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  1. Is anyone going to PS from Bulgaria? Booked a flight to Barcelona from Sofia (June 1) and consider spending a couple of days in the city before that. Since I know no one from Bulgaria, maybe someone here is up for a beer? Feel free to DM me
  2. Yet they didn't put Frad again.., one of my top electronic choices, after the headliners and he clashes with everyone now
  3. Glad we can get 100 gecs an Rina at the Cuitat
  4. artist really don't care about the tour dates on their websites
  5. please stop giving them perfect clash ideas
  6. My heart stopped for a moment but then I noticed the "talks" park
  7. Most likely you can use your ticket to enter only once, like at a simple concert
  8. Really not sure it's better with all these clashes, but adding Brian Jonestown Massacre to some Razzmatazz gig would be cool
  9. Seems like all my Ciutat nights will be Razzmatazz. Any thoughts on that huge ass gap between Kero Kero Bonito and Jenny Beth? Should we expect some surprise name?
  10. Anyone can tell us about booze prices in the Ciutat venues? Hope it's much cheaper than festival bars
  11. Also a non-ciutatat take: since when is Mitski late announcement ruled out? She has Istanbul on May 21 and UK from June 11, so is basically free and in Europe for most of PS dates. Also has no Spanish dates. Pretty big and surely Primavera-type act.
  12. I'd bet on Wednesday, when W2 (as well as W1+2) goers are already in the city and and are not tired after a main weekend. Also the strongest Ciutat day
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