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  1. God damn they were good. Its the only time I've ever seen them. I was expecting them to be a bit shit to be honest, but in the end they blew me away!
  2. Is there anything special about "Tier 1" tickets, or have they just re-badged the Early Bird tickets?
  3. Portishead - Other Stage 2013
  4. See also: Morrissey before U2 in 2011. Although I did enjoy his set he really didn't seem happy about subbing to U2.
  5. I really wish it would give you a "you have been blocked" message rather than exactly the same page as the holding page.
  6. Looks like you've spilled some Tango on your screen...
  7. You are missing the photo from this thread! Unfortunately it's also gone missing from that thread too. Can anyone track it down?
  8. I wasn't there in the early 90s, but I did see them on the Pyramid in 2000, which was simultaneously the worst and most entertaining performance of the weekend. I seem to recall Sean Ryder just walked off in the middle of a song. Yes that was shockingly bad, but then they did an absolutely amazing version of Moving On Up, and then reverted to utter shite again.
  9. SOMEBODY GET ME A FUCKING LADDER! ? Quote possibly the best thing anyone has ever said onstage at Glasto.
  10. windy_miller

    2020 headliners

    After playing with every single act on the Pyramid Stage this year, Chris Martin should be banned from next year's festival.
  11. windy_miller

    Resale Club 2019

    My friend managed to get them! I couldn't get past the white holding page, which I was consistently coming up. Woo-hoo! I'll be so glad to get back on that farm again!
  12. Supposedly my mate has got them! I couldn't get past the white holding page.
  13. windy_miller

    Resale Club 2019

    Hopefully we'll have more luck than last year! Good luck everyone!
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