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  1. To rub salt in - in the past week I’ve had almost daily FB reminders of joyous posts from previous years (2011, 2015), celebrating safe receipt of the G ticket. Come. On. See!!!
  2. I bought a couple of bottles from their online shop for Xmas - didn’t last long!
  3. It’s like a labyrinth there, turning right off A361. Head towards Avalon Vineyard and you’re in the vicinity. Much more direct route to WV off A37.
  4. YES! That was such a great set....
  5. 🤔 Tough one. Based solely on my memory of my enjoyment levels, I’m going for, in no particular order: Neil Young, Pyramid (2009) Hot Chip, WH (2015) Royal Blood, JP (2014) Flaming Lips, Park (2017) Iggy & The Stooges, Other (2007) Closely followed by Prodigy, Underworld, Stormzy, Jimmy Cliff, Eddy Grant.....and more! EDIT: Peatbog Faeries, Avalon....Sat headliner 05 or 07 I think, it was a riot in there!!
  6. Dedication 😊 BH make a lovely apple digestif drink called Pomona too. Goes FAB with proper Cheddar cheese and biscuits. Better than port.
  7. Ooh - almost like a cocktail! 🍹 Will give that a go 😊
  8. Not Madonna, after last night's performance.....
  9. My stomach must be made of iron 😁 But then, I am Welsh....
  10. Burrow Hill is lovely. I always go for the medium. And do try the hot n spicy.....literally saved lives in 2005, 2007 and 2016
  11. I’ll be wearing this one, courtesy of B C Camplight. Seems apt....😄
  12. Look forward to it chick! You are bloody lovely too xx
  13. phillyfaddle


    This is just too exciting!! Can't bloody wait now......
  14. Anker - is amazing. Has done me for several big treks (Everest Base Camp, Inca Trail) as well as G and other fests.
  15. ME ME - you met MEEEE! 😉 XX Hope to catch you again this year.
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