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  1. Always used to do this, but chanced it this year and took minimal cash (left a credit card in the lockups for emergencies) and I was absolutely fine. As said above, 95%+ of bars etc. took contactless..... and I only used cash on tat that I probably shouldn't have bought in the first place!
  2. Will be getting on site in a few hours (traffic permitting) how is South Park / south park 2 looking? Hoping to squeeze in a 3 man tent. Any help v much appreciated ❤️
  3. About £12 in London
  4. Thank you! Tomorrow feels so far away!!
  5. Exactly this! The campsite thread is killing me. London 11am coach for this one, I don't know how I'll sleep... we can do this!
  6. Thank you for this thread! Arriving about 3pm tomorrow by coach so this will prove v useful! Hopefully there will be room for a 3-man tent in South park/2.
  7. V helpful, thanks all! Little bits of info like this are getting me through my last day at work... come onnnn Thursday!
  8. Sitting far back is fine I'd say, just don't tut if people don't see you/ accidentally knock into you (moreso as it gets later) Re: leaving them unattended, as you will well know the landscape of the main stage crowds can change quite drastically beween acts and as the day goes on, you'd probably struggle to find them - they also might go walkies. As there's loads of lockups, I'd second checking them into one of those near the stage you want to spend most time at. Happy fest
  9. I think it's really good for us anxious ones to realise we aren't alone... now let's check that weather! This has helped me endlessly - thank you! Great tip. Will be trying out. Hope everybody has a wonderful Glasto! Let's look out for eachother and make it the best one yet! X
  10. Yep I always struggle to find Bob lights on site too always end up smoking benson & hedges or camels and lose my voice... Blaming the cigarettes?
  11. This!! This is the first year it's just been me and the other half, as opposed to a group of 20+ so I feel quite 'exposed' if that makes sense?! I always forget that Glasto folk are just so bloody lovely so there's nothing to worry about!
  12. 100% this! It's all waiting but I just know the second I pack, I will need something from the bottom/ freak out that I have forgotten something. Which is mad because I used to rock up with a sleeping bag and a bottle of JD/ goodie bag and I'd be reet. Definitely get increasingly anxious as the years tick by... Also need to get a root canal this afternoon which is a most unwelcome suprise..but i guess better than glasto agony!
  13. Family Glasto! That sounds amazing. But yes I imagine it is a bit nuts right now trying to get everything packed!! Have the best time x
  14. What a morning! Hope your day gets better
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