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    I had the chance to talk to Fra Solar (Primavera's head of booking) the other day, and it looks like PS' main criteria to book headliners who've already been there recently is a new album. If they'd like to book Arcade Fire, and the album is due to be released by then (it sure looks like it), I believe they'd do it. The announcement could come even earlier than expected. PS already has 180 confirmed acts on the bill, and already talking with some acts about 2018. Probably those who will tour the North American festivals in June 2017. Japandroids, Bon Iver looks pretty certain right now. Looking forward to Justice's album this friday.
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    No. The uk is a black and gold dress.
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    I never take anything for granted but I sincerely hope it is. Wish RW would tweet now
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    Is this Belgium or Netherlands. my geography is awful but could this be a Foos anouncement?
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    I can't remember, but they aren't that strict.
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    The difference there is the expression of the prejudice. "black people are probably criminals" "I hate gays" "trump voters should be rounded up into a gas chamber" All unacceptable, but the incitement to mass murder is the worst one there. My point is that prejudice comes in lots of forms, and that creating your own while attempting to fight a more longstanding form of prejudice is both hypocritical and tactically ineffective.
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    See you both in the campsite, my fellow Frusciante friend!
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    Phil Collins also has an announcement imminent, for tomorrow morning. Are the currently announced dates just a warm up tour for this show? Could be.
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    This is wicked. Thanks for the tip
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    I remember someone somewhere (think it was Dental) said we need a Gizz thread, and with apparently four albums to come next year I wholeheartedly agree. Let's get these guys back to the farm in 2017, yeah? I'll start us off with a classic list. Feel free to follow suit. Nonagon Infinity Float Along - Fill Your Lungs I'm In Your Mind Fuzz Paper Mache Dream Balloon 12 Bar Bruise Quarters! Oddments Eyes Like the Sky
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    It's a bit unusual for Pukkelpop to announce a headliner this early on but guess they can't wait to get the Foos out there!
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    London Forum date added for 17th June on sale Monday. £19.60. Thats an excellent price. Can't remember the last time I paid less then £40 to see a gig.
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    And This would be the last tune on Sunday in my ideal world...
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    I think if R&L are having a hip hop headliner then Drake would be a great choice.
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    HiphopgrimeSHITimogoodmorningallwakeupandlistentosomenicehappymusicinsteadofSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope you all shut up for the fallen.... Have a good weekend. G
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    Kanye isn't alternative!, he's a hip hop c**t bag! The different is the other two are just hip hop. He sold out 6 02 dates at least, Reading want sales so there is us.