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  1. So, considering each mention gives one point, TOP 10 according to my calculation is as follows: 1. The Cure (28) 2. Tame Impala (27) 3. Kylie (25) 4-5. The Chemical Brothers (23) 4-5. Idles (23) 6. Christine and the Queens (21) 7-8. Miley Cyrus (19) 7-8. Janelle Monae (19) 9. Hot Chip (15) 10. Vampire Weekend (14) Notable mentions with 10+ votes: The Streets(13), Mavis Staples(13), Interpol(13), The Killers(12), Sharon Van Etten(12), Liam Gallagher(10), Lizzo(10), Kate Tempest(10), Kurt Vile(10), Friendly Fires(10), Sheryl Crow(10) With 0 votes, nobody seems to care about Anne-Marie, Years & Years, Stefflon Don, Pond, Sons of Kemet, Fatoumata Diawara, Bugzy Malone, slowthai From the names that are high up on the poster.. Stormzy had 6, Janet had 7, Ezra had 3, Lauryn Hill 9. There's always a chance I made some minor mistakes.
  2. Someone with nothing better to do should make an eFestivals top list at one point 1 Miley Cyrus 2 Tame Impala 3 Michael Kiwanuka 4 Chemical Brothers 5 Jungle 6 Kylie 7 Janelle Monae 8 Two Door Cinema Club 9 The Good, The Bad & The Queen 10 Kamasi Washington
  3. Promoter of Pinkpop festival just recently said that they had Eminem booked, who was supposedly going to do 8-10 shows around that time. According to him Eminem pulled out in December. Just throwing it out here, can’t see it really being the case tbh.
  4. No, it does not sell out. Capacity of the island is the same during moving-in days, so it literally can not sell out.
  5. I'd say about 15 min max to the main stage, and 20 to A38. If it's crowded.
  6. Yeah, there's pretty much room between Colosseum and Main, and almost all of it is under shade. I think you'll enjoy it there. But just remember, stay way from camping directly next to walking paths! If you're coming in on Tuesday morning, you should be able to get a pretty decent spot. If you look at the map, aim for the area around number 19 or 16. It's close to main stages, showers, toilets, everything. The quickest to fill up is the area between main stage and afro-latin stage which is around 35 on the map. Basic camping next to the beach goes really fast as well and is very lively. It's basically the whole area between eco camping and the beach (number 1). It's 90% under the shade, very lively and they have those small "christmas" lights all around the trees which makes the atmosphere great.
  7. Yeah, not having much twats is one of the reasons. It's much safer as well as only people with the same camping ticket can enter the area. You don't have to worry too much about getting a good spot to camp, they don't fill up that quickly, while all the best spots in regular camping will go with a few hours. They have separate toilets and showers as well, which means less ques and it tends to be much more clean. It's not a weekend festival, it's full 7 days, so having an ability to keep you hygiene does wonders. And they have a bit of hospitality services as well, which is nice. They are a bit pricey, but personally I can't see myself surviving 7 days in basic camping.. And I can't see myself taking a hotel in the city as well. This is one of the festivals that really requires you to stay on the island to get the full experience, trust me The map I sent is as follows; Main stage - 36 / A38 stage, which is second biggest stage - 48 / Bacardi arena (EDM stage) - 9 / Colosseum (techno, house) - 7 / Magic Mirror (stand-up comedy & gay culture mainly) - 12 / World Music Stage (not going to be there this year) - 57 / Europe Stage - 47 I can't remember if the boat service has been already running during the moving-in days. I'd like to believe it has. It was definitely running on Wednesday. In case it's not and you're afraid of the main entrance being too crowded, there's a smaller entrance as well for people arriving with shuttle bus or cars (with parking ticket). It goes really fast from there. It's the "H-Bridge Entrance" on the map. But if you're arriving from the train station, it still makes more sense to go to the main entrance.
  8. Your map is really outdated - i think it's 2014? This one is from last year: If you are not going to any of the upgraded campsites (which are definitely better) then I'd say the area between sports-zone and beach is the best. Most of the area is under shade. It is pretty lively but does not get carried away if you stay away from the walking paths. The area around main stage and A38 tends to be really crowded and noisy. Camping there, especially next to walking paths, is not recommended. It will be really dusty and if weather conditions are bad, really muddy, too. If you can find something close to Apero camping or the dance & theater stage, it will be pretty quiet during the night. Upgraded campsite wise: Siesta - great location, under a shade, usually pretty noisy, mostly coming from Colosseum. ECO - pretty okay location, under a shade, not noisy as Siesta, but there is still constant partying going on around the campsite VIP - Probably the best location, but at the same time it is the noisiest campsite i'd say, as most of the stages are really close. If you manage to get a spot in the middle of VIP, it's slightly better, but there's not much room. Apero - pretty far from most of the music program, but on the other hand it's pretty far from noise as well. Alternativa - same as above, but even less noise. The Green - assuming it's the same location. It is far far away and you have to go through security each time you enter. However, good-night sleep is guaranteed. Podpads village (Bridge Camping next year) - location wise it's pretty good, most of the area is not under a shade tho, it's really open. As it is between the main entrance and main stages, it's just the sound of crowd that will be.. constant.
  9. The pool tends to be busy at all times, but you'll always be able to get a spot. People tend to sit on the side of the pool with their feet inside water, but there's not much people really swimming around. So even though it is kind of busy, it does not directly disturb you, as it is expected to be busy. During last days you'll start to notice some dirt inside the water, but i suppose it just happens after 5-6 days of constant use.
  10. Liam played last year. One of the organizers of Sziget just recently said in an interview to Festileaks that the market for hip-hop keeps growing. Hard to see them having no hip-hop headliner at all.
  11. Two combinations of 3-day tickets sold out last year. Can't remember which ones tho.
  12. Tame Impala is in Europe during August. Would be odd if they are not booked for Sziget, pretty convinced they are.
  13. I’d expect it to be 5th, following the logic of past years.
  14. Yeah, the real capacity per day is about 90 000 if I remember correctly.
  15. Agreed. No way he's subbing. My guess is that he'll play before the sub-headliner or headlining A38.
  16. There's no announcement tomorrow. He's talking rubbish.
  17. Great announcement for me. They do say Twenty One Pilots are headlining, which can mean that there may possibly be a bigger act after 1975. I'm struggling to see them being so big in Europe, as they are in UK.
  18. Amount of people being mad at Within Temptation “headlining” is huge. Are they big in Belgium or where does this high placing come from?
  19. I'm not completely convinced that even the alternative crowd of Sziget would go crazy over The Cure. Will definitely draw a crowd, but they really feel like a niche thing like Manu Chao was a few years back. Kind of like PJ Harvey was a great quality booking, but eventually had non-existing crowd.
  20. Hard to see it being anybody else than The Cure, but Exit does tend to announce some random unexpected acts instead of speculated ones, so i guess we will have to wait and see.
  21. Has anybody ever gotten in straight at 9 tho? who are those lucky ones who we have to wait on from the beginning?
  22. Got through just after a few minutes, but it timed out during check out.. Got through again around 9.17, this time it worked. Tried refreshing with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. All of them worked fine except Firefox, it just did not load anything at all after like 5th refresh.. until the end. It was really painful afterwards to see people tweeting how they're still not through, I'm sorry. It's going to be my first Glasto.
  23. Looks like you can buy 5-day tickets for any selection of days. Great addition!
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