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  1. And isn't that a result! The music industry is riddled with sexism. Female acts are suppressed and abused by dicks in positions of power. Its a real shit-fest if you care to open your eyes. Well done Emily for using your position to make a difference.
  2. HalfAnIdiot

    The Joke Thread

    That's just nonsense, in fact I refusilli to belive it...
  3. HalfAnIdiot

    The Joke Thread

    That's pasta-joke. I'll get my coat.....
  4. Done. That was an odd one ?
  5. Seems like a genuine kinda guy trying to make his way with the talent he has to me.
  6. Yes, and every year needs a visible step change in ecological responsibility to keep the message strong. No single use bottles in 2019., great, what a result. What's the next step for 2020! Electric vehicle only on site? A ban on plastic lined coffee cups? No man made fabrics on sale? Ideas on a postcard please... Glastonbury has long lead the way in reducing environmental impact through innovation and straight forward decisiveness. Long may that continue
  7. I think the OP may have underestimated how long, 'bio plastic' takes to breakdown. Not an uncommon misconception to be fair. But a bit of thought would tell you that a tent that would completely decompose in a few weeks would be of doubtfull use in 5-7 days of serious festival use. The idea has some merit but its a non-starter IMO. Many of the proposed solutions to 'tent waste' that we see miss the basic point that such items should be REUSED and should be both designed to be REUSED and punters should be buying REUSABLE tents, particularly at Glastonbury given its long-standing eco stance. Just buy a f&cking decent quality tent, take care of it and take it home for next year. Its really not that hard.
  8. HalfAnIdiot

    Lock ups

    Its a fantastically simple an effective and reliable system. So much so that I think some people just don't get it.
  9. HalfAnIdiot

    Lock ups

    Yes. You sign across the sealed flap too. This is to show its not been tampered with. Lockups are one of the unique features of the festival. They will take anything (except livestock) and have lost nothing. Staffed by volunteers they charge nothing but do appreciate a donation (I'd suggest a tenner for the weekend). Free loo roll and some will charge your phone for free too. Use them and support them.
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