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  1. I was just watching the BBC charity single of "Times like these". Actually quite enjoyed it. Guess who pops up for the last line though. Can't resist a supergroup can he!
  2. I'm not at all intending to ridicule you. I watch BBC news in the background as white noise to help me work. I do wonder what TalkSport have to talk about this week though? It's all cancelled!!!
  3. I'm actually glad about this. He deserves a top booking for all the hours he's put in over the years. I wonder which day?
  4. All 6.5 swiss franc of it, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than in Zurich!
  5. Im in Geneva airport flying home for the weekend. Last time I was here was the successful coach sale in October! I'm going to have to book flights for October again. Geneva airport is my lucky charm
  6. Have an up vote. I think everyone else ran out hours ago
  7. sadist! If it wasn't bad etiquette I'd downvote you
  8. Her ex husband lives in the cowshed. She drops the kids off every weekend
  9. I'm expecting the announcement to include a comment of " we are still working and planning as if it's going ahead, whilst closely following advice of Public Health England"
  10. I was convinced it would be Monday when I'm travelling back from the UK. Heading there today so this also works. Hopefully in time to make a little playlist for my flight!
  11. I'm coming from Switzerland and another of my party from Poland. If the festival is on then I expect flights to be unaffected, although possibly less choice in times. I'm booked to fly into London on the Monday night and I plan to be on that plane! How the Coronavirus plays out is the main variable. I'm hopeful we will be well over the peak by then
  12. I'd love a 6 part Netflix series so we can go back and see what was going on behind the scenes and why things were announced on certain days or delayed! I wouldn't be surprised if they log on at tea break to see what we all went crazy and overanalysed each day
  13. The Italian lockdown is a bit of a fallacy. The trains are running hourly from Milan Central to Zurich Central. Cross-border workers are also allowed back and forward every day. For me living in Switzerland there is nothing stopping me heading to northern Italy after work
  14. D) Chris Martin led supergroup?
  15. I saw him on BBC Breakfast yesterday and I was really impressed. He answered all the questions and when he was not able to give clear answers, he clearly explained why this is. on a side note - I have a science background and I remember one of the last assignments during my degree was to read a really complex Scientific Journal (PNAS) about a major advancement in understanding MS. I then had to write a newspaper-type article explaining it. It was actually one of my hardest assignments. It really is a skill to communicate these things well to the public without resulting to daily fail type headlines.
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