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  1. Heard it live last year. This and Rosanna went off!
  2. I also have severe OCD that I've suffered from my whole life that no amount of therapy or medication can control. Mine is the "turning lights on and off" type. It's definitely got worse during this time, as mine stems from being in control and lack thereof right now is exacerbating it. So totally understand where you're coming from, it's a real struggle.
  3. My doctor is doing phone appointments, you could see if you could do something similar?
  4. Day 10: Had to take both of my cats to the vet yesterday. One decided against social distancing and got in a fight. The other one just walked into something and cut itself. Lucky vets are an essential service! You have to hand them in at the door then they phone you while you're inside your car. Then you pay by credit card over the phone. Very weird.. Anyway, here's Maeve and Frank. You can see the cut on Maeve's left ear. She also got bitten on her shoulder.
  5. I have no idea what Lambrini is but it seems from subsequent posts I should be sending you my condolences.
  6. We tried to get KFC last night before the four week lock down but the line was horrifically long. Ended up with fish and chips, but the store had run out of fish! I've got an order in with the supermarket for beer and wine, as well as other things we have run out of. Was very picky with what I ordered so I would be highly likely to get it.
  7. Do it. It'll pass the time and you can order games online so no need to go out. You can get lots of games made for the original PS remastered and they're good for a nostalgia trip.
  8. Welcome to the thirstiest corner of the forum! New Zealand PM Aunty Cinda just announced we'll be in lockdown for at least four weeks in 48 hours so I will definitely be having a few beverages to ease the anxiety tonight. I apologise in advance for Drunk Bryanrebe's shitposts.
  9. It's because I have a candle burning right now. Don't worry it will be put away safely!
  10. I've been in self isolation due to medical history since Wednesday and it's definitely a bit of a struggle knowing you're not going to get human contact for the foreseeable future. My Husband is in the spare room right now. Our wedding anniversary was yesterday and we had a nice homemade meal but we had to sit at opposite sides of the table. On a positive note, I finally set up my work from home space in the study. Yes I own a lot of make up. Yes I'm sad I have next to no use for it right now.
  11. Bryanrebe

    Kenny Rogers RIP

    Hope he went out peacefully like the Gambler xx
  12. That's rough, anyone know how to home brew?
  13. Just had to cancel a weekend with friends to the wine town about an hour away. Considering ordering some cases to keep me stocked up and help the growers.
  14. I'm just gutted that Amazon Prime is headlining. They've put some good stuff out recently..
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