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  1. Got milk?

    It's been the same price since 2004, but the pots are a LOT smaller than they used to be.
  2. Coldplay, what to expect?

    Having headlined the festival 3 times already and given that they're doing a stadium tour ahead of it this year, I think it's fair to say we'll have a pretty clear idea of what to expect. The tour started in Barcelona last night and this was the setlist: A Head Full of Dreams Yellow Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall The Scientist Birds Paradise Everglow Ink Magic Clocks Midnight Charlie Brown Hymn for the Weekend Fix You "Heroes" (David Bowie cover) Viva la Vida Adventure of a Lifetime Kaleidoscope Don't Panic See You Soon Amazing Day A Sky Full of Stars Up&Up
  3. New area - The Wood

    An intriguing development - this seems to be the area that's usually fenced off as the "Nature Reserve" I've been camping very near to this (Top Webbs Ash) since 2004 and used the path through the middle a fair amount, so hopefully it will still be passable, especially as the hospitality camping is moving. I wonder what they've done with the "nature" they were "reserving"? Always had it in my mind that it might contain a badger set.
  4. Brothers cider Bar

    As I recall they were made to stop selling them halfway through one festival. Can't remember which year but I walked into the (then) JazzWorld stage area and it was a sea of empty bottles with a lot of very merry people.
  5. Confirmed Food Vendors 2016

    The Hog Roast with the "voted UK's best" sign has been there since at least 2004 and, as best I can tell, has had the exact same sign. Either it's standards are incredibly consistent or the competition ain't all it's cracked up to be.
  6. Got milk?

    Quite famously, the first festival in 1970 cost £1 for a ticket which also got you free milk. Buying a fresh pint off the back of one of the tractors for a quid is an established part of my morning Glasto routine. Further from that the MILK stalls dotted round the site are a great place to get other drinks from including fruit juices and milkshakes (generally a little cheaper than other stalls)
  7. Michael talking at Oxford Union

    Full video now up on YouTube:
  8. The reality of working the festival......

    How did you come by this job, if you don't mind me asking? I can't remember if they ever put it on the website.
  9. Coach arriving around 3pm - Which camping field?

    I've been camping at Top Webbs Ash since 2004 and it's been getting harder to get a spot but I'd say you should be OK to find the space there for one tent if you hunt around for a bit.
  10. Confirmed Food Vendors 2016

    It's been in that precise spot since at least 2004 (and likely a decent while before that)
  11. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Bought a 2 pint plastic stein glass.
  12. Always take a disposable BBQ to cook up some sausages. Nobody's got food poisoning yet, so the tradition continues.
  13. Lost Vagueness... the story

    ME seemed really pleased to see him; said something like "You made it!"
  14. Lost Vagueness... the story

    Worth saying that Shangri-La is in a different league altogether from Lost Vagueness in terms of the offering, so if you think that needs a refresh you'd probably be disappointed with what LV actually had. The current South East corner is the most impressive change from when I first went to the festival in 2004 and, in my opinion, it's what really sets the festival apart from its "competitors" I saw Michael speak in 2004 and when he was asked what his favourite bit of the festival was he said Lost Vagueness but things obviously turned a bit sour. There's a nice moment in Julien Temple's Glastonbury with Michael bumping into Roy in LV; he seemed really pleased to see him.
  15. Does Glastonbury still have showers?

    Personally I'm a fully signed up member of Team Skank and make do with a splash of water on my face, a few wet wipes and a daily change of underwear but somehow I've wound up going with a group that includes members who shower multiple times a day. We camp on Top Webbs Ash, which is around a 15 min walk to the Showers at the bottom of the Kidz Field and they suggest the queues aren't too bad at all.