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  1. "Paranoid" - thanks for that. Cheap shot - play the ball not the man. My point stands, and I notice has gained some support. Perhaps you should reflect a little and consider your unconscious biases before responding. That way you might at least mount a coherent and worthwhile defence.
  2. No, just aggressive. Thanks for your contribution.
  3. No. We have a heavily polarised, predominantly self-righteous viewpoint determined to launch patronising passive aggressive attacks on anyone daring to put forward and celebrate positive news. I only hang around here for the highly informed and balanced input from @Toilet Duck.
  4. Succinct and we'll argued point. I salute you sir.
  5. Perhaps you shouldn't have as you seem to have missed the point. I don't need the patronising response thanks. I'm only too well aware of the facts.
  6. I seem to remember folk on here decrying any attempt to compare the strong UK vaccination roll-out performance compared to the rest of the world. Meanwhile there is a race to dig up as many negative covid related comparisons as possible. It seems to be 'good' to point out where we fall behind, but 'bad' to point out where we are ahead. This thread is mostly just janother example of the sad world of heavily polarised, over simplified, confirmation-biased & entrenched 'political' views that we now live in.
  7. Weekly visits to church. At least one of which was from tier 3 to tier 4. It was reported locally but not picked up by the national press. Is religion an acceptable reason to break regs?
  8. Not as bad as J R-M making weekly trips in his Bentley to Glastonbury to worship his favoured sky-wizard.
  9. Photo from today in Wells. They appear to have come up with a solution to deter the lack of mask wearing in local shops:
  10. Jacob Rees-Mogg and his family were I. Glastonbury today attending church. Glastonbury is 15 miles from his home town. 😠😠😠 I guess we know how far we can roam when staying local now then! Oh and they were here last Sunday too. This was when his home was in Tier 3 and Glastonbury was in Tier 4! Twat.
  11. It's a good argument for using mass vaccination centres then I guess. Aston Gate stadium (my 'local') can hold a fair few.
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