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  2. Yes, so just changed it to J23 of the M5 and a three times round the Tor slalom!
  3. I’ve thought this myself. I think it really depends on timing, and whether once the furloughing ends, will we see mass lay offs then anyway. Lots will depend on a second wave hitting in autumn winter or not and if we have another lock down, I suspect that would be catastrophic. One thought I had was that this is nobodies fault and the government to be fair to them, have helped huge numbers of individuals and businesses with the furlough payments. This isn’t like a normal recession when people don’t really bat an eye lid when companies make mass redundancies. This could be wishful thinking (in fact it almost certainly is) and obviously if it’s not financially viable then redundancies will happen, but there will be an awful lot of bad will against businesses who lay people off when financially they can avoid it, especially when they’ve had months of government support.
  4. I suppose the hospitality sector could be greatly affected with reduced capacity, therefore reduced income, which could lead to people being laid off. Plus haven't a a few holiday companies already gone bust? Shearings is one off the top of my head, and I'm sure there'll be more. Probaby a few airlines too
  5. Do we have any economists amongst us? I'm curious as to why we are going to be in such dire straits post this. I've found myself with more money in my pocket even though I'm furloughed due to not physically being able to go out and spend it. I'd have thought this would be the case for lots of others too? Given this surely people will have more money to splurge once this is over with and in turn kick start the economy again.
  6. Hi all, a bit of feedback help re coach sales? I have been successful 2 times before in getting 2 seats. One year I tried for 3 and would only give me 2 (clearly only had 2 seats left on the 6am from London). So I have split 3 of my group up. Anyone on here ever managed to get 3 coach seats in the resale? Hope you can help 🙂
  7. Yep, I went to Crystal Palace park three times over the last two days and each day there were piles of rubbish everywhere. Bad enough at the best of times, but during a pandemic? On one of the occasions there were four of five police halfheartedly trying to disperse large groups.
  8. Yeah, nice once in...I guess (you allowed to touch stuff?), but spontaneity will be gone for a while. Can't just pop to the shops. Probably be same with restaurants and maybe pubs when they open, have to pre-book a table for a certain time...
  9. I think if you work it out it will be much longer than that .... although they could shorten it by installing more slaloms that we all love !!
  10. I don’t know if anyone on here has ever gone to Ikea in Wembley but hell is far more preferable. You couldn’t pay me to go there now, let alone voluntarily join a four hour queue.
  11. Are people all of a sudden forgetting to tidy up after themselves ? why are we getting all this rubbish now ?
  12. Just saw the IKEA queue on telly there, massive line snaking round and round the car park. Can you imagine the social distancing queue to get into Glasto? The Gate A queue would start at Street/Glastonbury shopping centre! Quick edit: thinking about it and on @crazyfool1 advice, it would probably stretch to J23 of the M5! With a three times round the Tor slalom.
  13. It’s probably lovely once you’re in there... just not the four hour queue bit. Ive been to my local garden centre once, about a 20 minute queue to get in, but a significantly nicer experience once you’re in there.
  14. Main difference is that her dates are now before the G rather than after. On the plus side she'll be warned up, but the downside is that I'll already have seen her set.
  15. Hi Neil, I’ve just checked and still no luck. It’s gone back to the grey box from my second picture. I cleared cache etc again to double check.
  16. People queueing for up to 4 hours to get into Ikea...shows people are desperate to get back to doing normal stuff like going to shops, but the actual shopping experience is not going to be normal or fun.
  17. Obviously every countries police force is different, but in this case I'm referring to the US. They are there to uphold a corrupt, racist and oppressive system. They exist to serve the wealthy elite and shut down any political dissent. Oh and let's not forget that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic abuse, and that's just what's reported. It is more effective to reduce crime by improving society as a whole i.e. better education, better employment opportunities, better healthcare (especially mental health) etc. Spending BILLIONS on military-grade equipment is not the answer, and is just a scary move toward fascism. So yes, fuck cops. Any cops that think they're good should quit their job
  18. Gonna wait for the announcement but I just cant muster any enthusiasm for the next console generation yet. Not sure what nee they're bringing to gaming.
