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  1. Euro referendum Glasto disenfranchised?

    The EU referendum clashing with Glasto is looking increasingly likely - an interesting situation. Had to know what proportion of attendees would be likely to vote. I'd assume that the majority would be in favour of remaining part of the EU, but hard to be sure. What is certain is that lots of people wouldn't take the time to register for a postal ballot.
  2. Sunday Legend 2016

    "He did OK" - Personally I'd say he did a bit better than that.
  3. Jeremy Corbyn

    My mate organised for Nick Clegg to appear at the Speakers' Forum (can't remember the exact year but around 2008/09 i.e. ahead of the coalition). Drew a fairly sizeable crowd (at least by SF standards) but my main memory is the previous speaker being a performance poet who used the opportunity to deliver a rant about something a Lib Dem council had done to piss him off (he got quite worked up, bless him). I'd be interested to see how Corbyn would get on; he used to be my MP and I honestly feel he really didn't expect to end up as leader when he threw his hat into the ring.
  4. John Peel Stage moving location

    I'm happy with this move; I was annoyed when the cinema field was removed for hospitality camping as it made the walk from Gate A to Top Webb's Ash a little trickier. That field seems a good shout for the JP and, assuming they move the hospitality camping to it's old site, it should improve a few of the bottleneck issues around that entrance to Silver Hayes.   Sensible stuff.
  5. Fair system?

    I've been at this game a while and have been very fortunate to get tickets every year since 2004 (last year was the first year that we needed the resale). The system isn't perfect but it's a lot better than most and certainly better than it was. Back in 2004 there was no registration system and the website of Aloud (who had the contract back then) crashed so tickets were sold over the phones for more than 24 hours. Myself (and lots of others on these boards) woke up throughout the night and only got the engaged tone. I seem to remember that they bought in a rule that you couldn't change the name on the tickets that year, but I managed anyway. It was odd for the 2008 festival when it never really sold out; certainly took the pressure off ticket day but seems to have properly scared Michael Eavis (understandably). The registration system is genius and effectively eliminates the ability for touts to profit from the event and for tickets to just find their way to those willing to pay the most, which would be pretty disastrous. Ultimately, we are currently at a stage when many more people want to attend than the festival can accommodate. That's not a surprise, because we all know how great it is. Although it's hard to imagine its popularity diminishing, I'm sure it will at some point (perhaps after a couple of years of poor weather or a run of duff headliners). It's a shame to see so many people on these boards be unsuccessful - that certainly didn't used to be the case and I'd guess that's because the numbers wanting to attend have risen substantially. That said I'd be entirely opposed to a system that guaranteed tickets for old hands like me. Glastonbury owes me nothing. Although my year would be poorer without a trip to Worthy Farm, the festival wouldn't suffer a jot for my absence, as much as I might like to think otherwise. For anyone who missed out this time, don't lose hope - the resale honestly did seem to be a lot more straightforward. Best of luck.
  6. Fair system?

    Alas that's just not true. There used to be a wonderful open air cinema field towards the John Peel tent, the field was taken over by hospitality camping a few years ago.
  7. Is it ok to be bricking it about oct tickets already

    And now the worry starts for Ticket Day 2016...
  8. Sold out

    My sympathies to anyone who didn't get tickets this morning; that happened to me last year and I'm familiar with the horrible sinking feeling you get when you see it's sold out.   Reason for posting this is to say that I still got to Glastonbury 2015 - we got tickets in the coach resale and tens of thousands of others did too.   I know it's horrible not knowing, but just don't want people thinking that's it. It isn't.
  9. Political equality @ Glasto...

      Can't agree with that; the idea that Glastonbury should be shut to those on the political right is absurd. That's not to say that it's not a left-wing festival, or that it shouldn't continue to be, just that looking to exclude those with different views doesn't strike me as a good way of bringing about lasting change.   Glastonbury brings people together; it can't do that as well if some of the people are shut out.
  10. Sunday Legend 2016

    I'll throw Bon Jovi into the mix. The last couple of years really have cemented the reputation of the "Legend slot" - Lionel's much deserved sales boost will have opened a few eyes. Hopefully it'll also help people to realise that televising a Glastonbury set is a GOOD thing. If Lionel announced a big tour tomorrow, can't help thinking that tickets would shift a lot quicker after last weekend's performance. I'm not sure who Lionel's closest pals are in the business, but fair to say that he's likely to put in a good word.
  11. Glastonbury Toe

    Couple of the smaller toes on my right foot this year; enjoying the variety
  12. The Sunday Night Headliner Saga

    I'm sure I remember reading that GFL pulled together a dossier about the festival that persuaded him to play (or at least it persuaded his people). It did sound a little hollow when he came out and said he'd "heard about" us.
  13. Next time I will...

    Can add all of these to my list, though I did visit The Temple in the Park, which was nice
  14. Crowd diversity

    Let's not forget our friends from Mexico, front of the Pyramid with identical flags on the same pole as ever...
  15. Did Banksy do anything?

    I loved that thing. There seemed to be noticBly more large art installations across the site - really liked the Joe Rush polar bear on a fridge iceberg