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  1. Gate D looking sexy right now 💗
  2. Only the first 4 zig zags are full - the rest are empty 🤷‍♂️
  3. Gate D Zig Zags open 🥳
  4. Possible secret set apparently.
  5. It’s when you have a river IN your front door it’s not quite so lovely I guess.
  6. Let’s not interrupt the nice Mr Briddj whilst he’s telling us a nice bedtime story.
  7. Just double checking they’ve got all the Lekido/Mik Artistik sets booked in by the sounds of things
  8. Jarvis Cocker confirmed on Radio 6 this morning that he’ll be playing The Park on the Sunday, around 7.30pm.
  9. 10 cans Thatchers Haze - down to £8 in sainsburys.
  10. Can’t see one already so thought I’d start this thread. 10 cans of Stowford Press - £6.50 at Tesco.
  11. That’s the assumption I was under too. Having seen Hacienda Classical open the pyramid in 2019, FatBoy opening the pyramid would really work too.
  12. I think you’re still missing Olivia Rodrigo, she’s on the poster.
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