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  1. General News Discussion

    Yes. He's apparently previously promised to turn down refereeing jobs which conflict with important votes.
  2. General News Discussion

    Police blame increase on crime figures on more folk reporting crimes...shock! Now why would they do that? Just for the record, I have no reason to doubt the claims that there has been some increase in reporting of hate crime. I have also no reason to doubt the claims that this does not account for all of the increase.
  3. General News Discussion

    Really? They welcome the rise in hate crime? I don't always hold the police in the highest esteem, but I would not imagine they are publicly celebrating a rise in hate crime. Might it be they are celebrating a rise in reporting of hate crime along with an improvement in their own ability to recognise one when they see it? Anyway, what concerns me is that folk like you are, for some unknown reason, more interested in attacking those who raise concerns rather than those who raise hatred.
  4. General News Discussion

    Those with long memories will recall Neil ripping into Jeremy Corbin for a couple of speeches he made to civil servants (amongst others) for which he received a fee. Neil used some of his special maths to take the hourly rate Jez was paid and turn it into a salary of £8bn. (The truth is I can't remember the exact figure but it wasn't much more ridiculous than that.) There was also some outrage (not from Neil as far as I recall) about an SNP MP who happened to be a surgeon who dared to use her time during a parliamentary recess being a surgeon in Gaza or Lebanon (again I can't remember exactly where but it wasn't for BUPA in Kensington & Chelsea) Now there are clearly legitimate questions to be asked about MP's with second jobs. But at least most of them do stuff that doesn't conflict with their ability to turn up & vote (which, naively, some is is think is an important part of the job) So I'm sure we can all unanimously condemn this chap... "Tory MP to miss universal credit vote for football game" https://stv.tv/news/politics/1400112-tory-mp-to-miss-benefits-debate-for-linesman-duties/
  5. General News Discussion

    "Phoning or e mailing is how hate crime figures are compiled" That is a ridiculous statement. Are you saying that some hate crimes can be committed via e mail or phone? Which would be true. But your statement implies that that covers all hate crime. No one would try & equate sending an offensive & threatening e mail with murder. And no one was until Neil dragged it in to try & discredit those who would suggest we should be concerned at the increase in reported hate crime. I'm concerned & I think a lot of the chat around Brexit & the terror threat serves to embolden those who have a tendency to hateful thoughts & helps turn thoughts into actions.
  6. General News Discussion

    It may be big on the "hate crime stakes" but it's not on the hate crime stats and is not relevant. Unless you wish to excuse the hate criminals.
  7. General News Discussion

    I think my meaning was clear. Twist it if it makes you feel big & clever.
  8. General News Discussion

    Of course they do, but in this case there was nothing wrong with the initial headline. It was the sort of headline you should expect from the BBC - balanced factual and not implying right or wrong on either side. They have taken a deliberate decision to change the headline to one that is emotive and slanted. No tin foil required to see that. I don't knoe wy they changed it - do you have any ideas? They might, but in this case it is hard to see why anyone would object to the initial headline - unless they felt it wasn't anti Catalan enough. So tell us why you think the headline was changed. I also read the postings of a Indyphobic twat from Bristol & I am glad to report that my mind is uninfected by either.
  9. General News Discussion

    So what? That's OK is it? "Nothing morally justifies that reaction" but that won't stop you excusing it. I would respectfully suggest it's not as divisive as beating up Poles & Muslims. Perhaps a tad on the complacent side, perhaps?
  10. General News Discussion

    I'll break my own rule and post something from wings over Scotland... A story on the BBC website last night: The same story this morning:
  11. General News Discussion

    No, as usual you are making up what I am saying. Why don't you reply to what I actually say instead of inventing some fantasy version? No, Neil. It gets awkward for you. I thought we were a region, or a parish, or a bedroom, or something? Let's get this straight: according to you, there was a country called Scotland which was part of the UK. They had a vote & decided to stay part of the UK which meant they weren't a country any more. Christ, I missed all that on my ballot paper. Like you said we always were. No it's not. It's meaningful if you give meaning to it. Lots of people did. Not all of them were snippers. You're starting to repeat yourself. It makes you sound a bit demented. I don't. I do. Because it has meaning. Whether you consider Scotland to be a nation a region or as bedroom, does not prevent the way it votes being meaningful. Of course it's not. I genuinely have no idea what that last sentence is supposed to mean.
  12. The Dirty Independence Question

    It was 32 out of 32. That is a fact. I thought you liked facts. Which doesn't alter in any way the FACT that 32 out of 32 local authority areas voted remain. Could you help me here? What on earth has self determination got to do with the perfectly reasonable expectation that a government should take account of differing views in different parts of the kingdom? Everyone? Really? Christ, what are you on about now? Liar.
  13. The Dirty Independence Question

    Magnificent manipulation of statistics there, Neil. Of course you are right ... but you would also be right if you pointed to a 14% difference or a 28% difference. They're all statistically correct. But if you want to argue that there is no significant difference between a 53-47% vote against & a 62-38% in favour vote, then carry on. Just be honest enough to admit that you are twisting statistics to fit with your feeble argument.
  14. Football 17/18

    Surely the man for the Scotland job... "Ex-Celtic boss Ronny Deila strips naked to inspire team to key win"http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/celtic/ex-celtic-boss-ronny-deila-strips-naked-to-inspire-team-to-key-win-1-4586102