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  1. I can only write very simple sentences. I lost my mother on Tuesday night. I came back to cross this event with my loved ones - I will not be able to sing this Saturday. I kiss you. (if, like for me, it's showing the french)
  2. my plan is to photograph all the main market areas before I'm at the point of forgetting my own name! Will be a good way to rebuild my familiarity with the place on the Wednesday afternoon too. Any help would be much appreciated
  3. This was my general idea, click on an area, then have numbered stalls, with an accompanying key to find a stall by name. Will add these but having tried to make a start this is definitely a project for 2020. A lot harder than I thought!
  4. This forum has produced some amazing resources in my own fallow period, with the thingy, BSR’s playlist and threads like the ‘what’s the best track by’ all great additions since I last frequented these pages. In the spirit of giving something back, and inspired by the food 2019 thread I thought another useful addition would be a map of the market places. Clearly this is tricky with changes taking place every year but I’m prepared to try. Having not been for 8 years I’m guessing things will be a bit different since I last attended but some things (brothers bar, Goan fish curry, cider bus, etc...) surely never change! If people post their regular food, drink and souvenir stalls in here with an idea of where they’re situated I’ll try to build an interactive map so we can all go back to that place we found at 3am one year and have never been able to locate it again since! Or if you think this is a crap idea and it spoils the fun of stumbling upon such places, tell me to do one 😂 EDIT: If anyone knows of a map of available traders plots can you share with me?
  5. Not sure the tongue in cheek nature of that comment came across there! Unfortunately (for me at least) I have to agree. As a 13 year old in The Libs heyday Pete was a bit of an idol for me and I loved babyshambles other stage slot in 2007. Wasn’t around for the 2015 appearance and would be a real highlight if they showed up, especially as my must sees so far don’t include any bands
  6. So unlikely, they’re not glasto regulars or nailed on, they’re the go to substitute?
  7. Oh wow! I didn’t include ‘saucerful if secrets’ in my search... seems to have been my undoing Nick Mason for Friday night acoustic please!!!!
  8. What sort of stuff does he play? Setlist.fm isn’t providing much help and I wouldn’t want to be the guy stood there shouting for pink floyd tracks that are never gonna get played. I may just be very uneducated but I’m not aware of a solo back catalogue
  9. Never heard of them... will be checking them out based on that picture though!
  10. I see the Libertines are back for this new-fangled Coombe Weekender. Expected Pete Doherty to pop up somewhere on his own but the full band would be great.
  11. A friend and I spent most of 2010 ‘entertaining’ our campsite singing Ade Edmundson’s version of it, so already link the song with Glastonbury. Hope they’re on at a good time clashes wise
  12. Did they do ‘All Around my Hat’?... I must admit I’ll be one of those annoying people there for one song if they’re at a time that suits
  13. flyingmonkeypigs

    2019 Map

    Off work, Avalon and now the map... today is a good day
  14. Much shorter than initially expected... it’s essentially a tick box exercise for the license I expect The important things (for us at least) are omitted as excluded addendums. I for one would love to see the Glastonbury pier risk assessment, if only for the site plan! Though such a thing is only implied. I’m a little disappointed my obsessive geeky side has bore no fruit
  15. I’m the sad bar steward that will read every word... will report back if anything of interest
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