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  1. I guess it will not be a sister festival to Barca & Porto. Maybe some kind of winter indoor festival like Pitchfork Paris?
  2. Next year Primavera London & Primavera Hollywood? http://www.primaverasound.com
  3. Is this new stage a replacement for the Heineken Hidden Stage?
  4. Yes, less then 24h to go until we get to know about RadioPrimaveraSounds programme. Not the programme for Primavera Sound
  5. Doves never played at Primavera although they were available for years (10 years?). They didn't care for them at all (same for many other British bands). I don't think this will change in 2019. Monday is just an coincidence. I would love them to be there, though.
  6. Yeah, I can see why they've reduced the capacity.
  7. seems to be as well organised as the festival was this year. 😝
  8. 1. For me, PS always has the best line-up. 2. poster release is imminent (t-2 weeks worst case), imho.
  9. No and no. Not their philosophy at all. They are just toying with their marketing campaign ("ex-Indie" baseball cap, "My fake line-up was better" tote bag). #TheNewNormal fits perfectly.
  10. If anybody still needs full festival tickets -> safe marketplace
  11. The sponsor is paying for this extra attention.
  12. They will not be one of the official hidden stage acts. A bus bringing them to the other stage after the Boxer set, no problem. Definitely a thing The National would do, would give them a lot of media attention, too.
  13. A guy on a German festival forum wrote the same yesterday (same guy who predicted the Hidden Stage to be placed where it is on the official Primavera forum). He said he expects The National to play a Boxer set on Friday.
  14. More Hidden Stage acts to come or are they done for today?
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