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  1. And so you shouldn’t! Difficult when you run your own business (I know from experience), but we all need downtime. Very appreciative of you sorting today 🙏🏻And of course, appreciative of this brilliant site and my Gold membership. Take care x
  2. Chorizo…excellent shout. Will try that.
  3. Thanks to Kizzie and Neil for sorting so quickly. 🙏🏻 Xx
  4. Did you follow a particular recipe or just make your own version? I agree, a banging hangover cure 😊
  5. Agree about the queues. Pretty horrific, worst ever in my 14 Glastonburys . I’m usually in the mood for a good brunch around midday. The Shakshuka breakfast from the Lebanese stall in The Park was absolutely incredible. Thick tomato and pepper sauce, poached egg, salad, warm flatbread. I got stopped several times while I was eating it and asked where I got it from. Inspired to try and make it at home now. (PS- I hate pizza)
  6. Thanks lovely 🙏🏻 Have just replied x
  7. Hi folks - any advice on best way to contact eFestivals re an issue with my Gold membership billing? Payment has been taken twice via PayPal: 7 July (correct), then again on 16 July (incorrect). I sent a message via the eFestivals website, but not sure if it’s got to the right person. I’ve reported the issue to PayPal, but it will be quicker and easier if someone at eFests can check the transactions and issue a refund. Thanks a million x
  8. Most of the food we had this year was lovely. Goan Fish Curry reliable as ever. The Venezuelan street food stall at WH was delicious. Special shout out to the Lebanese stall at The Park, their Shakshukha breakfast was out of this world (got asked by a few people what I was eating cos it looked so good). Queued for AGES at Mr Bombay by Glade Dome on Sun eve (before PSB), but have to say their onion bhajis, pakoras and samosas were worth the wait. Their Vegan box was £8 and good VFM.
  9. We did too and found them rather nice - to my surprise!!!
  10. Yes you can camp next to your mates. You just select a group name and put it on the booking form. Only proviso is you all need to be booked into the same sized tents. I have camped in general camping for 7 festivals, and WV for 6. Now we’re all well over 50/60, there is no way we’d go back to general camping and the marathon walk from the car parks. Despite being fit, it gets much harder as you get older.
  11. You might have a different view if you were a woman of 50+. They were a godsend and lovely with it. Had the same (lucky) chap for my two trips from the car!
  12. Bumped into Steve Lamaque outside Avalon waiting for Tom Robinson. We exchanged a friendly “Hi”.
  13. I got a sore throat that has developed into dry tickly coughing fits. Otherwise I’m well. Just did a test as I’m teaching yoga tomorrow, and it’s negative. Phew.
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