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  1. Any recommendations for roll up camping mats? Mine died and looking to get a replacement. Happy to pay the price if it's decent!
  2. 1. Stormzy 2. Ezra Collective 3. Chems
  3. Is Park Home ground at the bottom of a hill? Trying to figure out if it's wise to avoid if heavy rain is predicted
  4. Are the hi-gear eclipse tents actually any good at making the tent cooler? Im thinking of making an investment but im not convinced - https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15904928/hi-gear-zenobia-eclipse-6-family-6-person-tent-15904928
  5. I caught lyzza at lente kabinet last weekend and very much looking forward to catching her again (in a less rainy environment). Also the mauskovic dance band will be a great start to the friday on west holts.
  6. Cheers mate - ctrl + f was failing me!
  7. Is the beat hotel lineup on clash finder for real because I can't see anything on the website? Dj Seinfeld > Avalon emerson > Job jobse on the thursday would be delightful.
  8. Is the wow stage still pretty cack? They always have decent dj's but I never consider going because it's been a waste in the past, especially pre-10pm
  9. Caught fat freddy's drop in brixton last weekend and it was nigh on perfect. They would be a 'kin great west holts headliner if they're in europe next summer (not sure if a new album is on the way but they released a new track recently). Also I would think anderson paak could be back in europe next summer to support the new album, who would be in with a shout after he nailed west holts last time around. edit - v. wishful thinking on reflection ha
  10. The sound wasn't great, but no worse than the majority of London festivals. You're completely right and i'm not denying they completely fucked it with that error, but as someone who didn't go to Four Tet, I left thinking they had done really well. That said, last year was twice as good because of the old barn.
  11. I went to both days at field day and thought it was pretty decent and well organised (I didn't go to see Four Tet - that was obviously some dumb programming). The only issue for me was the sound.
  12. Nice! Check out this track of his too (very different mind you)
  13. JC-Mo'Fucka

    Kendrick Lamar

    Haven't had a sniff on both presales! This is like glasto all over again, i cannae hack it.
  14. JC-Mo'Fucka

    Kendrick Lamar

    yaaaas. Is it only a presale for UK dates on thursday? Hoping to cop the amsterdam tickets
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