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  1. Yeah - same here. Not from Ireland but we asked to change delivery to our friend’s place in London and will be picking up tickets from him once we land in London. Just in case .. don’t want to spend the day waiting at the box office.
  2. They mention giving local artists a spot at the main stage to boost export of Hungarian music. They've always had some but this is a confirmation not to expect anything that big to fill empty slots
  3. Rufus Du Sol is listed high as a sub-headliner on the new poster. They are not that big are they..? Seems like a filler cause nobody else could be found..
  4. eyebrain


    Just letting you guys know that there are 4 person bell tents and 6 person scout tents available right now at see tickets!
  5. Feeling so bad for that one group not being green 😞 I managed to get through for that solo guy, but while proceeding to payment page it kicked out by saying sold out. Happy to see someone else got lucky for him tho - already thought i fucked up his chances.
  6. Haven't been to this thread before, but I wanna help out - what's the deal here? Shall I just pick someone randomly and try buying or it's only spreadsheet guys helping spreadsheet guys? I can go try for that solo guy as I don't have money for 4 tickets right now. 😄
  7. Hey! I don't see an answer to his second question.. While booking Worthy View it only takes details of the booker. Rest of the people sleeping in the tent must just have the barcode and can be scanned in. Barcode works as many times there are sleeping spots in the tent. This information is from the e-mail I received from Worthy View in 2019. In current case, the person who booked WV must cancel her ticket, but people who she promised to camp with are still planning to attend. Lets say she just cancels her festival ticket but not WV, will the WV booking remain and others can use the barcode?
  8. I’d actually love to see Bieber. The thing is, I do understand the bias against him here but he has grown much older, and with him so have I. He does not appeal to teenage girls only anymore and you can tell it by his newer music. It’s quality pop.
  9. The more opinions the better. As someone who has been a VIP guest I'd agree that the extra money is not worth it, especially if you're on a budget. The fact that I had CLEAN toilets with no queues next to the main stage was amazing (i have a higher need to poop while drinking beer), but other than that rest of the benefits were not that impressive. As I'm staying in Splash (old VIP) camping anyway, I have opted out of VIP tickets this year as toilets over there are OK as well and this specific camping is actually very close to the main stage. The fact that this year they've added premium toilets to more areas than just main stage is a bit tempting, but naaah, I'll survive. Camping on-site vs. city is pretty simple; - if you're there just for the line-up, stay in the city. - if you're there for the festival and the experience that comes with it, camp at the festival. You'll be missing out if you need to travel to the festival every god damn day. There's so much more going on during times that are not part of the schedule. The atmosphere is amazing and it becomes a city on its own. + the fact that you don't have to carry a bag and back-up clothes with you the whole day is a comfort that's important for me. Hell, I can go and have a quick shower between bands if I'm at the island.
  10. I know, I really want to be the guy who does not ask for more and absolutely supports the festival, there is a reason I have not asked for refund. I'll live with the fact if I wont get anything, I absolutely love the festival as it would be my 7th time to visit already, but I need my 3 posts of complaining to feel a bit better. 😄 My frustration comes from the fact that my camping option was 690€ which means almost a 100€ a day for a 7-days festival (130€ if you add splash camping on it, which I need as well) .🙂 So if I add 299€ + 690€ + 190€ for the three, it's 168€ / day that I've lost. Considering the e-mail, if we're really getting this 50€ + 50€, I suppose I'll be completely fine with 100€. Not sure how to get the second 50€ tho? I guess it's just supposed to show up on my account balance?
  11. The thing is, I'd accept it if the 50€ was for compensation, but considering I've bought expensive on-site sleeping option as well, I'd expect double the compensation.. Should be compensation per ticket bought not per account / person.
  12. I’ve paid for 7 days festival. i’ve bought an expensive on-site sleeping option for 7 nights. Not happy.
  13. A pop-up channel should appear in iPlayer like last year, probably just before 10.
  14. I'm getting a bit frustrated that there's still no schedule of the pop-up iPlayer channel.. Wanted to plan my weekend around it but time is running out and looks like I'm just gonna do my own schedule.. which by the end of the day is a better idea anyway.
  15. Anyone else having issues buying tickets? Can't see stream options https://glastonburylivestream.seetickets.com/content/ticket-options/ It says "scroll down" but there's nothing there.
  16. Oh well, I still have my tickets from 2020, including accomodation. Will probably decide to still keep it. I wonder how much the gift credit is. Will register and find out. A few free drinks at the site is always great! Edit: 50€ that I can use for future ticket purchase or onsite consumption. Great, will take that!
  17. https://hungarytoday.hu/fate-hungarian-festivals-summer-restriction-immunity-optimism-sziget/
  18. haha, thanks; i have just played it through to see if it works. As a creator of the game it should not even show me, as it's obviously unfair, but GG to the one who's first, that's impressive.
  19. Yeah, can be annoying. It has something to do with Google charging them money, so they limit the amount of plays per day for free users.
  20. There's this pretty popular game called Geoguessr, which basically puts you somewhere in the world via Google Street View and you have to guess your location as precise as possible. Me as a total festival junkie could of course not resist and made a custom map of different festivals around the world, which I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys here in eFestivals would enjoy as well. I've currently added 48 different festivals. There should be some locations which eFestivals users are very faimiliar with, but some are a bit trickier as well. Happy guessing! https://www.geoguessr.com/maps/60194f1a527b69000157c2e1
  21. Where was the Q&A with their booking agent? Would love to see this..
  22. eyebrain

    BBC Glastonbury

    That’s exactly how long is the BBC Two special coverage on all of the days. + the acts following the coverage are the same in both, telly and iplayer channel. Makes only sense that they’re showing the same thing as bbc2 is. Or allowing us to watch it on telly without clashing with anything else.
  23. eyebrain

    BBC Glastonbury

    Ah I was hoping to go through "best of " episodes of each year.. seems these are not available, not even the ones BBC Four was going to show.
  24. eyebrain

    BBC Glastonbury

    As someone who’s not from UK and always misses out cause of geoblocks... all of the newer vids seem to be available to me, but not the older ones. I wonder if i’ll be able to see some of the content during the glasto weekend... (I meant legally.. otherwise a VPN will be my saviour anyway)
  25. Picked this up from the Pukkelpop thread, from a guy who has proved to have a lot of insight of European fests. Taylor starting to look unlikely.
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