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  1. A survey you might actually want to respond to...

    Blimey, the efforts for 2017 tickets start here! I've been to Glasto by coach 4 times - other than not being able to dictate departure/arrival time and being limited for luggage, it's probably my favourite way of getting there.
  2. Spliffs at Glastonbury

    Don't remember ever being searched at Glastonbury, but our car was pulled into the police search tent at V2002. Three of us in the car, none of us users (to the best of my knowledge) and the car was rammed. Seem to remember they had a cursory look through the boot and searched each of us but seemed to come to the conclusion quite quickly that we didn't have anything. I've certainly seen a number of vehicles headed to Glastonbury pulled over en route, but I suspect you'd have to be quite unlucky to be caught.
  3. SE Corner

    Very well put together video - captures the excitement really well.
  4. First Glastonbury in 10 years!

    Stuff happens on the Thursday now, including a few bands performing.
  5. Weather 2016

    Apart from the ground; it makes that much softer.
  6. Weather 2016

    Most important thing to say is that, despite the awful weather, my memories of the festival are still happy ones. Prolonged rain just makes everything a bit harder.
  7. Mary Berry at Glastonbury?

    Still silly season on the boards I see...
  8. Mary Berry at Glastonbury?

    http://www.digitalspy.com/music/great-british-bake-off/news/a790645/great-british-bake-off-mary-berry-to-glastonbury-festival-at-81/ Seems to me like there's naff all chance of this happening as the story seems to be based on a throw away comment from a while back, but IF Mary Berry were to come to Glastonbury I can imagine her being appointed some form of honorary Nan to the festival before the weekend was up.
  9. Steve Davis

    Can hear the conversations now: "Pretty sure Isaw thatsnooker playerSteve Davis do a secret DJ set last night" "What were you on?.."
  10. Screening of Euros?

    I was wondering when this thread would start... This is going to be something of a pain for the organisers; England will almost certainly get through to the last 16 because 3 of the 4 teams in their group (probably) will. The issue is that they could be playing on either: Saturday 5pm - if they win the group (unlikely, I know) Saturday 8pm - one of the potential slots if they finish 3rd Sunday 5pm -one of the potential slots if they finish 3rd Monday 8pm - If they finish 2nd (would mean they play after the festival finishes) We won't know which until at least 10pm on the Monday of the week of the festival (and possibly later if they finish 3rd) - which will create a logistical headache for the organisers in terms of making plans, so they mightgo down the line of a couple of years ago of making it clear the footie won't be shown (though as Neil says, that could lead to issues with people heading off site) I can't imagine they'll show the Republic of Ireland v Italy match at 8pm on the Wednesday either, but that would certainly be fun!
  11. The Avalanches

    If my memory serves me correctly they were on in the "JJB Arena" before a certain Miss Kylie Minogue (how's that for an eclectic line-up?) In Staffs I seem to remember that they stripped at the end of the set (could be making that bit up)
  12. not-Glastonbury 2018

    Very interesting topic. Seems to me that there are a number of issues converging: GFL not wanting fallow years any more Other Pilton landowners asking for more money each year A desire to expand the Glastonbury "brand" / other venues keen to host a festival In terms of not wanting fallow years any more, I remember Neil noted a few years ago that ME had been quite sneaky in shifting it from every 4th year off to every 5th and now every 6th. I suspect there's some truth in his statement about not wanting to miss years as he gets older, but I suspect there's also a financial consideration, as others have mentioned (e.g. the GFL staff with 12 months on their hands). It seems to me that they're not in a place to get rid of fallow years altogether so, having already postponed as much as they could, they're looking at alternative options. This offers something of a solution for the second issue, which is ME's neighbours squeezing him for more cash. If he's able to do something in a fallow year that demonstrates the festival could feasibly move, then he's got a better chance of not being held to ransom. The key issue, that I think would worry a lot of us, is what sits behind the third point; what if they decide to move away permanently? As Neil identified, it's all well and good saying that they can just host a festival elsewhere on a fallow year, until you consider what's in it for the alternative venue. A festival every 6 years? If it's proved that a festival can work at the site it's highly doubtful it would stay that way. So what does it become? Likely either a new permanent home for the festival (I agree with others that this would be highly undesirable) or a second annual festival (that feels like quite an undertaking and adds a whole load of risk for GFL). Although we're currently in a world where Glasto sells out with ease, we don't have to look back that far for a time when it didn't. You can be sure that there'd be plenty of people looking for the new event to be a flop, which could potentially damage the overall "brand" I wonder if the plan might be to have a "Park" festival - that was essentially a festival within a festival created by Emily and could be scaled up relatively easy. I'd certainly be more comfortable with that as a proposition than any claim to transport the festival en masse. Whatever happens, I suspect we'll be hearing a lot more about this.
  13. Weather 2016

    I'm not one of them, but there were certainly a few people on this forum who said they'd favour (some) rain over a repeat ofthe heat of 2010.
  14. No fly zone over Glastonbury site

    Reading through this thread, it's occurred to me that there's bound to be at least a few of the hundred-thousand people coming planning on bringing a drone with them. Could get messy.
  15. Weather 2016

    Having had the pleasure to attend Glastonbury 10 times I've learned that rain should be expected and prepared for (but not tolerated, the liquidy bastard...) In short, it's rained at 90% of the Glastos I've been to (God bless you, 2010) so it seems to me quite likely that it'll rain at the next one I go to (apologies2016 ticket holders). That said, I remember little in the way of rain on Wednesdays at the festival so my fingers are crossed that particular run continues. Most important thing to say is that even when it pretty much rains non-step all weekend (take a bow 2007) it's still great fun. so don't worry too much, but obviously feel free to check the forecast twenty-three times an hour from now on.