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  1. HalfAnIdiot

    First to arrive.....

    Yeah, that hadn't really worked out their identity. Tried to satisfy too many different people and ended up satisfying no-one. Sh*t gig.
  2. HalfAnIdiot

    Summer Solstice

    Not that I'm aware of to any great extent, I'd be interested to learn more tho.
  3. HalfAnIdiot

    Summer Solstice

    This video is an interesting slice of history if you've not seen it before. While the festival was a much more exciting place when the travellers were there it is certain that the festival would not have continued if Eavis hadn't eventually refused them entry in '92.
  4. HalfAnIdiot

    Summer Solstice

    I don't dispute that ticketless attended were a major issue but travellers Molotov cocktails around the farm was a little unpopular with the locals too.
  5. HalfAnIdiot

    Summer Solstice

    The travellers very nearly broke the festival but they were the seeds to the south east corner that we know today. BUT the "so called' hippies are foundation stone to Glastonbury without which it would not be here. Both have contributed to the festival we have today. Long may it live and grow.
  6. HalfAnIdiot

    *****Paul McCartney*****

    There is of course only one 'best Christmas song':
  7. HalfAnIdiot

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Ah, thank you. Popped by to see if the Specials had been mentioned. Some years back I caught Neville Staple in the SE corner on Sunday night, all was going well then Jerry Dammers guested for a couple of numbers.!!! I freaked, much to the puzzlement of the yoofs stood nearby! Would love to know what year that was if anyone knows?
  8. HalfAnIdiot

    Bowie at Glasto

  9. HalfAnIdiot

    Bowie at Glasto

    Damn, wish my telly had better bass
  10. HalfAnIdiot

    The Glastonbury 2019 fancy dress threads

    Don’t pee on the land.
  11. HalfAnIdiot

    Bowie at Glasto

    Singalong if you know the words
  12. HalfAnIdiot

    Bowie at Glasto

    Loving it. Brings back memories. Not many flags tho 😀
  13. HalfAnIdiot

    Respect the Females (and other rules)

    No. I’m thinking of my daughters.
  14. HalfAnIdiot

    Random Photo Thread 17 - spot yourself

    True story. My friend's husband was looking through some of my friends old Glastonbury photos a few years back. In one photo of her sat outside of her tent he saw himself clearly in the background camped a few tents away. The photo was taken several years before they met and eventually married.
  15. HalfAnIdiot

    Respect the Females (and other rules)

    Really? Does it make you scared to go outside? Does it make any men scared to go outside?