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  1. I would doubt it. It a long way in the dark there and back. There will be no lighting to find your way and just a very dark field when you get there. Not to mention the cows will be out too. Basically if you like stumbling around for hours over uneven ground in the dark with little idea of where you are and where you are going and a good chance of annoying the bovines then go for it. Most people just stay at the gig DJs till 14:00 and wander off home.
  2. Missed them at BD but saw them open the stage at Bearded Theory. Not my usual tipple but thaey drew me (and plenty others) in. Promising band IMO.
  3. Yes, they were indeed but it was Ferocious Dog that did it for me. They have come a long way. Also Gaz Brookfield MUST (please) get a Glastonbury slot next year. The crowd he drew so early in the day was amazing.
  4. HalfAnIdiot

    Levellers 2020

    The Levellers closed Beutiful Days with their classic '94 Glastonbury set this year. A message that they want to be back for the 2020 anniversary perhaps? Does today's Glastonbury punter 'get' The Levellers even? Who here would be up for it?
  5. WTF is that! Looks like some kind of waterboarding torture aid! Which website did you order it from exactly? 🤔 😁
  6. Maybe but IIRC they sold them from the farm office on Monday last time.
  7. Queue short when I left about 30mins ago. Back home listening to Extravaganza sound check now😀. Will need to pop out for cider before it starts tho.
  8. Yeah, lots of 'who's he' where I was stood, philistines!
  9. Maybe but the album they put out last year (the first new material for 38 years) was the dogs bollox, don't underestimate them. I did catch them back in '09 too in a very sweaty Birmingham 02 (closed now) Back a few years now I saw Neville Staple on Sunday night in Lost Vaugenes (that tells u how long ago). Who should he bring on as a special guest but Dammers! I lost my shit, much to the confusion of the 'youngsters' around me 😆😆😆.
  10. I'd think so, along with The Specials who are headlining Glastonbury Extravaganza this weekend.
  11. Just remembered, Skepta did a phone-free rave as part of Manchester International Festival recently too. https://www.nme.com/reviews/live/secret-locations-no-phones-skepta-presents-sci-fi-vision-dystopia987-manchester-international-festival
  12. Done. The emergency home contact is all I'd really miss. Is also see personal benefit in seeing other attendees enjoy the festival 'in the moment' rather than watching the screen on their phone while trying to record an act.
  13. Pretty sure he played in the 90s on the NME stage.
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