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  1. Latitude 2018

    I dont believe Fleetwood MAc Would play the 'tude either. BUT........arnt Glastonbury widely known for being the artists who play a much lower rate? As its mostly for 'charity' and not profit, dont they do this? Dont they also do this with the promise of massive media exposure for artists playing? Im SURE i read that somewhere.....once.......course, I now am an old man with a young baby who doesnt sleep....
  2. Favourite albums of 2017

    Nadine Shah.
  3. Latitude 2018

    GET PALOMA FAITH OFF THAT POSTER!!!!! She is an abomination of a singer.
  4. Latitude 2018

    Another fan here. And, after watching them toil on the 'toilet' circuit for years, I am made up that they have success. A good band with good people getting good rewards. Good.
  5. Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Jeez....mostly white bread indie w*nk.... which is fine if thats your sort of thing.....
  6. Latitude 2018

    Has A.P.E. fucked Latitude? Its been going a little downhill for a couple of years, but is this the beginnings of the final nail in the coffin? Unless Bjork/XX/LCD/YYY/Beck etc are either not exclusives or 'london only' exclusives, they will not be at Latitude. And, IMO, they are the types of acts hat SHOULD be at the 'tude..... Sad times....ESPECIALLY as i wont go to A.P.E., seen as its run by the shitbags that are A.E.G....
  7. Field Day 2018

    that sounds like a severe lack of forward planning..... Mind you, it is only October.......
  8. Field Day 2018

    thanks for the info, man. Why would they apply for a licence to do the event at Finsbury, even though they are '100% certain' they wont be there next year? What a waste of time.....
  9. Field Day 2018

    This page seems to indicate it will be at Finsbury park....... http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/finsbury-park-music-events-summer-2018?commentId=844301%3AComment%3A1025649
  10. Latitude 2018

    we would give it a miss if this is so (as i did in 2011). She is the epitome of useless and naff.
  11. Latitude 2018

    Another one who did this. Started watching Kraftwerk. Got bored. Went off to see Alt J, who were IMMENSE! Since thewn, they have gone right off the boil. But, in that tent, in 2013, it was spectacular.
  12. 2017 EOTR Photos

    Not enough Nadine. ;p
  13. Predictions for 2018

    yeah....Islet have played before too sorry bud.
  14. Predictions for 2018

    I hope Sleater Kinney will do something to warrant a headline slot at EOTR next year. Maybe Esben & The Witch on t' Garden stage. And Godspeed You! Black Emperor somewhere too..... that would be most agreeable....
  15. 2017 - How was it for you?

    just....you know.....move to another place where you cant hear chatters?!? I agree, they can be MOST annoying. But....you know.....some people are annoying. And, in front of a stage, there is more places to see yr fave band away from the chatter fucks.