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  1. Agreed - The Thingy doesn’t lie!
  2. Guys unless I’m going mad, which is very possible I must confess, today is 394 days until gates open - 56 weeks & 2 days until the Wednesday.
  3. It’s 56 weeks this Wednesday, which would be 392 days.
  4. I think it went wrong on Friday - pretty sure it’s 394 days today
  5. Well they certainly would have burnt off a decent amount of calories
  6. There was talk of the festival moving to Longleat not so long ago - under the pretence of it being for the 2019 fallow year. Apparently the representatives of Longleat were guests of the festival in 2016 but the mud was the deathnail to the whole scheme - although I strongly suspect the threat to move location was all for show as part of negotiations with GF landowners rather than a serious consideration.
  7. Not been on for a while so this has probably already been suggested, but I just tweeted Emily an idea of holding a virtual festival in June, if she releases the planned 2020 stage & timings so we can create our own Glastonbury 2020 festival via YouTube clips - could kill 5 days if we’re still on lockdown come June ?
  8. Yeah Bez is back front & centre - the band are tight, Rowetta holds everything together, & Shaun gives it his best shot. It’s still chaotic - but that was always the point.
  9. Oh all power to the fella, but if he’s 6 rows higher than the Manics on the final poster, I’ll assume Emily left her laptop open while Michael was walking past in a mischievous mood.
  10. Brexit, Viruses, Boris, Trump, Ignoring Global Warming - I can bite my tongue & deal with, but a world where Gerry Cinnamon is 6 rows higher than the Manics on a Glastonbury poster ??? That’s just a step too far.
  11. I think it’s nothing more than the additional 7,000 festival capacity this year - almost certainly a health & safety agreement to allow it.
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