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  1. glastofun

    2020 headliners

    I’m pretty sure the only people seeing her now are her hardcore fan base, all of whom will think her last album is the best thing going. If she was play in a stadium for £50 a ticket you might have a point. But she’s playing in a theatre where tickets cost hundreds. Besides, didn’t her last album get to number one in the UK and US?
  2. glastofun

    2020 headliners

    He was great with Hot Chip on t’other stage in 2008
  3. I think you’re getting things the wrong way round. ‘Left wing’ people haven’t jumped onto the traits that you list in order to capitalise on them; people who value those traits tend to vote for left of centre parties as that is the political expression of empathy, respect etc etc. For example, if you’re empathetic, it wouldn’t make much sense to vote Conservative due to the fact that they really don’t care about food banks, or chucking people out of the country because (despite being asked to come here to work in the nhs 60 years ago) they never got a passport. Your argument seems to be, you can have values A, B and C, but then vote for a party that doesn’t believe in A, B and C. It doesn’t work like that. You find a party that represents your values as close as possible. What you then go on to say exposes an inherent problem with modern democracies, that is the passive nature of thinking that politics is something done to them (someone, other than you, using values to manipulate people). That’s a choice to make. You can be actively involved in politics, shape it, move it on. It doesn’t have to be a case of someone else manipulating a group of people. The politics you have should be intrinsically linked to the values you have. Not just something that is done to you during an election.
  4. The thing is your post suggests that politics can be divorced from certain social dynamics; it can’t. You take issue with the idea of ‘labels’, and this point is in itself almost becoming cliched. Labels are just adjectives and we should use them to describe our position on things. Granted, they often act as shorthand and can be used to virtue signal, but what’s wrong with someone broadly describing them self as left wing rather than list their individual position on a range of different policies? Furthermore, the adjectives you then go on to use as being important to you, are intrinsically linked to the left, and completely at odds with what right wing parties and ideology values.
  5. Other headliner? Seriously? Not a chance.
  6. Grace Jones will be in the UK in June as she's curating Meltdown in London. This finishes on the 21st June.
  7. Some artists live in a world where Glastonbury is the centre of the universe, so it really isn't a big deal to them.
  8. Orville Peck, Metronomy, Bat For Lashes, Fat White Family all coming up over the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to them.
  9. I've seen images of the full Pyramid stage (not just the bare bones of it like here), taken in the winter. I thought the whole structure was permanent.
  10. glastofun

    Nitin Sawhney

    I love that album, and saw that he announced an orchestral tour of it, but don't know any of his other stuff. Would probably see him.
  11. The last time I was at Glastonbury was 2009, and signal issues meant you couldn’t rely on any methods involving your phone. Has this improved since?
  12. glastofun

    Thom Yorke

    What's stopping you if you like him, an haven't got a ticket? In the remote chance that you end up getting a ticket, go to Thom Yorke on Tuesday.
  13. glastofun

    Thom Yorke

    Just out of interest, what determines if someone looks like Thom Yorke, but others are on the rumoured list? Whats the source of rumours? And what's the distinction between a rumour and a strong rumour?
  14. glastofun

    Thom Yorke

    He's announced a UK tour concluding on the 24th June. His next European dates aren't until July. Surely this means he's on?
  15. I would listen to the whole of the first album of Morcheeba and the first album from Goldfrapp. Also the early stuff that Nellee Hooper had an input into, from arguably the genre's beginning with Soul II Soul. When Nellee Hooper has been involved with other artists, he occasionally gives it a trip hop flavour; Bjork, Madonna, Garbage.
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