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  1. Spliffs at Glastonbury

    I didn't I'm afraid. We still had to go to the turnstiles and they were watching us as we got searched
  2. Spliffs at Glastonbury

    Only time I've ever been searched in 9 years was 2011 and we had gone back to the car for a beer run so when we came back in it was quiet so they searched our bags. He said to us if you have anything just put in in the box, it was a shoe box sized box with a whole on the top. He tipped it towards us and I had a peek inside, was pretty full of a mixture of stuff. We told him we had nothing and was halfway through going through our bags when a smell of weed came from somewhere. He looked up but there was no one around us and was asking us where the smell was coming from and around the corner came a couple of people with a spliff on the go. He dropped are bag and ran off towards the other couple, we just walked in. Never been pulled over by the police but have previously driven a Picasso so probably look fairly normal. This year we have a green skoda with 2 Glastonbury car park tickets in the window so will probably get pulled over every 10 miles
  3. Mercury Rev

    Love deserters song and I really like the new album. I've got their Peel sessions they did and his voice sometimes sounds really bad live. Would watch them if nothing else was on though
  4. The Vinyl Thread

    Looks good, will have to get one
  5. The Vinyl Thread

    What's that?
  6. The Vinyl Thread

    I'm thinking Neil Young 'harvest' then put its through its paces with led Zeppelin 1
  7. The Vinyl Thread

    Just bought a new setup, got the Riga record store day turntable, marantz dm5005 amp and Dali sensor 1 speakers, should be giving them a first run out on Monday
  8. PJ Harvey confirmed

    I would be gutted if that's her setlist for Glastonbury. Surely she will put in a few of her earlier stuff, a couple from the new album and a couple from 'Let England shake'
  9. Driving back Monday afternoon

    This is what we do, live in Lincoln so it is a fair way to drive straight back. We book a Travelodge in Bath which is normally around £30 and the drive there only takes around 30-45 mins. Since its not far we don't plan what time we are going to leave the site, just go when we feel like it. Always go out for a few drinks and a nice meal to finish the weekend off, have done this for the last 4 years
  10. John Grant

    Love John grant but seen him 3 times now so don't think I could give up a headline slot for him. Would love to see him and Ezra Ferman given a pyramid slot and see how they get on, Johns got the voice for it and ezras band would smash it. Ps anyone else still get tearfull listening to black star
  11. Strategic Camping Location

    I camp in big ground for several reasons. Firstly its one of the closet camp sites to get to from gate B so its not to long a walk to get to and more importantly not to far to get back to the car, the hill of death is a killer though as I have a large barrow to pull. Secondly when you step out of your tent first thing in the morning the first thing you see is the pyramid stage with the Tor in the back ground. I don't see many bands on the pyramid but it is a nice thing to see when you wake up. Thirdly the flushing toilets. I'm not one for complaining about the toilets and will happily use long drops and portaloos but to use the flushing toilet first thing in the morning is a nice luxury
  12. The Vinyl Thread

    Does anyone buy from Rakuten? The vinyls seem to be so cheap, are most of them just dodgy knock offs?
  13. Mystery Jets

    So we've had confirmation they are playing but where would they play? Middle on the other stage? are they big enough to headline the jp one night?
  14. How to wipe??

    No need to wipe Just go to the taps with your trousers round your ankles and use it as a bidet, the cold water is so refreshing
  15. John Peel Stage moving location

    There are a few food stalls on the left as you walk from the pyramid stage, like you say, just standardburger vans. There's also the place along there to do your hair and make up and it's always really busy, don't understand it