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  1. Also this is working on the assumption that the ‘heavy’ headliner is the one that Reading wouldn’t usually book...
  2. I remember the crowd for Blink in 2010 being silly, I guess for the novelty as they’d not been around for a fair while. 2014 they did ok too. Thing is, post-Tom they’re a different beast now. The may be a ‘better fit’ but I reckon they’ll happily accept a co-headline or sub slot at RnL these days, providing they’re on these shores. I can’t see them headline outright, and I say that as a massive Blink fan!
  3. Right festival, wrong year
  4. Nope, nothing. Mark had previously said they’re planning on touring Europe in 2020, so they’re as good a shout as any
  5. Every year since 2008 (although only one day in 2015 since two of my good friends had the temerity to get married on the Saturday!), so 12 in total. Will keep going as long as the lineup justifies the cost, this year was a cracker!
  6. Pilots looked like a headliner, I can’t see how Post will but I’m sure he’ll get a huge crowd nonetheless. Peace were brilliant, should have had another 20 mins at least and I don’t see why they couldn’t
  7. Sea Girls were great weren’t they? Super crowd for a 1pm set too
  8. Is that a chocolate festival?
  9. The issue is booking acts with sod all notice rather than the festival being able to fit it in
  10. Fair point. Also played 5.45pm on the FR stage the year before, almost a year before they had an album out
  11. Just think they haven't adjusted the timings properly yet. I doubt they'll be able to fill the gap now, unless they get a band already playing elsewhere that day to do double duty
  12. I'm guessing those that are claiming it is a disappointment were expecting Kasabian or Biffy on the FR 😃
  13. Might still be on BBC intro, we don’t have any info on where/when yet. Dont think the crowd will be too bad, previous sets they’ve had at Reading had a decent enough attendance
  14. Yeah Sherlocks looks like it’s happening by that twitter post. I’d imagine the FR gap for them
  15. SWMRS getting moved to earlier on is a right result for me!
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