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  1. Are they sure it wasn't someone else from The Police, there seemed to be a fair few of them around
  2. I managed to do a lot of things I didn’t intend on doing and a couple of things I did... Apart from pacing myself better across the weekend, I wouldn’t change a thing
  3. Been thinking about this all day... 1.) Miley Cyrus (I went for a laugh, and ended up crying - may just have been the 4 previous days partying hard and it being my first glasto for years but something got me during that set) 2.) The Cure (Didn’t plan on seeing, forgot how much I love their tunes and met some great people to enjoy the set & party afterwards with) 3.) Neneh Cherry (Didn’t know a single one of her tunes - had a really bad day Saturday after overdoing it since arriving and decided to stop for a brothers, that set kept me going for a bit, and one song the whole c
  4. I’ve got on the coach, see you all on the farm guys ?
  5. Me, heading to the farm tonight though so it’s bearable!
  6. Only once have I not taken wellies... that was 2007. safe to say I will be taking wellies
  7. I’ve been frantically working each morning to ensure my productivity isn’t down too much, the afternoons I’m spending 90% of my time on here
  8. I have left mine in a safe place. I know exactly where it is. Having read this I will definitely be checking it's still there when I get home
  9. I fear this has put a spanner in the works of my traditional relaxed Thursday night. Have to see this in full flow and Thursday is the only available slot!
  10. Intending on spending Sunday evening in SEC so will catch them on the truth stage if I’m in a fit state, quite looking forward to it myself
  11. That helps with my worry about getting to High Contrast on Saturday after the Chems immeasurably!
  12. First time I'll have arrived early doors on the Wednesday having always arrived mid-afternoon previously. My coach is due in at 6 am though realise traffic may delay this somewhat. Does anyone have experience of what the queues are like at gate A when the gates open? I realise entrances accessed by the car parks can get quite bad but am, perhaps wishfully, thinking it might be a bit quieter for us public transport types.
  13. But back to the weather... Can you tell what it is yet?
  14. 2011 was about right from what I remember. I take it you didn’t experience the delights of 2007? That’s the one time I’ve not been devastated going home, it was just so tiring! Or 2010’s sunfest for that matter... extremes in any form are not good in my experience
  15. I got my tent out for the first time since 2012, tested the vodka (chilli has definitely worked) and started packing. This time next week guys and gals ?
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