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Security, lenient or strict?

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Hi everyone,

My friend got a global gathering weekend ticket off somebody for £120 as they couldn't attend, however they're only 17 and unfortunately they don't turn 18 until exactly a month after the festival, anyway it is a particularly worrying prospect that they might get all the way there only to be turned away. Does anybody know how tight the security are on the checking of ID? They don't exactly look young and they got in to creamfield with us (16 and 17 years olds) without being asked for ID.

They have an expired passport that has been snipped from one of their friends who I suppose there is a SLIGHT resemblance too, another alternative was bringing his own passport and hoping they just don't look closely at the date or scan their passport. Any help is much appreciated and hope you're all excited for the festival. :dancer:

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Bit of a risky one as its always the way when you do it that you get caught, don't do it and nothing happens but I don't think I did at all, obviously because you have to be 18 in the first place to buy the ticket I don't think they check at all.. Its completely up to you guys wanting to take the chance but be prepared just in case.

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