, I challenge you to provide one example of this. Except the figures don't actually say that. No. of deaths in the past seven weeks for south west of england against Scotland (figures from ONS/NRS) SW Eng 126 103 85 48 36 16 17 Scotland 131 89 69 49 39 17 you will see a blank box in the Scotland row - NRS reports a day later than ONS - i will update that tomorrow for you https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/weeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales https://www.nrscotland.gov.uk/files//statistics/covid19/covid-deaths-report-week-27.pdf I'm not entirely sure why you feel the need to keep on repeating this again and again as I have already agreed with this on numerous occasions.
  5. yeah i guess it feels like that if you are predisposed to distrust Sturgeon and the SNP. However I'd appreciate a link to Sturgeon saying "Boris is so reckless" because I missed that bit. we may have been "slower " on the calendar with these things but they were all introduced when the infection rate was lower in Scotland in England which is the measure that really matters. I'd be interested in your experience but i have seen no one in a shop in the past few days not wearing a mask - which surely is far preferable to the police having to enforce it. Again introduced when the infection rate in scotland is way below that of England. I've tried not to make this a party political point. As I have to repeatedly say, I accept that the Scottish Government have exactly the same questions to answer about how & when we entered lockdown. I happen to think the Scottish government have handled the exit from lockdown much better than the UK government has. I don't think that is necessarily because the SNP is the governing party. I think it is perfectly plausible that if Labour and/or the lib dems were in power they would still have performed better than Johnson. I am genuinely sad that, in my view, England has compounded its errors in the way it handled entering lockdown with errors in the way it is leaving it. It puts us all at risk. So, you accept that there has been more caution up here. Do you think that is good or bad? And if you think it is good (which I sense you do) why on earth would would you see that as difference for difference sake. I am sick and fed up of people who cannot find it in themselves to give credit to politicians with whom they generally disagree. I hate the tories as much as anyone but some of the actions they took to support people and businesses have been remarkable and way beyond what i would ever have imagined and they deserve considerable respect for that. What I find most disappointing is that the constant chorus from the opponents of the SNP in recent years has been that they should "get on with the day job" and stop banging on about independence. This is exactly what Sturgeon has been doing but that's still not good enough for you guys. Its extraordinary how difficult you guys find it to give even an ounce of credit to Sturgeon. Perhaps you should take a look at the opinion polls and ask yourselves why you are so out of touch with public opinion.
  6. What Neil has refused to acknowledge is that Scotland has shown more caution I. Coming out of lockdown than England. He knows he is wrong so has tried to turn it into Johnson v Sturgeon.
  7. Alternatively, we'll be used to wearing masks in a few weeks.
  8. I suspect mosh pits may be a little way off.
  9. My observation in Scotland is that mask wearing in the shops I have been in has increased from maybe 25-30% to very close to 100% since it became compulsory. It reminds me of these mad few days in March when the Government said "you shouldn't go to pubs but we'll let them stay open just in case you fancy a pint"
  10. Not sure if it will satisfy you, but i have acknowledged that Scotgov has exactly the same questions to answer around when we entered lockdown, and how we handled care homes & PPE. I have also welcomed the UKgov's schemes to support folk during lockdown. I think people, including the Scottish Government, have been banging on about this for a long time. as you point out elsewhere there are a number of factors that influence this. Not all of them are controlled by the Scottish Government. This is a long term problem (as is the level of drug related deaths) and it is hardly surprising that there is rather more focus at present on the current worldwide pandemic. It will be and I don't see anyone denying that there will be long term effects of lockdown which we will have to live with for decades to come. the implication of people who make this point is that we could somehow have avoided lockdown: and we probably could but only if we had taken action much earlier than we did to restrict the number of folk carrying the virus entering the UK and implementing a rigorous test & track system months ago. we didn't and come March had no option but to implement lockdown. There is a lot of blame being apportioned to government(s) in the UK and I don't doubt that much of it is justified. However I think we also need to look at the advice that these governments were getting which seems to have been flawed in a number of areas. Of course that might also be the fault of the government for listening to the wrong scientists.
