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  1. Gabi said that it didn't work out as planned because they are still not finished with the Line-Up so they cancelled the daily confirmations.
  2. Expected when they cancelled the RPS announcements.
  3. The National in the mix? 🙂 Heartland Festival in Denmark (29.-31-5.2020) The NationalThe CardigansCaroline PolachekEfterklangJenny BethThe Jesus and Mary ChainKurt Vile soloPhlakePsyched Up JanisRufus WainwrightSeasick Steve
  4. I don't believe that they wanted to host many of those RPS shows. Those announcements shouldn't give away too much. I guess the plan was to shorten the wait a bit until next week when the poster was expected to be released.
  5. I guess this is far more likely 😐
  6. I think Gabi is bored, so he trolled Radio PS-Team a little. Poor guys over there.
  7. As you said, they did it in the past. Other organizers were extremely pissed. I don't trust them at all.
  8. "90 minutos. 10 nombres. Desde hoy hasta la publicación oficial del cartel, RPS se cuela en las oficinas de Primavera Sound cada día (excepto fines de semana) para desvelar el anuncio más esperado del año: los artistas que actuarán en la próxima edición de PS2020. Una oportunidad exclusiva de conocer de primera mano el line up del festival y que únicamente podrá escucharse en directo. No esperes encontrar estas confirmaciones en las redes sociales de Primavera Sound ni esperes a recuperarlas en la web de Radio Primavera Sound a la carta. Podcast unavailable, motherf**kers!" I think this means that they won't publish the names on official channels.
  9. I think next week is far more likely. And if they announce a day headlined by MCR we will still have no new rumours
  10. Yeah, so just like the normal Wednesday at the forum which closes before midnight.
  11. Absolutely. But I think it will not be a full festival day. Some regulars and friends of the festival playing in style of a normal Wednesday+
  12. Neil thinks sometime next week. But I hope you are right
  13. I hope I'm wrong - big National fan here My headliner guesses for 2020: Frank Ocean (yes, they will try again) - Lana Del Rey - Pavement - Dua Lipa - Bad Bunny - Wilco - Justice - Patti Smith - Underworld
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