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  1. I think I might rejoin the party again - is that right DVB, I can only see 377?
  2. Although I have zero evidence to back this up, that was absolutely my take away too - as soon as these girls agreed to accept just £5k for smuggling £1.5m of cocaine, they were seen by the gang as clearly far too naive to be able to pull this off, and we’re sent off as sacrificial lambs. It would seem completely plausible that £5k would equally be an amount offered to customs officials just to arrest the 2 girls, while 4 or 5 other more competent mules on the flight were waved through.
  3. Lakefest have sent out an email this morning reconfirming they’re going ahead next month.
  4. I just heard it on an advert & my immediate reaction was “too soon”, but then I thought sod it, it’s a song that captured the moment of an amazing journey with an amazing group of players who played for England like they were proud to represent the country - rather than the ‘golden generation’ who came across to me as seemingly doing us a favour by leaving their clubs to play for England for less money. Good times never felt so good.
  5. High: Confessions of a Drug Mule - 5 parter on BBC iPlayer was a good watch. Was one of the stand out news stories of the previous decade for me, the series gave some interesting insight & was very well delivered by one of the ‘Peru 2’ BBC do acknowledge at the start of each episode that the story is told by a convicted drug smuggler, but it came across as a plausible version of the truth & demonstrated how easy it is for drug gangs to recruit these ‘acceptable losses’ to quote the excellent film County Lines.
  6. Italy had zero shots in the first half of their semi, so that works both ways I guess.
  7. Next time anyone at Glastonbury shouts “where’s the energy crew”, I’m just going to look around for Sterling. Immense.
  8. Both the England & Denmark goalkeepers used to play for non-league Darlington too.
  9. We came down last time from Gloucester on the Friday & the M5 was ok (obviously keep an eye on live traffic sat nav), but the journey home on the Monday with all the holiday traffic made the M5 a total no go.
  10. Very enjoyable & interesting watch - they could have auditioned hundreds of actors & they still wouldn’t have found a more perfect foil for Clarkson than young Kaleb.
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