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  1. Ditto! We were in a tent next to what is now Williams Green, dancing to the Cocknbull Kid electroclash DJ set. Guy came on afterwards and announced Jacko had died. Everyone thought he was joking. But yes, remember staggering back to the tent past stalls selling the t-shirts. Entrepreneurial! Reminds me of my cousin, who bought a load of flowers from a florist in Hammersmith, then went up to Buckingham Palace flogging them at a hefty mark-up on the morning Diana died.....😲
  2. 2004 here. Arrived Thursday morning (in the rain). Fell over in the mud. Took ages to find Spring Ground (walked from East car parks), no-one seemed to know where it was. Found it eventually, found our friends, camped up and the rest of the weekend was magic. Sister Sledge, followed by Scissor Sisters in the rain on Saturday morning was a highlight (Filthy & Gorgeous). Actually quite enjoyed the Oasis set on Friday night - sorry! Sacked off McCartney to watch the Chems. Spent too much time around Pyramid stage though. Had to leave after Divine Comedy (Other) on the Sunday, as had work commitments in London early on Monday. Never made that mistake again. Only missed one Glasto since - 2013, epic ticket fail.
  3. I think they should call the troll's bluff and play.
  4. Totally. I couldn’t believe it when they took it away the first time I stayed in 2014 😥
  5. Lovely and cool. Have done WV every year since 2014. You can lie in comfortably, unlike a normal tent which turns into an oven after 8am (I was on main site in 2010 🥵)
  6. They will group your tents together if you’ve entered a group name. It’s a really cool service.
  7. Not this year. They let you keep your ticket. Hurray!
  8. Keep an eye out over the coming months. They usually go back on sale, especially the scouts.
  9. Of course - sorry missed the joke 🤪 I’ve got a feeling your luck will be in with the resale. You can’t not be at 2020! X
  10. Two of us got our 3 WV scouts. In at 19:04 and 19:06. Phew. Can relax now for a few months!
  11. I think Sticklinch is aimed more at the coach peeps. Much easier to get to from Gate A. Getting to WV must be torture without the direct shuttle bus.
  12. Not for me, sorry. Not a fan. Sacked off in 2004 to watch the Chems on Other. I still stand by that decision.
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