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  1. This. Crowd shouting "Bobby, you w*nkER" very loudly. And in reply to the question "Do you want to see us, or Basement Jaxx", crowd replying in unison "BASEMENT JAXX!". He threw his mic stand at the crowd, then was bundled off stage by security. Shame, as the band were great. Just him being a nobber. God, was in 2005 though? I feel old.
  2. Yep - this affected me last year. Luckily a friend got through for me in our first batch of 6. I was trying for the last 2 in our group - so frustrating getting through to payment page, then the transaction won't progress.
  3. No...they'll go, hate it, then leave on the Friday.
  4. Yes, I hear you XX I started going to Glastonbury in 2004. I realised there was a different way of living than scaling the greasy corporate career pole. I was an MD in a UK plc group, lots of travel (UK and international) with 2 small children and ill, ageing parents. Full-on stress. I was being made to behave in way that wasn't me. Fast forward and I am now running my own (small-ish) business, and teaching yoga part time. Tune into your heart. Work out where you want to be in 3-5 years, then take small steps to make it happen...evolution not revolution. In the meantime, do yoga - with a good teacher - to really connect with yourself. X
  5. There are loads of people I know who watched it this year on TV and have said they want to go next year, despite the fact they "hate festivals, not showering, blah,blah". 2020 is going to be a nightmare. I enjoyed this year hugely for a whole variety of reasons, but I feel some parts of the site are going a bit 'theme park'. It also felt a bit less left field (small caps) and edgy. Definitely less bonkers-ness around - maybe it was the heat. Didn't hear any whoops of joy in West Holts on Wed afternoon either. Maybe I'm deaf.
  6. Rammed!! I was shocked. Couldn’t get near the tent, so stood on a bench outside Avalon Cafe. Mega soundclash towards the end.... Friend inside at the front (yeah, IKR) said there were a few niggles between them “you’re drowning me out!!” 🤣
  7. Dave instead of Banana-f*cking-Rama. I hate pop, but decided to join my mates as not seen them all afternoon (they were at Kylie, I was at TITK & Fatoumata Diawara). Hilarious singalong, much fun, but....🤷‍♀️🙄
  8. Agree - that would be awesome 😎
  9. I’m from Wales, so feel your pain 😄 Food’s great though, glad you enjoyed 👍
  10. phillyfaddle

    Photos please

    Here’s a few of my best.
  11. Don Letts walked past me in the Greenfields. And we saw Phil Jupitus in WH on Sunday evening. That literally was it. And I even used my Rabbit Hole VIP pass (courtesy of Ian - thanks again xx) on Wed night, but no slebs there at that time.
  12. We went and spent a pleasant enough hour there and enjoyed the Punch & Judy show (bloke from Weston). A bit theme-parky for me tbh. Is that the way things are going? Hope not.
  13. 13th festival for me and I really enjoyed it. Definitely down on the random madness levels, maybe due to the heat. Far, far less people completely off their faces. Saw literally no-one peeing where they stood (a first). Saw some truly great sets - Lizzo (wow, Queen), Chems (wow), Fontaines DC (they're gonna be BIG), Janelle Monae - and made some new discoveries e.g. Fatoumata Diawara, Fantastic Negrito, Snapped Ankles, Young Offenders. Very, very much enjoyed the Greenpeace DJs late at night, such a great vibe around the Avatar-stylee tree. Only a couple of low points - Miss Lauryn Hill....oh, what it could have been....and Roy Ayers. He was barely on stage, bless him. I saw him perform at Ronnie Scotts in 1989 and he was the absolute dog's b*llocks. His age is clearly showing now :'-( Bring on 2020. T-Day is going to be heller than usual.
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