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  1. How to wipe??

    No need to wipe Just go to the taps with your trousers round your ankles and use it as a bidet, the cold water is so refreshing
  2. John Peel Stage moving location

    There are a few food stalls on the left as you walk from the pyramid stage, like you say, just standard burger vans. There's also the place along there to do your hair and make up and it's always really busy, don't understand it 
  3. Other Stage Friday Special Guests

    Fair enough with shed seven and the bluetones but I think ocean colour scene are more credible 
  4. John Peel Stage moving location

    Happy with the move. Hopefully get a nice bar up there and make it a new little area. Whenever I've been to see a band at the jp I'm always in and out, don't like the area around it, sort of like going to Brixton academy. Would be nice to know if I'm walking from the park area I've a nice bar to reward me with the trek 
  5. Other Stage Friday Special Guests

    20 years since Mosley shoals was released and they are playing in July with support from shed seven and the bluetones. Would be very happy with a few ciders and singing along with ocean colour scene to start the festival 
  6. Your favourite Glasto images

    Bored at work Bump