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  1. Was a bit far back and the sound was bad, not terrible which ruined it. Came in late after 45 min of Kano at Park. But the concentration of assholes in the crowd behind the sound stage of west holt was worst so far of my 2 glastonburys.
  2. When do they burn the Phoenix?
  3. That would be a legendary moment if that happened. I dont want to miss future islands for fuckin elbow.
  4. Leaving from my home in Uppsala, Sweden on tuesday morning about 05.30, I currently work at the Stockholm airport (convenient ), so after work I'll meet up with my mates at the airport. Our flight leave Stockholm 21:00 local time. Arriving at Gatwick 23:00 local time, we'll just hang around at the airport for 2 hours before taking the express train to Victoria Station and walk to the Coach station, bus departure 04:00 I think on wednesday - arriving at site just before 08:00
  5. My passport - will be in the lockups. And my swedish driving license which I will keep with me.
  6. Is it more to the Killers SR on efest lineup page than that interview??
  7. Liam Gallagher Radiohead The National
  8. I hope he play a couple of extra Oasis songs.. Rockin Chair he talked several times about rehearsing.. I hope he comes to his senses, he know he'll get huge singalongs with the right setlist at Glasto
  9. 70 cl vodka mixed with candy. cba to carry more with me from sweden. Going to shepton mallet on first day to buy some beer cans, but I think most alcohol we'll just buy on site
  10. 7! 5 next week and then 2 on glasto week. Just need confirmation from the boss
  11. I hope they announce it soon, and not a secret set
  12. Having dinner and a couple of beers at the Stockholm airport, before our 21:00 flight to London.
  13. This was huge even in Sweden. Coldplays cover was headlining the 5-6 biggest medla outlets Entertainment section in sweden. Likewise, liams Twitter comments about Noel had headlining status in same section in 4 of them this evening. Huge! And wierd.
  14. Got mine today!! (Sweden). National day tomorrow, so off work, call for a couple celebration beers!
  15. Georgia (daughter of one of the guys from leftfield) is opening park. She opened for flaming lips this tour. The live clips wont do her justice at all.