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  1. I fear you are missing the irony. Nick Robinson is certainly no fool.
  2. I hame faint memories of playing it at 16 rpm which I feel revealed the original recording before it was speeded up to get the 'Pinky&Perky sound'.
  3. Nope, this one I'd forgotten it was a Christmas album! Published 1969 so the dates fit!
  4. Ohhh, now I will have to check
  5. I was 5 years old and. My music tastes were limited to Pinky & Perky, and yes, I still have the album...
  6. I don't post her much at the moment but I do read a far bit. You, sir, are behaving like a bully. Please play the ball and not the man. Put forward and debate, lay off the ad-hominem shit.
  7. Its an ad for Detol. Still bizarre tho.
  8. This shit has ended a little bit in Glastonbury Abbey tonight. Flipron on right now. Funke and the two tone baby headlining. Its so good to be at a gig again. Its been too long.
  9. He's not stupid but he is arrogant. That's his achillies heel and will be his downfall. So much for equality and 'leveling up'. I'm looking forward to some honest politics with Starmer at the helm.
  10. I'm enjoying this defence of the indefensible, in a schadenfreude kinda way. The govt will get shot of Cummings but perhaps not before his behavior mortally wounds them.
  11. It an age thing.... Well done, your turn.
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