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  1. I'd completely forgotten about this guy. I've also wandered past and stayed for ages for a sing along. Definitely another place to lead the newbies past next year! If Bublé plays I will be forcing friends to wear Christmas hats, make sure he feels at home
  2. Heather90

    2020 headliners

    Do we know when R1 Big Weekend info is due? It's the only other place I think she would fit that I haven't seen discussed at length
  3. Heather90

    2020 headliners

    Exactly my thinking. I don't think you are getting Kendrick unless Taylor doesn't sort out this issue with her back catalog. Also no clue but my hopes are high
  4. Heather90

    2020 headliners

    I resisted downvoting as I know it's not the done thing round here. However, you Sir, are wrong. This always results in a great sing along after plenty of ciders
  5. Are they really still big enough to headline the other? I've seen them live and they were fantastic, against almost anyone but Elton I'd go see them again. It should be mentioned I saw them supporting Take That and Robbie Williams, hence my doubt of them being big enough
  6. And remember tent flags can move too. It took me ages on Sunday to find my tent in 2017 as the pirates camped near me and left with their scull and crossbones. Really not great after 5 days on your feet We are taking our own flag this year I think (strictly for camp) Trying to pick something different it would be go walk round the SE corner early evening Wednesday or Thursday. You catch so many details you can't in the crowds later on
  7. Heather90

    50th Anniversary

    I don't disagree with that fact we would be talking about it here, I think it actually happening every year is a different matter. I actually really enjoy not being on a timetable on the Wed and Thurs but then again with my 4 newbies in tow I expect we'd be there for Chris & friends. I just think if it does happen this year (I think chances are low for safety reasons), then it will be a 1 off.
  8. Heather90

    50th Anniversary

    I disagree somewhat. If they do a Pyramid slot on Thursday it's probably going to be Coldplay who will do it for very low / no fee. They can't put on a full other day or even pay an extra headliner without increasing ticket price. This would have to be a one off
  9. Can she bring Maren Morris with her too? I said it a few times on here but Emily seems keen to have plenty female acts and there are loads of huge female country acts at the moment.
  10. Heather90

    2020 headliners

    Luckily I'll be 30 2 weeks before so I'll be allowed with the oldies into the Pyramid field for Led Zeppelin. Come on guys! Bar an ABBA reunion, the biggest 3 bands, with members still alive that could ever be booked would be Led Zep, Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd! None of those would have a half empty field. Half of you have lost your heads
  11. Just seen an ad on Facebook for their December shows. The advert is their 2015 Pyramid slot. I love them and pending clashes I'd definitely see them again
  12. I think the weather was a massive factor for ELO too. It was awful and it just seemed to get worse that weekend. the only reason I enjoyed coldplay later on was that I got incredibly smashed
  13. Heather90

    Legend Slot 2020

    Noone can argue that's not a legend slot! Invite Burt back too. I'm all in for the legend supergroup. Just don't let Chris Martin know!
  14. Heather90

    Legend Slot 2020

    I missed this year but are you saying Kylie was a bigger crowd than Lionel? People were stood up to 5 tents back at the back of the field. It was crazy!
  15. Heather90

    Legend Slot 2020

    Hoping for a return from Lionel too Legend slot superband?
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