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  1. Strokes - Robyn - Bon Iver Khalid - FKA Twigs - Burnaboy Dave - The Tallest Man on Earth - Michael Kiwanuka - Mac Demarco - Koffee 070 Shake - Bikini Kill - Denzel Curry - Slowthai - Caribou - Floating Points - The Black Madonna - Bicep - Kerri Chandler - Mwuana - Boy Pablo - Mafalda - Jayda G Shaping up quite nicely!
  2. cool cool cool, mailed you details!
  3. He wouldnt, its the same like all of those you mentioned are / have been viable for exemple glastonbury, but eninem Will never play that festival. Or Taylor Swift Will play download. He is just a grumpy 50 yo nowadays.
  4. Defintely not, wont ever happen. He’s not what neither the crowd or festival go for. They usually have some hip hop but thats either up and coming, hyped or critcally acclaimed acts. And he is probably expensive. bon iver / strokes / Robyn are 100% your headliners, great trio Even though im not the biggest bon iver fan.
  5. Just bought tickets for NOS, how many names do we expect on the wednesday? Last year it was 35-40 artists per day
  6. A bit meh so far, lacks guitar bands 😛. They also have had a lot hip hop artists last years so you could assume a big name there as well. They hyped up Khalid on their Facebook so I would assume he's headlining. Can't see FKA Twigs headlining, they had Jorja Smith last year and the field was kinda empty. Might close the second stage, Khalid might aswell (same slot as Stormzy had last year). Thursday: Bon Iver / X Friday: X / FKA Twigs Saturdy: X / Khalid
  7. Swedes are normally very late when buying tickets, you could probably purchase your 1-day ticket in late july 2020. Stayed at a hostel a few years ago which is located right at the park where the festival is held, don't know about the prices nowadays but back then it was fairly cheap. http://www.linneplatsensvandrarhem.se/en/booking/ As Olivedal says if you want to avoid that cost, just go to one of the club shows in the city, I think they start at 00:00 and end 04:00. And there are also some restaurants open the whole night as well.
  8. Blink 182 hardcore punk? Probably Refused.
  9. Where: Gothenburg, Sweden When: 13-15th august 2020 Tickets: 170 euro (final price is 220 euro, doesn't sell out) 2019 headliners: Solange, Stormzy, The Cure, Jorja Smith (replaced Cardi B ) First announced artist 2020 is Bon Iver, headlining the thursday. Will be my sixth year, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  10. Went straight through the gates all 3 days, had a small bag with me that they just opened. Was surprised since I don't look european and usually get "randomly searched". Top 5 sets of the weekend was The Strokes, Liam, Viagra Boys, Idles and Shame. HM to Vince Staples and Dj Seinfeld. Thought everything went really well except the friday, the bus queue at 20:00 was 1,5 h and the queue back at 03:00 was over 2 hour. I mean it felt like they had 5 buses they went up and down with a massive line. Can't be that hard to plan for that, they know how many tickets they sell and how many of those are with camping. Not as international as I assumed, heard someone speak english once maybe. Basoa stage was mental. And yea Bilbao was a really beautiful city.
  11. At least there is one less festival (dr music) to compete with, hopefully they bring their shit together next year.
  12. Robyn won't do it. She doing a concert in Stockholm the week after WoW which as far as I know not sold out yet. They´re also marketing it as "Robyn's only show this summer in Sweden". These small one day festivals really fucks it up here: Dalhalla got New Order, The National Smash got ASAP Rocky, Migos Gården got Tame Impala, The Streets They claimed they're looking for a replacement, but who knows when it is less than 3 weeks left. They did book both Prince and Libertines just the month before the festival in previous year, but that were probably just long negotiations.
  13. Nah but they count attendence over the entire weekend (smaller festivals tend to do that to hype themself up). So 130k/4 = 32 500 on average per day. if glastonbury did the same they would claim ”over 600 000 in attendence”
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