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  1. Sigur Ros

    That's a big band to headline the JP stage. I'm not a big fan myself but I bet they will be brilliant inside a tent. If they are headlining maybe some of the bands we thought might be lower down on the pyramid might also be headlining there to
  2. Richard Ashcroft

    was the Cribs, I didn't see frank Turner
  3. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Put up the tent and air mattress to make sure no holes are found, all ok. Also linked to another thread 'sounds that remind you of glastonbury' deflating the air mattress. Only ever use it for Glastonbury and laying on it today deflating it and sadness washed over me, its always the last job before we leave on the Monday morning
  4. Richard Ashcroft

    You would normally say someone of his statue with his Verve tunes as well would be 4th down on the other but the second slot after James is quite a big slot now and has been someone fairly well known over the last few years
  5. Weather 2016

    I always think I have a tan but most of it washes off after the first shower on Monday
  6. This time in 5 weeks I will be.....

    Should just be getting through the gates I would think
  7. Favourite band at the moment.

    Not a band but Ezra Furman, can't wait to see him
  8. I have one very similar, paid a similar price to and its brilliant. Filled it with 120 cans and a couple of tents and once it gets going it rolls really well. The handle attachment to the axis does seem flimsy but its lasted us 2 years with no sign of it breaking, its just loose. If you need to go down the hill of death go down in reverse so your holding back the weight. The first year as I was coming over the top I was still dragging it and as soon as it was on a slight slope gravity took over and rammed straight into my calves. I nearly fell back on it so would have ended up riding it down like a sledge but managed to keep standing. You need 2 people to hold it back though if its filled to the top, will be a deadly weapon if it goes flying down into the people at the bottom
  9. Weather 2016

    Every year I tell myself there is no point looking on here until a week before as the predictions now are pretty much finger in the air guesses, but here I am and whenever a bad forecast is shown it gets me down a bit and the one at the top of the page puts a smile on my face. I think its because when I see the sun predictions images of laying on the ground with a cold one pop into my mind. The Nal will be along soon saying its predicting non stop rain and going to be a total washout, total rubbish but it will get me down for a few seconds but images of 07 appear, not good
  10. The Vinyl Thread

    Now I've got my turntable set up with a decent amp and speakers, 'In rainbows' sounds brilliant on it by the way I need some headphones. Do I need to spending a hundred quid plus to get a good sound out or since the amp is good can I get away with spending £30-40
  11. Radiohead touring in 2016

    I've only listening to the album once and nothings grabbing me like 'In rainbows' did. Hopefully it will change over more listens as I was so looking forward to the album. Not saying it's a bad album but its just pretty boring at the minute
  12. Radiohead touring in 2016

    Best sitcom around at the minute is 'It's always sunny in Philidelphia'
  13. The Vinyl Thread

    Has anyone ordered the Radiohead album, if so do you get the download code straight away for it? I can't afford to buy the down load now for £9 then the vinyl at the end of June
  14. Spliffs at Glastonbury

    I didn't I'm afraid. We still had to go to the turnstiles and they were watching us as we got searched
  15. Spliffs at Glastonbury

    Only time I've ever been searched in 9 years was 2011 and we had gone back to the car for a beer run so when we came back in it was quiet so they searched our bags. He said to us if you have anything just put in in the box, it was a shoe box sized box with a whole on the top. He tipped it towards us and I had a peek inside, was pretty full of a mixture of stuff. We told him we had nothing and was halfway through going through our bags when a smell of weed came from somewhere. He looked up but there was no one around us and was asking us where the smell was coming from and around the corner came a couple of people with a spliff on the go. He dropped are bag and ran off towards the other couple, we just walked in. Never been pulled over by the police but have previously driven a Picasso so probably look fairly normal. This year we have a green skoda with 2 Glastonbury car park tickets in the window so will probably get pulled over every 10 miles