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Endorse IT in Dorset Cultural achievement Awards

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Thanks for the wonderful entries for this prestigious Award, it is always a great pleasure to present this with wonderful prizes from one of Dorset's true legends Mr Alan Sims the stick maker of skill and fine kidney!

2011 - Poole Boys (Paul Boyce) for undying and very impressive support of all things related to Dorset and in particular the way they turn up at every Skimmity Hitchers Gig , trolleyed but ready for more good humored banter!

2010 - Cranmore Lydd for being King of Dossitt and organising SCRUPY SUNDAY. A moment of genius upon out Social Calender of the County.

2009 - Andrew ? for his wonderful attire on Ladies Day, a creation inspired by and made from The Dorset Flag of St Wite. Perfection and he wasn't even trying! Good Lad, got the Kulture, needs to imbibethe liqour of the forbidden fruitd (whios that could be a band name?)

2008 - Who's Afeared - What a band, what stupidity and to get together to proclaim me\ Dorset ness with so little skill but enormous infectious enthusiasm !

To clarify the rules: Be good to Dorset, Promote Dorset, Drink & Eat Dorset, Tell People about God/Jahs Own Land. Protect the pre 1974 Boundaries and cast as many curses as you can on the ......

For 2012 pleas let me know asap your enteriez?

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