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  1. Glastonbury 2020

    Its going to be just like any usually Glastonbury line up. Yeah it is the 50th year but as has said already on here for most bands that means jack. They money to spend on bands will be the same so they can't be throwing millions around for a Led zep, Pink Flloyd and Fleetwood mac pyramid trio.
  2. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    I loved the xx into Radiohead but if they weren't there I would have watched sleaford mods into lips and would have loved that to
  3. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Just watched Radiohead set and the flaming lips. The lips looked great fun but Waynes voice isn't great and watching the Radiohead set again confirms I made the right choice. It was better than I remember it and Thoms voice sounds great. Had to close the curtains as I couldn't stop myself getting up and dancing, how people can say they are boring and dreary is beyond me, There There into body snatchers, wow, I think it's overtaken Neil Young as my favourite set
  4. Post your favourite picture from this year

    Are you saying you met her on Saturday then got engaged to her on Sunday?
  5. Dick move of your festival......

    Not one particular person but the amount of people trying to push past us at the national wanting to get good spots for the foo fighters. We were about 4 rows back on the right had side where the green fence is and about half way through there must have been 30 people pushing past us. Most of them were saying my friends are over there pointing to the middle as this gave them reason to push past everyone and ruin their enjoyment of a band.
  6. Traffic around the site?

    What are all the roads like? We will be heading in from Glastonbury in the next hour
  7. New security measures in place

    No deodorant in this heat, everyone's going to smell like they've not washed for a month by Friday
  8. New security measures in place

    we normally get in for car park opening and get in the queue. There's only 2 of us this year so we are just going to get onsite for early afternoon on the Wednesday, not fussed where we camp and hopefully the queues will have gone by then
  9. New security measures in place

    You need to be earlier than 3am if you want to be in the front of the queue. With weather like this by midnight thousands of people will be already in the queue.
  10. New security measures in place

    Maybe next year they will but the extra searches have probably only been planned since the Manchester attack so haven't had time to source these
  11. Pregnant at Glastonbury 2017

    We are planning on arriving Wednesday afternoon so hopefully the queues will have died down and we can walk straight in. Going to split all our stuff in 2 back packs and I will take 1 in on Wednesday and the wife can carry the sleeping bag and then I will go back on Thursday for the other bag. Will pack 1 bag up with the dirty clothes and keep the minimum in the tent on Sunday so I can take that back to the car Sunday morning then have a slow walk out on Monday with the rest of the gear. I'm glad it looks like it may cool down for the weekend, was a bit concerned she would struggle in this heat everyday.
  12. TBAs

    It must me elbow. Doesn't make sense for them not to play with a new album out, they are always there
  13. Any way still to get in - pretty much entirely theoretical

    I've never been asked to show tickets until I'm at the gate and theirs been 4 of us in the car
  14. Any way still to get in - pretty much entirely theoretical

    I feel bad for people who wanted to go but didn't get tickets, I only got mine in the resale but with extra security and extra checks I think its wrong of people trying to get in without tickets. The police and security will be on edge and under strict instructions and people trying to climb the fence and hide in vans isn't going to help the situation at all. If someone is spotted trying to climb the fence they may pull security off a gate and then not let people in until they are back. All other years they would know its just someone trying to get into a festival, this year guns may be pointed at you, just give it a miss this year.
  15. Weather 2017

    I've worn boots every year since 2007, never take anything else and my feet have been fine every year including the bit of rain in 07 and the desert conditions in 10