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  1. I got married last month and we named our tables after stages/areas and had a photo of us both in front of the stage. The head table was the pyramid obviously and we even had a table called the long drops and the picture was looking at the long drops with my head sticking out over the top. We bought the biggest hand painted maps and stuck cards on the side with peoples name on it then a piece of string going to the stage
  2. Been after one of these for ages to. Apparently they are reissuing next year so might just have to wait for that
  3. Will be in Bath tomorrow for the day, anyone know of any decent record shops there? I've looked online and it seems that most have closed
  4. One thing we have decided to do after the mud this year is see which stage we plan to be at the most and camp there. I've camped in big ground for the last 6 years but the stage we were at most was the Park and that was a hard walk in the mud. Missed Car seat headrest this year as I knew it was a hour and a half round trip for a 30 minute set and couldn't face it
  5. I think the tickets will sell out in the same amount of time as normal. I wouldn't think it matters if there are 200000 people or 2 million people trying for tickets, the servers will work at the same speed and once they are gone there gone. As for the mud effect I don't think it will make a major difference, the queues in and out will have more of an effect but I think most regulars will have a moan about it and say they aren't going again but come ticket day they will be trying. Adele and Coldplay will have put Glastonbury in peoples bucket list but I bet very few people who say they will try for tickets after watching it on tv actually do. I've had loads of people say to me I'm going to Glastonbury but have never even registered let alone tried for tickets
  6. They were only available from bars in the Park. I think the idea was since the park is like a small festival by itself as an experiment just try it there. I bought about 6 drinks there and got a steel cup everything, ended up bringing 2 home with the sheepskin covers which are really good as the cups are freezing when you get them fresh. I did see them using normal cups on the Sunday though so they must have ran out by then
  7. Get the odd standing water, a big area near the brothers bar that the kids are loving and the grande le bouffe has its own pallet walkways as its got a pond around it. I walked through everything with walking boots, it's not to deep
  8. What could they have done to prevent this though? The car parks were a mess so other than getting them sorted which was an impossible task what option did they have. They could have told everyone not to come till tomorrow but the jams would of still happen just tomorrow instead of today
  9. Did you do this in the end, we bit the bullet and went for it, were parked up 10 minutes later and ended up getting through the gates at 7.15 as the opened gate a at 7
  10. Worthy fm just said everyone with a public car park pass should go to orange car park. We went past that 4 hours ago and still aren't on the a37, should we turn around and go back?
  11. Amen to this 2007 was my first year and I wasn't prepared at all but I've been every year since which shows what a great time I had. I only took jeans, trainers and a Nike waterproof jacket so after 10 minutes I was wet through. I did have a few moments thinking why the hell am I here in this but these few and far between. Now I have walking boots, gaiters, good quality waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers and I'm going to have a great time. Be prepared for the worse and you will be fine
  12. I've done walking boots every year since 07 and would never wear willies as they are so much more comfortable. I always take gaiters with me but have never had to wear them, the standing water will have to pretty deep to go over walking boots and its not like the whole site will have standing water, just avoid it. As for breaking them in you don't really need to, there is so much padding in them nowadays its like wearing trainers with extra support.
  13. That is annoying, it's one of the reasons we stay in big ground to. They will at least have compost toilets up there though, they wouldn't put in long drops would they
  14. HMV are doing a father week vinyl sale. I've just got Dylan - highway 61, guns and roses - appetite, led Zeppelin houses of the holy, the who - who's next and the smiths - meat is murder for 9.99 each and London calling for 12.99, lots of other vinyl on sale as well
  15. I think I'm going with most people on this thread with Beck over PJ. I listen to a lot more PJ than Beck but it's mostly the older stuff. I don't dislike her new album but watching her play it all with just a couple of old ones thrown in whilst Beck is playing all his hits on the pyramid isn't right. I generally start to flag from 7 onwards on the Sunday so Beck blasting out the hits will be a good pick me up. Will also give me time for some food and a few brothers before LCD