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  1. Williams Green on a Thursday is a pointless exercise. So many people want to get in that small tent. I didn’t even bother looking at who was playing since I knew how busy it was going to get
  2. Was at the back for Macca because I had the kids and people were talking so much around us I couldn’t hear him at all when he was talking to the crowd, I could move either because it was so busy
  3. Even Spider-Man and Elsa get tired at Glastonbury
  4. Was freezing at night, didn’t drink this year so really felt it in bed, slept in three layers and a hat last night
  5. I’m sure I’ve seen Loyle Carner is playing somewhere. Anyone else seen this or have I imagined it?
  6. My thoughts exactly. I saw their Screamadelica set at Glastonbury and at their own gig that year and saw there greatest hits tour a few years back. This setlist really does mix it up and I'm sure headlining the tent they will put on a great show
  7. Recent set list and someone asked if pills was on the Glastonbury set list and they said it is.
  8. Perfect weather. Sunny for the first few days walking around and then when the cameras come we get a bit of rain. We don’t want people watching it on tv to think it’s sunny all the time. Got enough people trying to get tickets as it is
  9. The rules have always been the car park opens Tuesday night but you have to stay in your car, no one ever does
  10. Anyone going to go at 4pm?
  11. Rubbing cold water on your ear lobes works as well, instantly cools you down
  12. Do UV brollies actually work? i'm not to fussed with the sun but could do with having something to keep my 2 and 4 year olds out of the sun for a bit
  13. This has upset me more than when the weather went from sunny to downpours overnight
  14. My cats are inexcusable. I had another tent up, a really old one that I was re waterproofing and was up in the garden for a few days. When I went to take it town I found they had been using it as a giant litter tray, I have 3 cats
  15. Any one purchased one of these
  16. Are people really complaining that it might be a bit cold. 18 and 19 degrees isn't cold especially when you are in a crowd and after a few beers. I would rather it be a bit warmer but this is England in June, all that should matter is the ground isn't a bog and rain isn't coming down all the time we are there. I think with how hot some of the recent festivals have been people are expecting it on a regular basis now. I would much rather have to wear a jumper throughout the day rather than a rain coat
  17. queueing will start as soon as the car park opens. If people park on the Tuesday night which a lot do most people will go straight into the queue, especially if the weather is nice.
  18. Do decathlon do a range of warm & White tents?
  19. I know the kidz field next to the acoustic tent opens on Thursday at midday, what about the one in the green peace area, is that the same?
  20. My tickets were just delivered with the rest of the post, didn’t even try and get a signature
  21. I can’t even remember 2016 being bad. 2007 was my first festival so I’m sure I would have remembered it really well anyway but there’s no way I’m forgetting the weather that year. 2016 however I can’t really remember complaining about the weather.
  22. I don’t care if it’s muddy and I’ve got a pram and 2 kids to push. Just don’t want it to be raining much whilst we are there.
  23. Anyone need a light for the tent, can't get much better value than these: https://www.mountainwarehouse.com/mini-camping-lantern-p16240.aspx/black/ I've just got 3 and they are really bright and have 3 settings to tone it down a bit. I prefer that they take batteries rather than having to charge it up. Down to £2.99 and free collection if you are near a mountain warehouse, also extra 10% off at the minute
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