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  1. Hoping for Dry Cleaning, Bonobo, Jawbox, Sampha, Caribou, Hot Snakes and Death Grips on the under card..should all be good shouts?
  2. Flaming lips are due back I'd think.
  3. The joke is it will never happen. It is an unrealistic ambition for about 100million reasons. *Almost like the every year bowie predictions (pre death). Now you're in on it.
  4. Would Like: Modest Mouse, Perfume Genius, Cap'n Jazz, A fucking fugazi show (I refuse to believe it will never happen), Vampire Weekend, Pavement, Caribou, Smashing Pumpkins. Will settle for Shellac.
  5. For me... the highlights! Belle and Seb...yes; over subscribed! but what a joy! IDLES...Life affirming, chaotic, joyous and a gig I think people will be talking about 10years from now. Bjork: Visually arresting and genuinely moving. Sylvan Esso...Fun fun fun. Oblivians: Great fun *thanks to my wife to steering me here from AM El Ultimo Vecino: Great show, fantastic to see them graduate to a bigger stage and own it completely Security...I smuggled sooo much booze in. Thanks xxx Low points Ariel pink..at the apolo especially...pish. Mogwai..I love them..but I found the set utter paint. The bars... Not great this year. Rude toilet queue etiquette (women's toilets..not my complaint) The apolo shows ...not up to scratch this year. Loves it though..see you all next year xxxx
  6. I'm just gutted ill miss "The Men" at apolo I arrive in BCN just as they take to the stage!
  7. There are two shops right near by. If you come out the forum and cross the road to the right there are two shops on either side of the first block of flats. I just put miniatures' in my waste band, in my crotch and I've taped a bottle of rum to my thigh!
  8. 5eur or 5.50eur ish. I buy a few... But i just sneak in miniatures from the shop across the road for my bulk ? Also between bands...nip outside for 1eur beers from the lovely hawkers outside
  9. peak times on Thursday are 1400 to 1900
  10. speaking of phones/wallets....there was most definitely an organized gang knocking around on the Saturday...my phone and two of my friends phones were pinched at both descendents and skepta...was never as big a problem in previous years. The lass at lost and found said that over 250 phones reported "missing" in a two hour period (the queue was huge). Keep your wits guys Canna Wait!
  11. You can sell it privately, you just need to give the buyer a letter of consent and a photocopy of you passport.
  12. It has been 10am in recent years (bcn time) so about 9am here.
  13. I'm thinking....its an Arctic Beatle... not beatles, so I get McCartney...but I think its referring to Bjork!?! Any idea on the piano?
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