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  1. The killers x 2 Liam x 3 tame impala snow patrol Ms lauren hill Two door cinema club bastille x 2 jorja smith Cat power Kamasi washington Diplo
  2. The most outragous about drink and food prices were the redbull + vodka. I think we payed 17-18 euros for one? In a 1 liter cup but I would assume it still was like 0,33 cl + 0,33 cl + 6 (?) cl of vodka
  3. Where is this pool stage? completely missed it last year
  4. Ovechkin

    2019 Headliners

    Thats not true at all. Phoenix headlined governers ball 2017. Subbed bonnaro 2014 when they had a massive lineup (Frank ocean and arctic monkeys were subs too). Subbed lollapalooza Chicago aswell 2013. Fwiw Phoenix at John peel 2013 was amazing, one of the best that weekend
  5. I think its far too much and Im swedish.. way out west in gothenburg was 190 euro last year with kendrick lamar, arcade fire and arctic monkeys as headliners with far better depth. Nah this wont end well
  6. They also increased the ticket price from 180 euro to 270 euro. Theyve lost their minds
  7. Good first drop! Would assume Cardi B, Seinabo Sey, The Cure and Stormzy will be among the 6 headliners/subs,
  8. Bicep and Todd Terje are nice, havn't listened much to the others
  9. I don't really buy that. How often does festivals wait for Glastonbury to release? Can't remember when a major act first first announced a glastonbury performance and then a following festival tour. Radiohead 2017 maybe? Radiohead was announced in october (?) with Open''er soon after.
  10. For me BBK is by far the most suitable. A few good rock bands, a few good hip hop artists and a few good electronic artists
  11. Fib on facebook "+1 HEADLINER+ 14 NEW ACTS TOMORROW" Previously announced are 6 artists (including one headliner) So that "leak" seems legit. What a mess.
  12. What are you on mate? Kendrick is a well established production and headliner nowadays and gambino is doing his last tour ever. Far more exciting than who or florence
  13. Thanks for the advice! 70 gbp both ways is possible from London, might be an alternative. Either way it will be 10h+ hours to get there instead of 3,5 hours with flight directly to Bilbao from Stockholm..
  14. Tickets sorted! Bit of a hassle getting there since there are only 2 departures per week to Bilbao from Sweden and theyre really expensive, guess its train or domestic flights from Barcelona or Madrid.
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