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  1. Off camping this weekend with my expat group. Good practice run for the tent to check it's all in working order. Packed my bag and checked the weight, with all the camping gear, clothes, 6 cans, 1L gin and 1 bottle of wine in it's 20kg. I reckon I can manage another 15 in a front bag and a shoulder one or 2 to cover the extra days. On the other hand I'm slightly dreading the walk from the gate to camp
  2. Unfortunately in the US playing Friday and Saturday. Maybe next year? She's great
  3. Unfortunately in the US playing Friday and Saturday. Maybe next year? She's great
  4. Thrilled about this one! A must see for me! Hopefully have a few slots as usual
  5. Does anyone have any experience of how quick Row Mead and the lower parts of Hawkwell fill up? We are on the 7am coach from London. Optimistically hoping to be in by midday
  6. Heather90


    Every time I see this mentioned I just keep thinking I hope they like this sort of thing. I can't imagine the stress they have been under. Add to that 220k people moving in for a week when you just got settled in a new, safer home with all the noise that comes with (arcadia explosions etc.). It may not exactly be ideal. I hope they have the option for them to take a little trip to the seaside if preferred. On the other hand if they end up loving it I'd love to hear a little of what they get up to, epecially if there are kids. Obviously protecting their privacy but maybe an article with things like "our new little neighbous enjoyed hunting for the dragon, getting their face painted and playing on the pirate ship this weekend" and "mum was able to let her hair down for a brief moment and enjoyed having a dance to Diana Ross". It can be a good way to highlight how others can welcome refugees into their community.
  7. This is usually full line up including stage times isn't it? Is there any indication (other than smaller stage announcements) to expect it's coming almost a month earlier than previously? Great if it does!
  8. Were High Soceity there in 2029? High ropes team with 1 much older guy as a member (probably in his 70s now). Was hoping to see them on this, even if the one guy had retired
  9. Same here. We are now looking at trains
  10. Same here. All newbies and have no idea. My boyfried did put his holidays in yesterday and apparently his boss was really excited for him, saying it's the best line up ever and he's sad he didn't get tickets. At least now I'm not the only obsessed person he knows!
  11. I loved Lionel. Sad I missed Cash & Dolly. Of the non-official legends I'd say Burt Bacarach. I sat in my chair in the sun, cider in hand gently swaying and singing along. It was perfect.
  12. We have a group of 7 with various flights elsewhere on Tuesday & Wednesday from London. Most of us have a single coach ticket from London. NE already has very low availability. Will they be likely to add more? Assuming not, has anyone got any experiences of the train back to London? Any tips? Is the bust to Bristol/Bath and then train from there better? Edit to add - we will have items at a friend's in London so other departure points won't work.
  13. Are they not just laying the sand at Glastonbury-on-sea? The webcam thread said there was activity there. Also a Google image search didn't throw up anything music related.
  14. Agreed. Anyone who is a fan of first aid kit should check them out. Not many will beat them for me
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