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  1. The Cure - 132 Stevie Wonder - 55 REM - 69 (-10) David Bowie - 222 What can I say? I saw an opportunity for immaturity and I seized it.
  2. The Cure - 211 (+10) Stevie Wonder - 87 REM - 95 David Bowie - 241
  3. The Cure - 145 Stevie Wonder - 87 R.E.M - 130 (-10) David Bowie - 250
  4. A girl when I worked at Parliament walked into Boris Johnson once in the Beehive (he was here as Foreign Minister at the time). I think she nearly cried too, but for different reasons.
  5. The Cure - 290 (+10) Stewie Wonder - 190 R.E.M - 230 David Bowie -310 (+10)
  6. The Cure - 330 Radiohead - 29 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 235 R.E.M - 241 David Bowie - 290
  7. I guess it just goes back to that thing of New Zealander's really not caring about celebrities! Joseph Gordon-Levitt has moved to Wellington and hosts movie nights at one of the smaller theatres but nobody I know has been 🤷‍♀️
  8. The Cure - 320 Radiohead - 110 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 245 R.E.M - 228 David Bowie - 310
  9. Nah didn't make it. We're selling our house so after all the open home prep I slept all day. Jermaine was there though!
  10. Yeah, and Neil Finn. Lorde's just down the street too (although she's not proud of it).
  11. The Cure - 300 Radiohead - 159 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 225 R.E.M. - 206 David Bowie - 240
  12. It's fine. We've started the "get vaccinated" campaign and the tourism advertisement for domestic travel during the school holidays is in full swing. Your mate shouldn't blame Jacinda for that. We're having a bit of a nightmare politically with Australia right now and they denied our travel bubble. They've got this deportation system where anyone with New Zealand citizenship (even if it's dual and they've never set foot here) who commits certain offences just gets shipped back here. Because they have no friends or family here they're prime for gang recruitment and honestly I can't blame someone who's been shunned from society for joining a gang if it feels like a family to them 🤷‍♀️
  13. You can get a passport/residency but good luck getting a spot in quarantine! We've bought all the vaccines, just waiting for them to arrive so we can get it done and open the borders! The club that got the Dixie Chicks cancelled by the people who deign to call the rest of us snowflakes? Epic!
  14. Indeed. We are also putting our clocks back for the winter soon too 🤣 It's an awful booking system really. They let the Wiggles in but not Shihad. Priorities people!
  15. Went to Homegrown this weekend just gone. It's an annual one day festival with local acts only (hence the name). It wasn't too hot and there wasn't any wind (a rarity for Wellington). Every single act we saw had a chat about being so lucky to be able to have concerts, and we really are! Here's a few photos to get you pumped for lockdown restrictions ending 🙂 We saw Zed, Goodshirt, Ladi6, Elemenop, and the tail end of Savage (which was pretty much 15 minutes of Hip Swing). We skipped the headliners and went to a friend's birthday because the headliners we wanted to see both couldn't get quarantine hotel spots (Shihad and Dragon). Zed were a standout, they were great live and had amazing energy. Goodshirt were really disappointing, I initially bought tickets to see them but they played their three biggest hits early then got shitty at the people who came in later chanting for them to play Sophie.
  16. The Cure - 275 Radiohead - 115 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 190 R.E.M. - 185 David Bowie - 225
  17. Feel that survivor's guilt too. Going to Homegrown tomorrow s a result of being starved of live music (never been before). I know quite a few people going to the New Plymouth show tomorrow. I hope it's great!
  18. @HomerI had a dream last night that I walked into a FOTC concert but one of their friends, who was a lecturer of mine and known groomer (he got my friend a good one) was singing with them so I walked out. This guy, Taika and FOTC were best friends and used to tour together. He was involved in many of the stories some episodes of FOTC were based on (like the mug in one episode, that's based on a true story from Melbourne Fringe). It gives me great joy that he has to watch all his best friends succeed while he wallows away in obscurity. Fuck... funnily enough his name is David 😅
  19. I'll have to ask Dave down the street...
  20. Oh man what an epic escape story 🤣
  21. The bar is run by the social club so they just charge cost and raise money during quiz nights and the like. It's on the top floor of the building that is on top of a hill anyway so it has stunning views. It's great for pre-drinks before a BYO because you can bring people from outside in. Mr Bryanrebe is an accountant so he gets all his booze for free... I sometimes go and crash his drinks if they're staying a bit later because I'm good friends with one of the partners from years back. I can't drink at lunch then work it makes me too sleepy, especially if accompanied by pub grub. Ahhhh the uni bar. Had some great craic in that place.
  22. The Cure - 150 Radiohead - 193(-10) The Rolling Stones - 150 Stevie Wonder - 210 Blur - 170 R.E.M. - 180 David Bowie - 275 Pulp - 46
  23. Honestly, what a selfless act. I applaud you 👏 Counting down the hours until the work bar opens. Haven't been this year. $4 for a glass of wine and $3 for beer. Average bar prices are $12 and $10 respectively.
  24. It could be that, it's just not the style of writing I like. I would recommend Stephen Fry's Mythos and Heroes if you're on a bit of a Greek binge right now, especially as audio books. He really does have a great storytelling voice.
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