  19. Basically it's going to be like Lovefest, another Serbian festival
  20. Hi Nobby, yes, our case numbers are actual cases, not projected cases (I did see 8000 per day quoted somewhere for the UK and was confused as I thought it was closer to 2k and holding firm). If all of those are in high risk settings and not as a result of community transmission, then testing and contact tracing can (in theory) contain them. I was a little shocked at the level of training contact tracers in the UK were reported to have received (about 30 mins, a FAQ, a script and an instruction to look at videos on YouTube), whereas my own institution has trained about half of the contact tracers in Ireland and it was a week of face-to-face (socially distanced!) training. But whether that is actually the case or whether this was for extra bodies to bolster the system was not entirely clear from the reporting. I’m sure there must be some properly trained folk involved at some level. you are correct though, loads of things that would be happening still aren’t, so mostly it’s lower risk activities that are opening up again. I took the little one out for a ride on her bike yesterday. Our local park was packed, but it was of clusters of either families or 3/4 friends sitting on the grass a good 10-20 feet from each other. I saw nothing risky and found it uplifting to see people getting back to some sort of normality in a low risk way. The beach is also packed, but everyone is leaving plenty of space for each other, and queuing at shops etc is well organised, less browsing, and people are moving through quickly. So, at the moment, I don’t see vast amounts of high risk activity that could lead to a massive resurgence...unless containment in high risk settings is mismanaged. Personally, I’d leave the schools closed for the sake of a few weeks, and heaving pubs/clubs/gigs are still a way off. But now is the time to take stock of what we know about this specific virus and adapt our public heath plans from the influenza-driven protocols we used the outset, to coronavirus-specific plans to continue easing back to normal.
  21. On the subject if neighbours I hope everyone will be more tolerant at this time, based on the fact that garden gatherings are naturally going to be more popular. I was fortunate that when I moved into my house the adjoined house was being renovated, and our neighbours the other side not joined have their bedroom at the front of the house so would never be disturbed, so we could essentially make as much noise as we liked. That said that was once in a blue moon anyway, certainly only ever in the weekend if ever. Then somebody moved into the adjoining house. All I’ve got is one of those Marshall Bluetooth speakers, they aren’t capable of making enough noise to disturb anyone. We put it on one Saturday night and within minutes the new bloke was banging on the door asking is to turn it down, this happened pretty much every time on the rare occasion we put it on. Now as long as it’s not every single night I welcome my neighbours making a bit of noise every now and then, a bit of tolerance from everyone helps no end and we can all have our moments every now and then when we want to make a bit of noise. Thankfully they moved out and the new neighbours out is a lot more chilled. Sorry, that’s a massive rambling pointless story that doesn’t help anyone with their Bluetooth connectivity issues. I just hate unreasonable intolerant neighbours!
  22. Yes, I would say so. Bigger rock bands and Hip Hop / Trap acts from US with bigger production stopped their tours due to Covid19, so it makes sense. So far it is the only one major festival, but if the situation in general becomes better, maybe some other festivals will decide to go ahead too.
  23. gizmoman

    Black Lives Matter

    I think that, in part, is down to the gun situation in america, they are facing situations everyday where they may be dealing with an armed criminal, it makes them trigger happy, they will have had friends and colleagues killed and they become hardened and quite brutalised, They have a "us and them" attitude, they then have a culture of "protect each other, no matter what" I'm not defending them, but it's a toxic combination that leads to people being dehumanised.
  24. Today
  25. Because they’re all the same aren’t they 🙄 Awful what has happened over there, but I’m sure you’d find a lot of cops would agree with you that it was horrendous.
  26. Yup. Every victory at this stage is a biggie.
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