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  1. what soft drinks are available at the bars? will be a dry festival this year for me and the wife since she will be 17 weeks pregnant.
  2. Wood
  3. I pop into Debenhams and can normally get little plastic tester aftershaves and take a couple of them with me
  4. Iron man - Black sabbath not as scary as the song makes out
  5. I thought the flaming lips would be clashing with radiohead not the xx?
  6. Subterranean homesick alien
  7. Mine turned up yesterday, the quickest I've ever been sent some and the earliest before a gig. Got to keep them safe now for 4 months
  8. The first time we got into the car park about 9 and sat outside the car drinking then slept in the car till the sun came up and joined the queue. It is so uncomfortable in the car though so we really just dozed. The second year we did the same but by 3am the queue had reached our car so we got out and joined it, it took us about 4 hours to get in that year since we were so far back. Now we just park up and go join the queue. We have chairs so its comfy to sit and doze in them and at least your at the front of the queue and it is a good atmosphere. It does get really cold though since your just sat there so wrap up warm and take wet gear just in case. We kept our ground sheet from the tent at the top of our rucksack so when the rain got really bad last year we covered us and our bags with that. This year we aren't queuing, have booked a log cabin to stay in in Glastonbury and will drive in mid morning
  9. And if you can't there will be someone selling something to help you get wood
  10. I know the family camping fields are fenced off so kids can't run off to far but how else do they differ? I'm assuming they have toilets within the fenced area and will be portaloos which is putting me off camping in them. We will be camping in Wicket ground I think
  11. Just put this into my online basket : Will confirm with the wife tonight we want it and will get it ordered for delivery next week and a trial run in the garden
  12. I'm thinking of getting the family 4 person at £199. I don't think it's that bad a price for the size of it but it's heavy at nearly 10kg but for the size of the tent and the comfort it will bring the extra weight should be worth it. If the black out works as well as people say it does it will definitely be worth. Just me and my wife who will be 17 weeks pregnant by then so if it means she can sleep later will be a life safer, even if I have to do 2 car trips and the big porch will be somewhere to relax if the weather isn't great
  13. I went for seating thinking there would be more chance. Got row G on the balcony so fairly far back but I'm assuming looking at the pictures of the hall it won't be that far back. Anyone been to this venue?
  14. Glasto tickets in the resale, the national on Monday and now arcade tickets this morning, having a good run on ticket buying at the minute
  15. It's not a massive venue so it's not to bad.