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  1. Crowded House mentioned it on stage - that they walked around the site to there and that there’s good stuff going on at night.
  2. It was good! But not good enough to post here 🙂
  3. Take the middle line at box office. The guy on the right is literally 3x times slower than the girl in the middle
  4. eyebrain

    See Coaches

    BCEP has not come for about a hour as well now in London
  5. I honestly think that 50€ for a move-in is unreasonably expensive. However if you can afford it it’s worth it. We always get it cause like at other festivals - it gives you a bit of time to get comfy with the site, unpack, get the feel of the place. Arriving at the first day of program always feels a bit rushed for me. You already want to see some acts without time to unpack etc. There’s no time to breathe really.
  6. I mean it of course gets really busy around headliners, but that's about it. Regarding crowd control they do have screens up and are making people use different routes if main stage starts to get full, but rest of the day it's surprisingly relaxed. In terms of bars I agree, never waited very long. I think it has to do with Sziget being more like a "party festival" so the amount of locations to buy a drink is much larger than generally festivals tend to have, I'd say.
  7. Search of what? Nothing iOS 😞 - it’s frustrating that there’s not a map available with a search function - how am I supposed to find some smaller stages.. glasto official has not even named smaller stages on it.
  8. Supergrass - Alright however i think i’m not going to see them just for the one song..
  9. One of our group of 6 got her ticket delivered to the new address (which is same for all of us) I wrote them yesterday that I find it unlikely they'll arrive on time and got an answer "If you don’t have the tickets by Monday let us know and we can advise you then."
  10. So how are things for you now? I have tried to not get on the bandwagon of being in panic, but Seetickets despatch status says 100% of tickets have been sent, yet for us it still shows "Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided." It is now Friday - there is absolute no way they'll arrive on time which means I'm going to have to figure something out at the box office. I can see myself being really pissed off if this means hours of more waiting at the site..
  11. the schedule on BBC site shows Friday as well.. Interesting that it's missing from the press release!?
  12. Nope, still the same
  13. Uh.. in that letter they’re calling it “The International Ticket Collection Cabin” not a box office. Not sure what to make of it but it sounds like a separate box office.
  14. Changed addresses seem to be the last ones left indeed. We are 6 people coming overseas and asked to switch from box office collection to our friends home in London to avoid all the waiting. All 6 of our tickets are still waiting on "Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided." All of us don't have the same lead booker. Edit: we made the change in the beginning of May so very early.
  15. Wow this is really bad. Really hoping to see JB but finding it hard to see him getting better enough within a few months..
  16. We’re flying to London Heathrow on 21st, got a hotel booked in Stratford and then a bus to Glasto from Victoria on the morning of 22nd. If tubes are not running it’s going to be a hell for us tourists. Oh well - at least we know in advance.
  17. eyebrain

    Green Day

    This post does not exist anymore, but I got a screenshot of Billie Joe Armstrong being at the festival in 2019. I think his son performed there. So he definitely gets the idea.. of the place. I'd agree it's highly unlikely, but it fits too perfectly.
  18. They have already updated the schedule (e.g. new names on Sunday in The Temple) Do you think you could re-run the script? Amazing job nevertheless, I was convinced I'm going to have to wait another 24hrs before some madman inserts the full line-up.
  19. Tried my luck - seems like the instagram poster that was discussed here earlier does not link their stage announcement to schedule announcement. So they’re either not related or the band is not told it’s related.
  20. Never bought any, but I’ve been approached with offers at Colosseum numerous of times, i imagine they’re easy to find if you’re at a correct location. However local police and security themselves are very strict - can’t remember if it was 2018 or 2019, but a bunch of Dutch guys who were dealing got their tents raided and arrested. i think amfy said it well - avoid frustration by not expecting to find something.
  21. Yeah - same here. Not from Ireland but we asked to change delivery to our friend’s place in London and will be picking up tickets from him once we land in London. Just in case .. don’t want to spend the day waiting at the box office.
  22. They mention giving local artists a spot at the main stage to boost export of Hungarian music. They've always had some but this is a confirmation not to expect anything that big to fill empty slots
  23. Rufus Du Sol is listed high as a sub-headliner on the new poster. They are not that big are they..? Seems like a filler cause nobody else could be found..
  24. eyebrain


    Just letting you guys know that there are 4 person bell tents and 6 person scout tents available right now at see tickets!
  25. Feeling so bad for that one group not being green 😞 I managed to get through for that solo guy, but while proceeding to payment page it kicked out by saying sold out. Happy to see someone else got lucky for him tho - already thought i fucked up his chances.
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