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  1. HalfAnIdiot

    Lock ups

    Its a fantastically simple an effective and reliable system. So much so that I think some people just don't get it.
  2. HalfAnIdiot

    Lock ups

    Yes. You sign a cross the sealed flap too. This is to show its not been tampered with. Lockups are one of the unique features of the festival. They will take anything (except livestock) and have lost nothing. Staffed by volunteers they charge nothing but do appreciate a donation (I'd suggest a tenner for the weekend). Free loo roll and some will charge your phone for free too. Use them and support them.
  3. Nooooo, it looks awful. Damn, what have I done 😭😭😭
  4. Should I take a flag to the Pyramid stage so all my mates can see me on the telly?
  5. Well done. Very pleased for you. Out of interest do you pay a deposit with right to cancel like an 'ordinary' (yeah, I know Glasto tix are far from ordinary) or do you have to pay up full now? Worth knowing if a ballot is rolled out widely.
  6. Mendip District Council (the licencing authority) monitor crowd management on the ground and contribute to the reviews of site management and layout. ICON worked well although there is room for improvement. I'd expect a few tweeks next year but not major changes.
  7. HalfAnIdiot

    2020 headliners

    They really wouldn't. (I'm 53).
  8. HalfAnIdiot

    2020 headliners

    Once the headliners are announced Radio1/6 will play their part and fill the airwaves with tracks to bring people up to speed / remind them of past successes. RATM would smash a headliner slot after that.
  9. HalfAnIdiot

    Fake Poster....

    You have a valid point but the arguments you put forward are poorly structured and the evidence you present is weak and selective. There is much better out there Try harder and you might get some consideration. Continuing to present the same weak stuff and expecting a different result is a waste of you time. Try harder is a genuine suggestion.
  10. HalfAnIdiot

    Fake Poster....

    No, that'd be a strawman argument (I recall you like those). Try harder.
  11. HalfAnIdiot

    Fake Poster....

    Patrick Moore is widely dicredited and his views disowned by Greenpeace. Try harder.
  12. HalfAnIdiot

    Fake Poster....

    They left early 😁
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