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    Fleetwood Mac

    But Stevie wrote itπŸ˜‰ so much as it's a FM song it's always going to belong to Stevie 😊
  2. Had No Geography on shuffle/repeat this afternoon painting these pink dancing beauties - if you're a Chemical Brothers fan I think you might recognise them - the good news being: an actual Chemical Brother, tweeted that it was "Very cool!" Fair to say I'm now absolutely giddyπŸ˜‰
  3. HiπŸ‘‹ Thank you😊 she's not actually finished yetπŸ˜‰ I'm pretty keen to keep her, she's just chilling on the easel at the mo until I have the inspiration/time to finish her😁
  4. I was recommended Russian Doll on Netflix, so I banged it on last night & watched the lot in 1 sitting. Gripping/dark humour/bit weird/ would recommend. And obvs You - very dark, think it can't get any darker then it gets darker still!
  5. More than happy to post my Etsy, I just didn't want to spam πŸ˜‰ Link: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ArtbyNaughtyGeorgie the 25% discount is running until the end of October & added automatically so no coupon code needed this time 😁 I've been so busy with my real job that I've not had much time to paint lately but I did do this little A5 turquoise & gold canvas last week that was purely for the pleasure of painting. I need some more festival inspiration before I start another large one...oh and I need to finish Dancing In The Moonlight but she won't be for sale, I'm keeping her, she will live on my kitchen wall❀
  6. Thank you 😁 What a day, 12 hours & 50 million plates later πŸ˜† You're in the Lakes aren't you? Bet it's crazy busy up there this coming week, good luck! The place I'm currently at is a big hotel/conference/wedding venue so if it's not holiday makers it's commercial clients & weddings... we're ploughing on through busy up until Christmas now unless any pandemic restrictions bring it all to a grinding halt. Must say I'm loving being back in a thriving kitchen again πŸ€—
  7. How to you feel?: knackered πŸ˜… the world seems to be dining out atm & hospitality it soooooo busy but (and this should prob be in the Good News thread but I've no time to write 2 posts) I've been promoted 😁😁😁 woop woop And I sold a painting the other day 😁 I've got a sale running to end Oct if anyone is interested in festival inspired artworks, I'll not spam with my link but you'll find it if you search my profile πŸ˜‰ Off for another 11+ hour day πŸ˜‹
  8. If we're talking comedy/music music/comedy check out Stephen Lynch, some of his old stuff is on the darkest of dark humour side. Had the pleasure of seeing him a couple of years ago in Birmingham at a venue that happened to be the 1st ever club I went to very early 90s... it looked the same inside πŸ˜…
  9. This thread is giving me heart palpitations & I don't even have a ticket (yet!) Am now panicked that if we do get resales (it's been done before, fingers crossed we can do it again!) then I'll be stuck without a ticket for my bus πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
  10. 😁😁😁 I suppose it depends on how often you intend to have a fire going... if the chimney breast gets very hot it might be a fire hazard as it's definitely flammable materials. I have art hanging above my fireplace but in the 5 years I've lived here the only times the fire has ever been lit is when the gas safety checks are happening & then it gets swiftly turned off πŸ˜‰ Hope you've solved your mystery box issues & located the missing paperwork! Buying & moving house are one of the most stressful things but the joys you'll have once you get those keys will be worth it 😊
  11. Brilliant news! (And being as I'm so late seeing this & the delay, it's now today!) When you're all settled in I'd love to see a photo of your framed Sunny Confetti Days on display please πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the move 😁
  12. My partner used the old internet wizardry pokery πŸ˜‰... don't think it's on any network atm, sorry. There was talk of a new series where Fleischman returns to Cicely, so I'm sure if that is made then one of the streaming sites will rerun the originals.
