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  1. I was expecting this, but it's gutting. Think they've 100% made the right and honourable decision. Rolling over tickets is also the best decision commercially. We have to support them if we want the magnificent Glastonbury to continue. I've had to suspend all my yoga classes this week and 99% of people who've paid upfront have just asked for credits towards classes when they resume, as they don't want me to suffer financially. I hasten to add, it's relatively small amounts of money for the individuals, just would be a big hit for me when added together.
  2. Seriously, all credit to them for doing this. Beyond gutted. But rolling tickets and bookings over will avoid a potentially terminal cash situation for them.
  3. phillyfaddle


    This 👆Can’t wait!
  4. Absolute belting classic. RIP Andrew Weatherall ❤️ My generation is starting to be reaped... :'-(
  5. Agree 💯 with your second paragraph. I’m not ok with the direction of this country either. But change will only come with mass collective action. Something the French are rather good at! Can’t see it happening here though when the mainstream media and government are controlled by an oligarchy. Great articles on Byline Times about the rise of the oligarchs and what it means for democracy btw.
  6. Always been a leftie, but then I'm Welsh. Glastonbury is like a gathering of my tribe - lots of different views, but heavily to the left. I'm finding I get more left wing as I get older, rather than less. I'll be full-on Marxist in another 10 years....
  7. Can't be 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure the person in the pink wig is my friend and the person to her right in the cowboy hat is me......the person in the cream & green hat to her left is another friend.....
  8. +1 for: Tor Rugby Club burritos - it's the first thing I ever ate at Glastonbury. It then cost £3. Bargain. Still good value. Goan Fish Curry (the mackerel - YUM) Mama Falafel in Greenfields (met the owner a couple of years ago, nice bloke, they make them fresh, not from a mix) Anna Mae's Mac n Cheese Cider Bus Shout out for the Bar at Strummerville.....very basic in terms of choice. But great characters and late night chats to accompany the grog.
  9. It’s how I feel about Macca too ?‍♀️ But there’ll be plenty to keep me happy away from the Pyramid.
  10. Ditto! We were in a tent next to what is now Williams Green, dancing to the Cocknbull Kid electroclash DJ set. Guy came on afterwards and announced Jacko had died. Everyone thought he was joking. But yes, remember staggering back to the tent past stalls selling the t-shirts. Entrepreneurial! Reminds me of my cousin, who bought a load of flowers from a florist in Hammersmith, then went up to Buckingham Palace flogging them at a hefty mark-up on the morning Diana died.....?
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