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  1. Car crash. 7 car pile-up of a car crash.
  2. The swing boats in Avalon had disappeared; I very much hope they'll be back.
  3. First for me this year - I was asked to stop and pose for photos because of my T-shirt "VHS & Chill" needless to say, it will make the cut for next year (so long as I do!)
  4. Could they charge more? Absolutely. 2008 aside, demand has outstripped supply every year I've been (since 2004) an I suspect most of the festivals held since then would have sold out even if the tickets had been significantly more expensive (though obviously this would have had an impact on the attendees). Should they? My guess is they'll keep going up at a little above inflation as their costs increase (Brexit could well add to the cost here) but hopefully it won't hit £250 for a few years. Glastonbury is a pretty expensive few days but, for me, it still represents excellent value and would do even if the ticket price went above £250 next time round.
  5. Eavis always said he didn't think the Stones would play because they asked for too much money and we all know what happened there; maybe they'll see sense (I'm certain they'd be booked if they do)
  6. That's not what the Glasto Info Twitter account said; I cut mine of every year and never had a problem.
  7. Haven't noticed anyone mention Green Day, they're definitely big enough. Oasis will likely headline when they get back together, but probably not until the second or third year. In terms of acts on the upward trajectory, I think London Grammar might have what it takes.
  8. The point is they're not jumping in, as the OP said, they're just joining the queue from where they've parked. Generally that means they had a longer walk to/from the gate; them's the breaks.
  9. As Neil said a while ago Michael is doing everything he can to stretch the gaps between fallow years. The London Olympics helped, giving him a good excuse for 2012 rather than 2011 and now he seems to have made it known that 2019 will be the next but that they're looking for alternative options. Having "experienced" two fallow years I'm all in favour of them being rare, but understand that the locals probably feel very differently. FWIW I fully expect the festival to keep going for years to come.
  10. I quite like it. I've been trying to work out if the O in Glastonbury is the peace sign or if it's a version of the tribute to Paris after the attacks (the peace sign crossed with the Eiffel tower). Hard to tell on mine.
  11. Those figures come from BARB which produces all UK TV viewing data - it's calculated using set top boxes in a selection of homes across the country
  12. That's exactly how we saw him in 2015 - enjoyed his song about a watch from the market.
  13. It's a slow process, but I'm glad it seems to be heading in the right direction.
  14. I woke up at about 4am on the Thursday and followed the referendum coverage online; it was clear within an hour that leave had won, which is a bit of a shock to say the least. At that point it became an interesting experiment; could my love of Glastonbury outweigh my despair at the result? Early on it was looking ropey - James were almost an hour late coming on and I ended up standing by some MDMA guzzling plums cheering about leave winning. I adopted a strategy of hitting the booze pretty hard; I'd come prepared with a two pint plastic stein that I refilled frequently. Ultimately I powered through and had a great day (albeit I pissed like a racehorse). In many ways Glasto was the perfect place to be for the news; many of us were there for the death of Michael Jackson and this time we were there for a more significant death altogether.
  15. Best I've seen the toilets, which made up for the fact that the flushing loos by the farm had disappeared. Only slight thing was that the antibacterial wash seemed to run out quite quickly at most sited and was seemingly never replaced.