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  1. Talk about kicking a man when he's down. Not only did I not get Glastonbury tickets it looks like I'm going to have to take my Gran to watch Cliff on the Saturday of Glastonbury. Still going to try in the re-sale but will have to get tickets for Cliff and go if I don't get Glastonbury tickets.
  2. It's brilliant and sounds fantastic as does the midlake album. Did you catch mercury rev at Glastonbury? I thought it was wonderful
  3. Just bought 13th Floor elevators, easter everywhere limited edition gold vinyl and the re-issue of mercury rev deserters song and it sounds beautiful. Also just had delivered the 10th year anniversary edition of Midlake, The trials of Van Occupanther which is also on gold vinyl and has a 7" with 2 unreleased tracks on it, will be given that a spin when I get home from work.
  4. That's what the festival wants though isn't it to reduce on the tents left behind. It does seem each year they are giving different options for pre-erected tents in different areas of the site
  5. Since my Glastonbury disappointment I'm going to go and spend my ticket deposit on some vinyl to cheer myself up tomorrow, may even spend my wifes deposit if there is enough that takes my fancy
  6. Missed out for the first time in 10 years. Feel lucky to have gone the last 9 but because of that it is such a big part of my life and it is the highlight of my year. My wife and I are talking about kids so maybe now would be the perfect opportunity to have them then when the next festival comes around the baby will be old enough to come. Can't believe I might miss Radiohead on the pyramid stage though.
  7. Been every year since 07 but nowhere near this year. Whats that link that tells you about secret resales? how hard is it to get tickets in the main resale. I'm hoping the casual Glastonbury goer if they didn't get tickets now decide to do something else or is that wishful thinking.
  8. I think its an album that will grow on me but I won't be listening to it on vinyl, £24 for 34 minutes of music, no thanks
  9. big sale in HMV, just got : Bowie - Hunky Dory, Aladdin Sane, The rise and fall of Ziggy Sonic Youth - Goo The Clash - The clash, Give em enough rope Richard Ashcroft - These People PJ Harvey - The hope demolition project The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow Rage against the Machine - Rage against the machine Should have been £180 for them all, got them all for £120 There are a lot more on sale but I've already got a lot of them
  10. I got married last month and we named our tables after stages/areas and had a photo of us both in front of the stage. The head table was the pyramid obviously and we even had a table called the long drops and the picture was looking at the long drops with my head sticking out over the top. We bought the biggest hand painted maps and stuck cards on the side with peoples name on it then a piece of string going to the stage
  11. Been after one of these for ages to. Apparently they are reissuing next year so might just have to wait for that
  12. Will be in Bath tomorrow for the day, anyone know of any decent record shops there? I've looked online and it seems that most have closed
  13. One thing we have decided to do after the mud this year is see which stage we plan to be at the most and camp there. I've camped in big ground for the last 6 years but the stage we were at most was the Park and that was a hard walk in the mud. Missed Car seat headrest this year as I knew it was a hour and a half round trip for a 30 minute set and couldn't face it
  14. I think the tickets will sell out in the same amount of time as normal. I wouldn't think it matters if there are 200000 people or 2 million people trying for tickets, the servers will work at the same speed and once they are gone there gone. As for the mud effect I don't think it will make a major difference, the queues in and out will have more of an effect but I think most regulars will have a moan about it and say they aren't going again but come ticket day they will be trying. Adele and Coldplay will have put Glastonbury in peoples bucket list but I bet very few people who say they will try for tickets after watching it on tv actually do. I've had loads of people say to me I'm going to Glastonbury but have never even registered let alone tried for tickets
  15. They were only available from bars in the Park. I think the idea was since the park is like a small festival by itself as an experiment just try it there. I bought about 6 drinks there and got a steel cup everything, ended up bringing 2 home with the sheepskin covers which are really good as the cups are freezing when you get them fresh. I did see them using normal cups on the Sunday though so they must have ran out by then