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  1. The Killers Headling 2019

    I'd count them as "friends of the festival" as such would never rule out them being offered a headline slot - fair play to a band of that size for playing down the bill on the 4th stage to give fans a treat. Back in 2007 I swerved the Killers headline slot to go and watch Madness in Lost Vagueness, so I felt I owed it to them to miss Chic this time around. Reaction to Mr Brightside was insane (as Frank Carter said beforehand, slate it all you like, but it's an incredible song)
  2. Suicide Tuesday

    Always that little bit harder before a fallow year.
  3. Diversity

    Absolutely agree that certain groups have been priced out and, overall, that's a bad thing for the festival. I just feel like I see more people of more varied ethnic backgrounds than I used to - the line-up is unquestionably more diverse.
  4. Dave Grohl & Famous People

    I love that song but they played it so much sorting the speaker that I was expecting people to boo when the Foos played it on Saturday night!
  5. Perfect Weather

    How hot does it get in Norway in the Summer?!
  6. Best cover version of the weekend

    Someone made that joke on Twitter - fair to say a few didn't understand the joke, even when it was explained to them.
  7. Best cover version of the weekend

    Given he played it by himself on the maracas, I was impressed. Suspected it was to avoid paying his brother royalties...
  8. Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    He certainly did - thanks to @SecretGlastoI'd tipped off my missus' friends about the "secret" gig only for him to blow the secret 5 mins later!
  9. Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    Someone mentioned this to me on Twitter over the weekend - which is the biggest stage not to pay performers?
  10. Food offer 2017

    Found a place selling hot, fresh scotch eggs near the cider bus - bloody fabulous. Very good churros from Churro Bros too. Anyone try the "Chicken Balls" place near the Other Stage?
  11. Best cover version of the weekend

    I always raise this topic to find out what I missed out on (I love a good cover version). For me it was Nightcall by London Grammar. I know it's a standard part of their set but it really is quite something. Nice hearing a bit of Queen from the Foos too. More randomly the Ambling Band (?) played the Tetris music in the T&C field - took me a while to work out what it was!
  12. Diversity

    Having been going to Glastonbury since 2004 it feels to me that they're making big improvements in terms of the diversity of the acts and and the punters and that is a very good thing for the health of the festival. While the vast majority of atendees are white you no longer have to look around for too long before seeing someone of a different ethnicity, making it more reflective of the music loving community that I know. It also felt like the average age might be coming down a little too, which is also important. I love going to Glastonbury but it really shouldn't be full of people like me - I know Michael was very aware of that a few years ago when he mentioned needing to get in the student crowd. Still work to be done, but congratulations to GFL for what they've achieved so far (Stormzy headlining in a few years certainly won't hurt)
  13. Overheard funnies

    Two girls in front of us at the bus station today: "I just want to get home and catch up on Love Island."
  14. 2017 - How was it for you?

    Superb year - another belter. I've been to every festival since 2004 and the weather this time was the best at any of them, IMHO. Saw a range of brilliant acts - Elbow, The Avalanches, The Killers, London Grammar, Rag n Bone Man the standouts, with Radiohead and the Foos nailing their headline slots. Organisationally it gets bigger and better every time, without losing what makes it special. Key thing for me is how much it obviously means to most of the acts to perform there - how many times are the crowd thanked from the stage and told we're special, and you know they're genuine. Even Liam Gallagher seemed to appreciate us. Only negative is that I'm getting older so can't go for it quite as hard as I used to - not sure I can blame GFL for that! Never nice when it's a two year wait, but I've survived two of those before and look forward to getting back on the farm in 2019.
  15. Frank carter and the rattlesnakes.....

    As with a fair few others I was in there because I wanted a spot for the Killers, but those lads ended up being one of the highlights of the weekend. A charismatic, funny frontman and some properly enjoyable tunes. Really pleased they had a big crowd and obviously one quite a few people over. Shame the circle pit round the desk didn't really work but made for the funniest line of the weekend: "I saw them leave but didn't see them come back."

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