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  1. Blimey, that’s some foresight! Happy with Friendly Fires as a late replacement
  2. Ah, gutted. I quite like them and have always managed to miss them at previous festivals but was planning on catching them this time. Ah well, no one’s fault. I’d imagine it’s too late to get a band of a similar size to play, but I guess you never know.
  3. Ah yes that’s more of a pain. Thankfully my way back has stayed at 4pm, I don’t envy you having a late crossing with work on Tuesday!
  4. My way out has changed from 12 to 12.15. No big deal!
  5. The biggest queues for those camping will be Thursday, maybe a bit on Friday morning. After that it’ll just be people coming and going, shouldn’t be a problem
  6. Big fan of Sundara Karma, they’re as good as I could have hoped for in that slot
  7. Mine came last week. Getting pretty excited to be fair, love a festival!
  8. Didn’t think it would be in that slot. Any idea why they are holding it back?
  9. Just because nothing has been announced doesn’t mean it hasn’t been sorted
  10. If the gaps stay, it opens up the possibility for a ‘secret set’ or two- something RnL have done for a number of years now
  11. Nah. Acts for those sort of slots will be booked long before they have any idea of ticket sales
  12. Thanks- they’ve added Hard Rock and This Feeling to the app now
  13. Thanks, will check them out. I’m happy to see Saltwater Sun and Mellor on there, good local bands (Reading) to me
  14. Nah, loads more still to announce. Unlikely to be anything major left though
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