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  1. Billie isn’t my cup of tea & frankly I don’t think she’s meant to be my cup of tea - but I’d rather have her headline than keep rolling out the same old Coldplay/Radiohead/Muse/ Cure etc, because if you keep rolling them out, you’ll keep getting the same attendees & the festival eventually stagnates. it’s the young headliners like Billie that keep the festival fresh & opens it to a new wave of young audiences. Even if her demographic may not be there in numbers, at least it puts the idea of attending Glastonbury in the future somewhere on her demographic’s radar.
  2. On Radio 1’s live lounge this morning too pop pickers.
  3. Seems appropriate with it being 30c today.
  4. Yes that’s what I saw back in the 90’s too. My impression was that it was a DJ set rather than a live performance - just normally it’s advertised as ‘(DJ set)’
  5. I’m just going to add to your confusion I’m afraid! I got there early and Shades of Rhythm were supposedly on. Got chatting to a couple who were there for SoR, but were leaving as whoever was on stage wasn’t even playing any SoR songs. I convinced them to stay for Altern8, as when I saw them back in the 90’s they put on a great show - but after 10mins I was in the exact same situation as they had been, no Altern8 songs & not even sure the bloke on stage was anything to do with Altern8. Could be me being naive, could be me missing announcements, could be me being worse for wear at midnight at a festival - but I walked off & apologised to the SoR couple.
  6. In which case there’s a glorious photo of you on the beautiful days Facebook page today - you’re being stalked by a couple of minnions !
  7. We smiled at many outfits on Sunday, but the ‘Pump Me Hard’ slogan had me chuckling!
  8. Not sure how old your kids are & what time they wake up, but my top tip is to camp next to a family with young teenagers who’ll sleep in till 10am, otherwise you’ll be woken up at 6am by toddlers looking for their next hit of sugar as soon as the sun rises…
  9. Last time we arrived at 1pm Friday & found a spot for a large & a small tent next to each other without any bother - can’t guarantee it’s always the same, but that was my experience.
  10. Spent this weekend at Lakefest; testing was voluntary beforehand but we did it anyway on their app - but was never asked to show evidence. No masks in any situation, so initially I felt uncomfortable but the whole thing was outdoors. The line up was never likely to generate a mosh pit scenario, but we hugged friends - I guess we just behaved sensibly & had a fantastic festival weekend x
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