  11. Well I think we can agree that it didn't go well either side of the border. Folk such as yourself and Ruth Davidson seem convinced that Scotland has handled the situation in care homes worse than England and Wales and I believe, if you look at the reported deaths due to Covid19 in care homes, that appears to be correct. However, if you look at excess deaths in care homes, the figures are actually higher in England & Wales than they are in Scotland. https://www.ft.com/content/a3fe315f-610a-4086-a6bc-a466a7f33aa1 Now, either coronavirus deaths in care homes in England & wales are being unreported or else some other mystery disease is killing off your old folk whilst leaving ours unscathed. I'd settle for it being badly handled on both sides of the border. You keep saying this but I'm not sure its true http://nrg.cs.ucl.ac.uk/mjh/covid19/ I think its true to say we were behind London but then so was everywhere else in the UK. As far as I can see, these figures are not adjusted for population and I would imagine the population of Scotland is lower than all of the regions above it on the graph. You also never address the point that, since Scotland adopted an elimination policy there has clearly been a faster reduction in our figures both of daily deaths and daily infections. You claim this is due to higher testing. Which I presume means you believe the widely discredited numbers that UKgov releases for testing numbers. As i have clearly demonstrated, it is almost universally accepted that Scotland has adopted a more cautious approach which appears to be working. You are increasingly becoming a lone voice howling in the wilderness.
  12. 2 deaths in the last 7 days in Scotland. ( yes i know this is only deaths with positive tests) NRS release their weekly figures on Wednesday - it was 17 last week - can we get down to single figures this week? The cautious approach and clear messaging continues to bear fruit. Meanwhile more conflicting signals from UKgov on Facemasks.
  13. Boris advancing the cause of independence further...
  14. Of course I was aware of it - that's why I brought it up. You are the one who clearly wasn't aware of it although that didn't stop you persevering on the assumption that i'd just made it up. Your usual tactic on display here - when you can't win the argument - just revert to one of your stock anti - indy insults.
  15. Here is a Newsnight report which opens with "Scotland is at a much earlier stage of easing lockdown, well behind England..." so someone else that agrees with me & disagrees with Neil. The main point of the report is to discuss whether Scotland's handling of CV19 & the looming Brexit make Indy more likely - this is not a topic that I intend to raise here and if anyone wants my view (unlikely) I will happily provide it in the Dirty Indy Thread. My reason for posting it is not only to demonstrate that Neil is in denial about the respective pace of lockdown either side of the border, but also because it broadly supports my view of the differences in approach & public perception in our respective Nations.
  16. I don't know but maybe getting someone with no axe to grind in the debate would be a good idea... You will see if you read the rest of the article that it is pretty balanced and points out, for example, that Scotland's performance is not remarkable compared to other countries in Europe.
  17. Och and there's me thought we were discussing the performance of the Scottish Government. What? keeping schools and pubs shut longer and stopping people going on holiday to Spain is the good things? It is certainly a fact that she has no power or control over things like the furlough scheme and the rate of VAT. so we can only compare performance in areas where both governments have responsibility. Kate Forbes has asked to be allowed to borrow an additional £500m to support economic recovery in Scotland which may not be directly dealing with Covid but is certainly dealing with the effects of Covid As long as we remain in the UK, we continue to pay tax just like everyone else is. It is no more manna from heaven for SCotland than it is for Sunderland or Belfast. Again, what on earth has this got to do with what we are talking about? Na Na ne Na Na
  18. That's a double edged sword and is certainly not a situation of the Scottish government's choosing Depends how you define that, doesn't it? Oh, look at a wee squirrel... And a big lie. Hey, want to stop talking shite?
  19. They:re both considering when the right time to open shops, gyms, pubs, schools, hairdressers, swimming pools etc etc. They're both considering of and where we should wear face masks and what countries we allow people to fly in from. In a sense, Johnson's job is easier as he controls the purse strings to cover the cost of his decisions. Sturgeon's hands are tied in that respect. Scotland has requested additional borrowing powers. That request has been ignored.
  20. As you know, we disagree on this. She may only be a week or 2 behind England on most easing measures, but given the lower no. of infections in the community that's probably equivalent to 3 or 4 weeks behind. I don't. Do you?
  21. Incidentally, yesterday was the first day of compulsory mask-wearing in shops up here. I was in Aldi last night & Asda this morning and I didn't see anyone without a mask on. I looked absolutely stunning with my Buchanan tartan mask on.
  22. Absolutely. Which is why I have been happy to praise UKgov when I think they've got it right. (Furlough, support for s/e) and happy to criticise Scotgov when I think they've got it wrong (care homes, testing) in general whether you like Scotgov/Sturgeon she is perceived as being more cautious than UKgov/Johnson. The difference is those who like her tend to praise her caution and those who dislike her seem to think she is being too cautious. Neil is one of the very small minority who don't accept that in general, she is being significantly more cautious than Johnson.
  23. You do realise "caution" is not just defined by dates on the calendar?
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