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  1. He's not stupid but he is arrogant. That's his achillies heel and will be his downfall. So much for equality and 'leveling up'. I'm looking forward to some honest politics with Starmer at the helm.
  2. I'm enjoying this defence of the indefensible, in a schadenfreude kinda way. The govt will get shot of Cummings but perhaps not before his behavior mortally wounds them.
  3. It an age thing.... Well done, your turn.
  4. What was the fist year that combined festival & coach tickets were sold?
  5. 400 Chris Martins, 39 Dolly Partons and a Robert Smith
  6. Leon, but I'll give you that 😁. Your turn.
  7. I wasn't happy with Ch4, they had people walking around filming all over. I really felt like my oasis away from the real world had been invaded. Plus I didn't want my mum to catch me smoking a big doobie live on air 😁. Picture round next, easy one. What's the name of this store?
  8. Do you mean Ch 4s venture there? I'll guess 1994?
  9. Having watched the Parliament channel for a while yesterday I was pleasantly surprised how well the chamber is working. A few members present and others on video screens aranged around the walls. The speaker in full control and non of the usual leary barracking and interrupting.
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