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  1. I wasn't aware of this, and I guess there has to be a bit of concern. And words are wind and need to be backed up by actions - nonetheless if saying the right words (and acknowledging some understanding of the issues) is a necessary and first step to redemption then he has at least come a million times closer to saying the right things than Ryan Adams has. I'd be interested in a female perspective though. I'm also curious whether Simon will have sounded out other artists as to their willingness to share a bill with them.
  2. Anyway I'm pretty happy, better than last year at the top end of the bill. Still struggle to imagine Big Thief as headliners just because they seem a bit ... fragile somehow. But they've come a long way since their debut in front of a mostly disinterested Tipi in 2016. I think they said that was their first gig outside the US, so it's kinda fitting that EotR re the first to give them a leg up to headliner status too.
  3. They're clearly plugging Pixies as the major draw on the bill, no way they're playing Thursday.
  4. Going on to streetview it looks like it takes in a shop called MirrorMad. So I'm holding out some hope for Angel Olsen yet.
  5. Really struggle to imagine Big Thief as headliners. Not because they're not good enough or big enough, I just can't see them carrying the Woods stage given their lack of stage presence on the Garden and Tipi on previous visits.
  6. In other news I've finally worked out who the singer from Fontaines DC reminds me of. It's John Parrott.
  7. I didn't bother with his EotR set, but his new album has attracted such glowing reviews that I felt I ought to give it a go. It's still not for me.
  8. Having seen Big Thief both times at End of the Road (or, all three times if you include the piano stage set) I've found them to be so lacking in stage presence that I struggle to see them as any kind of headliners - lovely though a lot of the music is.
  9. That'd be great, but she's going to be in high demand next summer. And if it's a straight fight with Green Man, they're a bit bigger.
  10. I just heard the new Angel Olsen single and would like to add her to the wishlist.
  11. I saw none of mojo's favourite things.
  12. Yeah probably, and I don't care really. And in Furman's case I'd have him every year anyway as a kind of house band.
  13. Think I went for Beach House, PJ Harvey and My Bloody Valentine.
  14. Yeah fair enough. Just to clarify though, it was the Honey Hahs themselves as an act that I was slagging, rather than specifically the appearance here. Though as it goes, I didn't think it worked. I get why they did it - it's an important song to Austin, about the death of his sister, and they don't get to perform it often, I can see why taking the opportunity to do so might have seemed a good idea. As I say, didn't think it worked, but it didn't particularly detract from a mostly great set.
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