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  1. Managed to get tickets for me and my wife. I've only looked at the line up on the day the first poster was released as didn't want to be disappointed with who I would be missing if we didn't get tickets. I agree with the registration being reopened. They should have a day the registration closes before they announce any act and that's it so you don't get people going for one band.
  2. I think you will find there are lots of people in cities who failed to get tickets as well so broadband speed isn't the reason, supply, demand and luck is the reason. I think more people who really want to go would miss out on going if it was down to a ballot. You would have people who think oh Ed Sheran os playing, lets apply and then think nothing of it again until they get a ticket, but the current way at least you have to be up and refreshing so those people who aren't fussed but wouldn't mind going might still be in bed now.
  3. Just me and the wife if we get tickets on Sunday, and the little one she will be carrying, will be the first year as a married couple. Quick question, do you know if you can stay in family camping if pregnant? only once have we had someone drunk falling onto our tent but don't want to risk it happening falling onto the wife. I know this is still a possibility in family camping to but want to minimise the risk
  4. someone is trying to sell the 4 Bowie vinyls released today for record store day as a set for £700 on ebay, absolute joke.
  5. I'm excited and haven't even got tickets
  6. went quick All or nothing for me on Sunday. I would have tried for tickets tonight but my wife will be 4 months pregnant by then and want the convenience of being able to stop when we want on the way there and back. If the past week is anything to go by we will be stopping at every services for a toilet break.
  7. congrats
  8. good luck everyone. Will be trying on Sunday for myself and the wife
  9. This has the most bands I want to see on the first announcement in the last 10 years I've been going. When I knew Radiohead were headlining I was excited so gutted when I didn't get tickets. After this announcement, the xx, flaming lips, Laura marling, British sea power and more importantly the national. Didn't even consider for 1 minute they might be there. They are one of my favourite bands and my wife's favourite but she's yet to see them live, 'this is the last time' was our first dance at our wedding last year. I will be absolutely gutted if I don't get tickets and will be praying for not a Radiohead and the national clash
  10. That is enough reason to hate somebody though. Put the record on, sit down and get comfy and then this weird sound comes out of the speaker. If you do decide to change the belt, I normally put a different record on, but if you do change the belt you always forget to change it back so if you go to listen to a record 2 days later it's the wrong speed again so FJM annoys you twice.
  11. I agree with this. last year was hard work getting around but once you were at a stage it was fine. I didn't get around as much and missed some bands but the weather wasn't to bad just the ground. 2007 was just awful. I was cold for a lot of the time and it was constant rain so even watching a band wasn't great, I had my hood up all the time and my hood was a bit big so I kept getting a sore neck and people had umbrellas up and that blocked the stage. Eating was hard work because your food got wet so you had to eat as fast as possible. It was easy to walk around as the mud wasn't sticky just like thick soup that would get kicked up in your face by people walking around and you would always get a few people who found it funny to kick mud over everyone. I can see why 2007 put people off but I enjoyed it on the whole and new if the weather was good it would be the best place on earth. I've been back every year, hopefully will be this year if I get tickets in the resale. There were times in 07 that I thought this is awful and if I was in a car might have gone earlier but I had to wait for the train on Monday.
  12. It's not the whole line up but the daily mirror is running with the story now. They've just copied and pasted the whole article
  13. The latitude lineup is awful. That was going to be my go to if I don't get glasto tickets, not anymore. How can fleet foxes headline. I liked them when they were around 5 years ago but they weren't headline material then so don't know how they are now.
  14. I'm off to Japan in April and had a look online at record shops and it looks like some of them are huge, could spend a week just in there. Has anyone been there before and know of anywhere I should try?
  15. Are we thinking the resale will be in April then? I thought people were saying it was May. I'm in Japan first 2 weeks of April and don't want the hassle of trying to get tickets whilst over there