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  1. Absolute f***ers for moving Two Door!
  2. Highly, highly unlikely. No slots big enough for them yet to fill. Best hope is a secret set but I can’t see it
  3. Not a big venue I know, but the Roundhouse show tonight sold out in seconds. I’d say there is a hype around them at the moment, but I guess not with your typical RnL goer. They could certainly headline festivals in the UK, but maybe not RnL anymore. They’re not a massive band anymore, but they’re a massive deal to some people, myself included!
  4. Seemed pretty busy where I was, just think it might be a risky assumption to make
  5. Think it’s wishful thinking that Courteeners will get a small crowd, even at Reading. Last two times they played it’s been pretty busy
  6. I think she’s just a live member of the band rather than an official member
  7. Yes, but they are disabled access platforms, not ones anyone can pay extra for
  8. Sadly this is likely to be correct. They didn’t give a shit in 2018 with J Hus and I can’t see this being different. They’ll be thinking this will be old news by August
  9. Gerry’s a sub, no question. But it looks like there’s a slot to fill below him
  10. Then both co-headlined in 2011!
  11. Yes, but that’s Liam Gallagher songs. There’s no way he’d be headlining if it wasn’t for the back catalogue of Oasis songs he’ll undoubtedly play. I’ve not looked but I’m sure they’ll be plenty of other acts on the bill with way more listens on Spotify. Add Oasis songs to that and you might have a meaningful stat
  12. If Bombay aren’t there that’s a surprise to me. Although maybe it’s because they’re everywhere else, and not ‘exclusive’ enough for a big slot?
  13. Definitely new, must be a new sponsorship deal as Barclays weren’t involved at all before
  14. The Strokes have got to be in with a shout, given that they’re around Europe in August. I’d imagine they’ll be doing something in the UK, if not RnL then their own shows
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