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  1. They were refunding all tickets because 2022 will be "a new line-up". I guess headliners might not return to this one.
  2. I guess they wanted those prominent two w2 names out before tickets were selling out to avoid moaning on social media. I wouldn't expect more names soon.
  3. Yeah, you're right. Could also be a one-off. But all the logistics (stage, bars,...) for one day only?
  4. I guess now we know where Deerhunter will be playing.
  5. Solution: add them on both weekends. 😋
  6. Well, I've barely seen any refund requests on social media. Old customers are holding their tickets. And when I browse reddit, twitter etc. there seems to be a vast amount of new customers. It's fascinating.
  7. Weekend 2 will be sold out soon. See post from@Martin_89 on this page.
  8. The National will not play Nos Alive, the are playing Rock in Rio Lisbon.
  9. @davidoffescassithinks Bad Bunny is playing 99% PS Barcelona. He mentions that in his opinion the last day of weekend 2 lacks a headliner. But that's the same day PS Porto lacks a headliner 100%. Bad Bunny is missing on both Line-Ups, so it can't be him.
  10. Bad Bunny who was on the 2020 and 2021 poster is missing (and Tyler, The Creator).
  11. Showing in stock for me apart from VIP Weekend 1 tickets
  12. I would absolutely agree with you here. But if those capacity 20k+ rumours from @davidoffescassihave any substance behind them I don't know any more. 😝 This would lead to 100.000 extra weekend tickets going on sale on Tuesday + refund requests. And Primavera wasn't sold out in all past editions with (much) smaller capacity, let alone two weekends. Interesting for sure.
  13. Will be interesting in general how much information regarding the ciutat gigs we will get on Tuesday. Daily Line-Up? It's an important part of the Line-Up next year for convincing foreigners to stay for the second weekend.
  14. Imo weekend #2 Line-Up will have a lot of Women headlining and will be "urban" based. I am not sure if you could use the term "commercial" but I think that's how classic Primavera punters will describe it overall. I guess 1 or 2 headliner from the 2021 poster will not return to weekend #1. Pure speculation but I believe Massive Attack will not return and will be replaced by NIN (they mention an "upgrade" when they are replying to tweets). Weekend #2 will be a bigger version of 2019, weekend #1 a bigger version of 2018. Very different approaches.
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