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  1. Has anyone made it to dekmantel selectors, or any of the other festivals at Tisno? Looking for something this time next year and that would fit the bill nicely. Looks nice and intimate.
  2. Any recommendations for roll up camping mats? Mine died and looking to get a replacement. Happy to pay the price if it's decent!
  3. 1. Stormzy 2. Ezra Collective 3. Chems
  4. Is Park Home ground at the bottom of a hill? Trying to figure out if it's wise to avoid if heavy rain is predicted
  5. Are the hi-gear eclipse tents actually any good at making the tent cooler? Im thinking of making an investment but im not convinced - https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15904928/hi-gear-zenobia-eclipse-6-family-6-person-tent-15904928
  6. I caught lyzza at lente kabinet last weekend and very much looking forward to catching her again (in a less rainy environment). Also the mauskovic dance band will be a great start to the friday on west holts.
  7. Cheers mate - ctrl + f was failing me!
  8. Is the beat hotel lineup on clash finder for real because I can't see anything on the website? Dj Seinfeld > Avalon emerson > Job jobse on the thursday would be delightful.
  9. Is the wow stage still pretty cack? They always have decent dj's but I never consider going because it's been a waste in the past, especially pre-10pm
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