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  1. Acid Thursday- would probably be 6 hours deep by now!
  2. This is the worst day: my work has been shut down for a month, Glastonbury’s cancelled and my best mate’s dad passed away this morning i know bad things supposedly come in threes but for fuck sake
  3. 42hamlet

    The poster 2020

    Bloody hope not! Taylor please
  4. I was thinking this- if it had to be a number for the code on the lock why not something like “in what year was the first Glastonbury festival held?” easy enough to answer and relevant to the competition
  5. I’ll be walking through Hyde park on my way to work shortly
  6. For London: could be near the Mall/marathon finish line? Right next to St James’ park
  7. I just saw Elbow at an intimate show- someone shouting “will you be at Glastonbury” Guy; ”will you?.... actually I can’t talk about that”
  8. 42hamlet

    My feet are sore

    Had my highest ever steps day yesterday according to my pacer app - 46000! about 23000 of which was after midnight the night before before I’d gone to bed
  9. Just to add my 2 cents: For some odd reason, I was made to do an SIA security training course for work last year despite not working in security and me being built like a pencil with creeping dad bod. Two things are important to remember 1) Private security have no legal right to search you for whatever reason unless you give them permission but also 2) they do have a legal right to eject you from the premises for whatever reason (simply asking you to leave is reason enough, if you refuse then you are refusing to comply with instructions which is itself is cause to eject you from the site) - this does include if you do not comply with being searched Basically if you do get searched then they're unlikely to eject you from the site for a small amount for personal use (lots of paperwork) so just let them have it (I mean you're not taking your entire weekend's stash out with you at once are you?)
  10. Always take wellies/another suitable heavy mud footwear option even if the weather is predicted to be a scorcher. Never hurts to be prepared
  11. Friday - Jon Hopkins/Fat Boy Slim Saturday- Wu Tang Sunday - The Cure
  12. Friday - Jon Hopkins/Fat Boy Slim Saturday- Wu Tang Sunday - The Cure
  13. Friday - Jon Hopkins/Fat Boy Slim Saturday- Wu Tang Sunday - The Cure
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