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  1. Foals already made said jump in 2016. Don’t see how this really affects RandL anyway. Shared plenty of acts this year including Liam
  2. Yeah, Courteeners headlining would be a great way to reduce the nobheads 🤣
  3. I definitely think the Killers could still headline Reading, but I’d doubt it in 2022 as they’re over earlier in the summer. UK stadium dates have been rearranged for May/June next year
  4. No reason why not, there’s no obligation to camp with a weekend ticket
  5. Think with the two stages you have to pick which one you prefer, go with that and accept you won’t get a good spot for the next act/miss a couple of songs of the previous. I’ll be leaving Blossoms early today for a good spot for Wolf Alice, no doubt about that. To be fair, there’s always been clashes with the NME tent so changing it back won’t change that!
  6. No time yesterday. They check covid pass first, which took 5 seconds, then it’s the same as normal
  7. Sam Fender was superb. Catfish bizarre. Songs sounded fine from where I was but they barely said a word
  8. Yep- had the sound sorted for Sports Team as well. Sounded much better than NBT. Frankie C on the lock up 6pm, fantastic!
  9. Can you take your tiresome misery somewhere else please?
  10. Judging by their Insta you might be in luck, they’re saying it’ll be early
  11. Maybe, on the app there are still two big gaps on the lock up. One we know is Don Broco, the other who knows?
  12. Reading, going Friday and Sunday: FRIDAY: Sea Girls, Nothing But Thieves, Sam Fender SUNDAY: Wolf Alice, Biffy, Hot Milk
  13. If they’re actually announcing them tonight then they are not exactly secret sets are they? When the likes of BMTH, Foals and Jamie T did it a few years ago there were hints, but nothing actually confirmed until an hour or two before. I’m seeing the likes of Jake Bugg and Sherlocks as replacements for acts that have pulled out rather than genuine secret sets
  14. I bought a day ticket for Friday via ticketmaster resale and have got it in the wallet fine
  15. I went for a wander along the river in Reading on Sunday and it looked like they’d added a second checkpoint further east from the green entrance. Looked like they’ll do the covid check first before the normal ticket queue, which would be consistent with the couple of gigs I’ve been to lately
  16. To be fair, as a last minute replacement that’s not too bad. Wouldn’t be surprised if they have a ‘subs bench’ though
  17. Yep, also a bar shown there called ‘The Tap House’ which might serve something a bit more interesting than Carlsberg!
  18. Bit of patience, my friend- we’ve waited 2 years for this, we can wait an extra week for stage times!
  19. Absolute f***ers for moving Two Door!
  20. Highly, highly unlikely. No slots big enough for them yet to fill. Best hope is a secret set but I can’t see it
  21. Not a big venue I know, but the Roundhouse show tonight sold out in seconds. I’d say there is a hype around them at the moment, but I guess not with your typical RnL goer. They could certainly headline festivals in the UK, but maybe not RnL anymore. They’re not a massive band anymore, but they’re a massive deal to some people, myself included!
  22. Seemed pretty busy where I was, just think it might be a risky assumption to make
  23. Think it’s wishful thinking that Courteeners will get a small crowd, even at Reading. Last two times they played it’s been pretty busy
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