  13. Got the 1st lot of 2022 festival tickets in the bag 😁 Camper Calling, it's so local it's almost rude not to go! They've sold 40% of tickets in 8 hours which for a local little festival that's only had 5 previous years is pretty good going. Very much hoping to add some Glasto resales to that list (I'll carry on holding out until the gates actually open no matter how slim the chance is πŸ˜‰)
  14. Nothing will ever be up to Battlestar Galactica! Re-watched again last year (on the big TV, which rarely gets switched onπŸ˜…) previously watched it all on a laptop screen whilst travelling Europe in a '78 VW camper - the ending still amazes me, did not see that coming! Had a conversation about the ending only last week. I'm currently watching Northern Exposure, absolutely random, had to google which show had a moose walking up a street in the opening credits because I couldn't even remember what it was called but kind of remembered watching the odd episode & enjoying it back in the 90s😁
  15. Up vote 😁😁😁
  16. He was such a joy, absolutely love Bob Ross! I'm very much the polar opposite of Bob unfortunately... more Gordon Ramsay with my foul mouth & quick temper πŸ˜‰
  17. I finally had time to pick up the paint & brushes again! For your viewing pleasure; a currently unnamed new Glastonbury painting! It might not even be finished yet but it had been on the easel in my kitchen mocking me for months! Acrylic paint on 40cmx51cm canvas panel 😁
  18. Ooof the Bailey's lattes are by far the best festival breakfast drink but alas I haven't been able to find any for a couple of years πŸ˜• even online stores say sold out so they may have been discontinued... I'll start saving up for the Moth ones for next summerπŸ˜…
  19. Reporting from the fields of Warwickshire, at Camper Calling, on the great espresso martinis in a can taste test! #1 not technically an espresso martini but my favourite & currently unable to buy anywhere; Bailey's iced latte #2 MOTH - small can @ Β£4 a pop! #3 Khalua - ok at a push but the flavour & kick not on a par with the MOTH one.
  20. Safe travels to site - it's filling up but there are 3 more fields in As You Like It compared with 2019 - loads of space 😁 The secret opening act (11.30 Lake Stage) hasn't been announced but if you watch the Camper Calling Saturday update on FB or Insta you'll easily guess who it isπŸŽ‰
  21. Cheeky little video on Camper Calling Instagram stories For a sneak peak at the site; https://instagram.com/campercalling?utm_medium=copy_link I live within a 10 mile radius of the site & the grid lock the first couple of years was a nightmare, they then sorted a traffic management that only gridlocked the surrounding country lanesπŸ˜… 2018 it took us about 3 hours to get in! this too has been rectified - the last one '19 was smooth sailing as they now have multiple entry gates depending on your camping area. Follow the colour coded signs/route/gate that are the same as your window sticker - As You Like It is green (I think!) Also Thurs entry was new for '19 which we bought, and again this year, we left the house at 11.40am, gates opened at 12 noon, we drove to site, saw 1 or 2 other campervans on the way over, straight in, no queue & set up by 12.10 πŸ˜‰ - staggering entrance over 2 days also massively cut out a lot of the queues. Things might be a bit more slow moving this year due to the Covid pass checks but I would say not to arrive much earlier than gates opening time (noon tomorrow, 10am Fri) because they probably won't open any earlier and it will cause tailback. There's a couple of services on the A46, a larger one at Evesham, if you're coming from the south, (15/20mins from site) and a smaller one at Alcester (5mins from site) you could always head to one of these and check out Google maps, if the route's all in red then you're in for a wait, but hopefully you'll be in smoothly 😊 Also I'd turn off sat nav nearer to the site as it may very well send you down singal track lanes that won't take you where you need to be - follow the signs, they're already out, and if all else fails follow the the VWsπŸ˜‰
  22. Ah man! Wish I'd seen that offer, I'd have filled the trolley πŸ˜†
  23. Other expensive supermarkets are available πŸ˜‰ but yes, I got them in waitrose 😁
  24. The deer was last seen hobbling about around the crash site.... I fear it may have died later πŸ˜• The espresso martinis I bought from that expensive supermarket, you know the one! They didn't have the Khalua one when I shopped for Latitude so I thought the Moth ones.... tiny, tiny cans Β£3.99 per can! They were nice but not 4 quid nice! The Khalua ones aΕ•e around Β£1.80 and double the size - will report back on tasteπŸ˜‰
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