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  1. Fontaines D.C also updated for the Park. @eFestivals is this the playlists or because of some info?
  2. Definitely weren't expecting Squid! Yeah that probably was me. In fact it definitely was, you've gigged my memory. I was with two others I think at that time and yeah asked whether you were seeing them. Hahaha that's mad. I mean it was a shock seeing anyone into Squid at Leeds, especially with how the demographic is. Think we were two of the only Squid fans there - my mates didn't care enough to stay.
  3. I was at the Latitude and Leeds sets, brilliant they were. Leeds was funny as it was in the middle of a rock night, so people gravitated to it and stayed, enjoying it, even if they didn't intend to see them. Latitude I thought was excellent, really enjoyed that before Wolf Alice. Saw them at Rock City in September and it didn't beat Latitude. Yeah I hope Friday or early another day. Surely the festival know Friday Park headline would be perfect for her! I want my headliners to be Phoebe // Macca // Kendrick. Gonna be gutted if she isn't.
  4. Easy Life are Other Stage fodder, I don't believe they've got a Pyramid slot.
  5. I agree. I want Park, think they'd smash it on there. Fontaines/Phoebe headlining Friday is what I really want. Plant on the pyramid then Fontaines/Phoebe on the Park for Friday evening - make it happen.
  6. I mean if she can't do Sunday and there's no music Wednesday/Thursday then Friday/Saturday are left. I can't see her playing two sets but want to be pleasantly surprised.
  7. Isn't it just to not reveal day Phoebe putting both days. She's in Birmingham Sunday so she can only play Saturday/Sunday. Doubt she would do two sets.
  8. If that was it, quite Pyramid heavy thus far.
  9. Which is why I pray for her to be Friday. Perform Friday, break Saturday then the Birmingham gig Sunday. Also I reckon it would be Kendrick // Lorde // MTS // Diana Ross
  10. Bridgers is meant to be playing a gig in Birmingham on the Sunday
  11. Tbf if Fontaines D.C., Phoebe Bridgers or Bicep headline a stage on Friday I'll be happy
  12. What do we think for the set of Park headliners?
  13. Actually yeah. Foals // Doja // Pet Shop Boys as Other Headliners and Wolf Alice // Noel // Lorde as Pyramid subs
  14. I’m getting quite annoyed at it. I don’t care personally. I’ve bought mine and I’d wait till the day but my mate who went in 19 wants to see the lineup before shelling out the £300 and coach fare. He actually won’t go if we don’t have a lineup which leaves me in a shit position.
  15. 8 am tomorrow with Glastonbury in the title 👀👀👀👀👀
  16. I really want We Don't Know What Tomorrow Brings. Absolute tune.
  17. Probably been explained but what was that Thursday shout last week?
  18. Can it be recovered or has the nuke done it’s damage? Is it stuck in permanent purgatory with Gucci Piggy?
  19. Huh? Why have you started a new account?
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