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  1. I remember seeing them on the Pyramid, first thing on the Saturday in 2011. Lead singer made a point of thanking their warm-up act, U2. Nice line.
  2. I've filled it in for you - best of luck with the dissertation. Some potentially useful stuff here: http://www.agreenerfestival.com/summary-of-research/
  3. One of the big reasons that language around online activity is so weird is because they can't accurately say "people" - those 20 million times people went on the internet to look at this stuff will include a fair number of people who went on multiple times, possibly using multiple devices. Agree it sounds weird.
  4. A short piece about the Foo's "Obelisk Air" campaign to announce their Glasto slot. Obviously I'd take the figures with a pinch of salt, but demonstrates the sorts of numbers that these things can reach Foo Fighters campaign gains 20m online engagements: https://www.prolificnorth.co.uk/2017/03/modern-english-foo-fighters-campaign-gains-20m-online-engagements/
  5. Done. Best of luck with it. Quick tip for the future - in 1-5 scales like the ones you've used, it's more usual to have 1=low and 5=high (you might find some people respond as if they are)
  6. Was thinking just the same last night - if I'm on it one day then I'll make a point of cheering when I get the music question
  7. This thread is becoming an episode of Only Connect. Marvellous.
  8. Always good to see that they're bringing in new things - look forward to seeing whatever this is (my guess is it'll be near the Park)
  9. This is a good example of how Glastonbury is really a collection of festivals, rather than just one big one. It's not that the organisers of Glastonbury have booked the same acts year after year, it's that the bookers/organisers for certain stages do. I agree that it might be a bit of a shame if it limits the opportunities of others; personally I'd like to see the Cabaret tent line-up given a complete refresh.
  10. Assuming that there's no loads of rain in the immediate run-up to the festival again, the traffic should hopefully go back to normal. I can't remember exactly when they first opened up the car parks on the Tuesday night but traffic hadn't been much of an issue since.
  11. I can see why you waited 12 years to share that one...
  12. He came to the Union when I was at university - great guest, wiped his feet on the way in and everything.
  13. Very similar festival apprenticeship as myself; V Festival for a few years followed by graduation to Glastonbury. While many take the mick out of V it was a perfect stepping stone and the lineups back then were actually pretty decent. Within 5 minutes of getting on site in 2004 I realised Glasto was an entirely different beast altogether.
  14. I'd say that sounds a lot more like the coverage of 2005 (year of the flood), but IMHO that also played it's part 04,05 and 07 all being (to differing degrees) muddy certainly didn't boost appeal
  15. Have we ever established if it actually sold out? I know they claimed it did but selling out the day before was rather fortuitous. That year certainly spooked Michael Eavis and I'm very relieved it's (seemingly) gone from strength to strength since.