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  1. The Dirty Independence Question

    I saw that & it made me laugh. There are many better reasons to walk out of a morrisey gig than him being rude about our Nic!
  2. Football 17/18

    I'm not entirely sure that VAR has reduced controversy.
  3. General News Discussion

    That would be fine if workers' efforts were the only thing affecting productivity. they clearly aren't so your idea is inherently unfair. Its also not practical in many jobs as well as having potentially dangerous side effects. Apart from that, its a great idea.
  4. Football 17/18

    Rubbish, they clearly look great on overweight middle aged men!
  5. Brexit Schmexit

    the report talks about the impact over a 15 year period. I think it's more likely that if they talk about a 5% drop in growth, they're saying that rather than growing by e.g. 35% over that 15 years GDP will only grow by 30%.
  6. General News Discussion

    True. They did not murder him. There are lots of problems with the growth in "self employment" which is often either a way for employers to have staff without any of the duties and responsibilities of a "normal" employer.
  7. General News Discussion

    And there is no need to excuse the shit c##ts.
  8. General News Discussion

    The plural of rally is rallies.
  9. General News Discussion

    Clearly the cameraman's fault.
  10. General News Discussion

    Christ, you been taking lessons from Neil? That is clearly not what I said. No. I reckoned Peterson was an arrogant boorish that. I couldn't bear to watch enough of it to declare a winner.
  11. General News Discussion

    Yeah, just like WW2 was Poland's fault.
  12. General News Discussion

  13. The Dirty Independence Question

    Before: Neil criticises SNP for cutting council funding. After: Neil criticises SNP for increasing council funding.
  14. Belladrum 2018

    Hmm, I've been 7 out of the past 10 years and am not generally too fussed about the line up but there have usually been 1 or 2 bands that I'm at least a bit excited to see. So far this year, there are only 2 or three that i'd "quite like" to see. It might be time for a year off. But who knows? there will be plenty more bands added & Bella has never been all about the garden stage headliners for me.