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  1. Ditto. 2010 was my first completely dry one. The heat was punishing though. But not as punishing as the 2007 bog.
  2. Thank you. Never knew that. Very useful info!
  3. Nightmare. Still time for it to work out ok though 🤞. I’d definitely be hitting up the local RM depot as a first step. Having to collect at the box office has always been my greatest fear, especially when camping up at WV. How do you even manage the logistics of that when you’re driving? My PA volunteer ticket this year is collected on the gate. Just got to have faith in the confirmation email the festival sent to my friend who applied for it. All will be well 😊See you on the farm!
  4. It’s an awful time. Having been in a very similar situation in 2016, I went to the festival but was fully prepared to either not go or leave early if my mum’s situation worsened before/during. It didn’t and she passed 2 weeks later. My sis and I were with her and held her hand as she left this life. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I’d not been able to do that. TBH 2016 wasn’t great anyway. The weather was grim and Brexit happened. I ended up leaving early late Sunday afternoon. Wishing you all the very best. Do what your heart tells you. It’s not easy. X
  5. God, the stress of it all. Really they turn up for you. Julia could be the postie…they sometimes sign.
  6. I’m inside and it feels the similar, despite no wind (obvs). I’ve given in and put the heating on for an hour to take the chill off. A wool blankie and jumper isn’t enough. Might put my bean seedlings under a fleece in the garden.
  7. THIS is Glastonbury 💕 It’s what’s kept me going over 20 years.
  8. Yes, Joe Bananas, mushroom sellers, general random nakedness, zero mobile signal….had forgotten. 💕
  9. Campfires. Tent shouts. Skunk cider on sale. Elves sitting in bins. Stage invasions. People on harder drugs.
  10. Look forward to it Tarw ❤️ xx Ps will have my Welsh flag out!
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