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  1. Metcheck now being very site specific & predicting a dangerous amount of camp fires on Thursday evening
  2. What’s the yellow musical note in Pennards signifying in the map part? Are we definitely having music on the pier ?
  3. I’d stick to looking at Metcheck, what with them being right & all that.
  4. Yes 2017 was Lorde - Green Light, which was a result when I was convinced it would be Sheeran’s Castle On The Hill (Vague Tor reference). Ezra would have been nailed on if it had been 2018.
  5. Full line up ✅ Tickets dispatched ✅ Next big event for me - when will the first BBC advert for Glastonbury hit the screens & what will this years theme song be ? I’m going for next week, & Kylie - Spinning Around.
  6. Can never normally find them in supermarkets, but 4 cans of Red Stripe are currently £4.50 in Co-Op.
  7. Tried the foam bananas in 2017 - definitely works well, only word of warning with the foam bananas is, whereas most sweets break down completely, foam bananas do not budge one bit. Even after 6 weeks. & they do soak up some of the vodka. & you will be tempted to try one of the sweets. & only then do you realise the banana flavour left the foam weeks ago & has been replaced by neat vodka. & you won’t try that again.
  8. 2019 Flavoured Vodka Selection Vimto, Fruitella, Werthers, Lemon Sherbert, Rhubarb & Custard, Salted Caramel Marshmallow, Caramac, & Foam Bananas 👍
  9. Thatchers Haze still at £8 for 10 at Asda with me - also do Strongbow Cloudy Apple £21 for 30 but not tried how that tastes. Scrumpy Jack also £8 for 10. Never seen Brahma in cans before but selling at £5 for 6 at Asda also.
  10. Have found previous years bargain booze threads really useful. Tesco currently have 10 cans of Thatchers on offer at £7 (was £9). Also Tesco 2 x 4 Brewdogs IPA’s for £9 (normally £12). Asda have Thatchers Haze, 10 cans for £8; 36 cans of Strongbow for £21; & Strongbow Dark Fruits 15 cans for £12.
  11. For me, one of the most iconic sights at the pyramid stage is seeing the guy year after year selling Vodka Jellies - even in the fallow year I was lucky enough to meet him plying his trade at Beautiful Days. Can you sell individual Vodka Jelly in something other than little plastic pots???
  12. If you go to Track My Order on See Tickets, it shows the registration details of those in the group who have paid the full balance.
  13. Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up there! So I didn’t realise that Track My Order would update to show who had & hadn’t payed balances - & yes, another 2 from a group of 6 I bought for have seemingly dropped out. Which is frustrating when I’m trying again tonight & Sunday for people I’m much closer too & would literally bite their arms off* to go! *not literally **ok maybe 2 would literally
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