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  1. Is there almost 1gram of salt in these? Just trying to compare to the other electrolyte tablets I have - I've never seen anything over 0.5 grams in electrolyte tabs, so surprised by the content of these.
  2. This is because they stopped free testing 3 months ago, not because cases have dropped that significantly - ignorant bliss. Straight out of Trump's playbook - no testing, no cases.
  3. I contacted them in early Apr but based on the information they provided at the time (and the website has) it didn't seem like I'd be eligible and/or that they didn't provide the kind of support I would need, so I didn't pursue it. I've linked a post below where I outline what I received. After posting about my issue here 2-3wks ago I realised I would've actually been eligible; according to some people on the forum, apparently the accessibilities team can be a bit cagey about their service so people can't try to game the system. I contacted them again in May but they said it was too late to provide anything. I also contacted help@glastonbury.com and they were extremely blunt - get on the coach or you can't come. Not even a 'sorry to hear you're unwell' 😀
  4. No shuttle to Sticklinch, unfortunately. That is very kind of you. I appreciate the offer but I don't want to be a burden on others - I don't feel comfortable putting that on other people. I have friends going too and they've offered to help, but day 1 of a festival is demanding and stressful enough just carrying your own stuff across the site (especially when travelling by coach) let alone adding another person's problems/stuff on top. I'll likely just skip it this year. I'm sharing because it's a very disappointing response from the festival and something that I feel is worth highlighting. Very doctrinaire and lacking compassion; almost seems at odds with the spirit of their festival. Thanks again.
  5. I developed a heart condition due the vaxx and have a coach ticket + Sticklinch. I've improved a lot and could definitely handle the festi based on my recent activity but I'm concerned travel to coach pick-up (1.5hrs from me) > queuing at Gate A > walking from gate A to Sticklinch with all my gear could do me in on day 1. Told Glasto and See this with all my medical documentation from GP and specialists. Summary of their response: Get on the coach or you're not getting your ticket. Read the coach T&C. What makes it worse is that they know there is a contingency (i.e. drive down and then collect from gate a) but they didn't offer any options and instead are trying to convince me to take a potentially injurious journey. It's borderline malicious. I get they're trying to protect their green credentials but this is dogmatic behaviour.
  6. Is the fast track lane you're referring to at the Gate A?
  7. Unfortunately, they didn't share any of that information when I enquired; I explained my condition and what I would need help with. No form provided. No facilities mentioned. No shuttles mentioned. I can't accept what isn't offered. I would have requested / proceeded with an application had they said what you said, but they didn't. Below is the email I received. "Thank you for your email. The access facilities are for customers with permanent or long term disabilities/ conditions. If your current condition does continue and you are able to provide supporting documentation from your doctor or the hospital confirming this we can of course look at providing you with access to our facilities." And the description of the Access area doesn't even sound like anything I'd need either so I wouldn't ever have though to pursue it based on the info I had access to. None of these things apply to me: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/access-information/accessible-campsite/
  8. Thank you both. I got my campsites mixed up - I'm actually in Sticklinch. Is there a shuttle from PGA to that campsite, too? That would actually take a lot of the physical stress out of the day - that's the biggest hurdle tbh. I did actually contact Glasto CS and accessibility months ago when I was feeling worse to see if they could offer any support but they said there's nothing they can offer, other than access to their accessibility area 😕 Would've thought they'd at least offer some support in getting me + my stuff to the campsite; didn't think that'd be too difficult for them. But zilch!
  9. Hey all. I was one of the unlucky people that the covid vaxx gave a temp heart issue to (I'm in my 20's). About 3 months ago I couldn't even walk up stairs but I'm miles better now and much more able and active (able to go on hikes and stuff). I do have lingering effects sometimes which primarily cause fatigue and exhaustion if I over-exert heavily in a short span of time and don't pace myself. Due to those lingering symptoms I'd like to look at reducing my physical exertion as much as possible. Unfortunately I have a coach ticket (+ Worthy View accom), which could tip me over the edge on day 1: 1) Travelling 1.5hrs from my home to the coach by train 2) Lugging around all my stuff to the coach 3) Carrying my stuff through the entrance (Gate A) all the way to Worthy View It'd be miles easier if a friend (who is also coach) could just drive us both in, ideally to the Worthy View car park to minimise the physical demand on my body. Has anyone ever managed to navigate a situation like this? Are Glasto accommodating for situations like this? And how did you manage to do it? i.e. Travelling in by means other than coach with a coach ticket. Do they make exceptions for this kind of stuff? Also, I know some of you are probably thinking I shouldn't be going because of my health, but the general festi will be manageable because I can pace myself at all other times and I don' have to carry heavy stuff. It's just impossible to pace yourself when trying to traverse distances with heavy bags and stuff - it's too much. Edit: I do have various paperwork that shows my condition and my current status with GP, heart specialist, etc. Thanks!
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