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  1. Try these, they’re excellent at blocking out noise https://genhealthcare.co.uk/pic-solution-ear-plug-anti-noise-calmor-20-pieces.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4uaUBhC8ARIsANUuDjXWV4nm-97PETpdcW4oW30u_-iEwCmM9qNErjw5TWkJ4yPpHRVAMGIaAqLgEALw_wcB
  2. Not at all. People in various states of undress and no pressure to strip off. Although when you’re there, you may change your mind!
  3. Skelts

    NFR NFC 2022

    @guypjfreakis after a sticker post-festival that would otherwise end up in a bin. As a souvenir. I sent him mine after the 2015 festival 👍
  4. Well, no one is wondering around suggesting that you get your kit off but it is part of their ethos. That said, when I visited in 2019 there were people in various states of undress. No pressure to do anything. The majority of people were nude and it's a comfortable safe environment to do so.
  5. Renée and Renalto in 2019 😂 IMG_6569.MOV
  6. I have the same model and had the same issue the first time I used it. I used it a second time last weekend and it was noticeably easier so I’m hoping it’ll continue to improve
  7. Skelts

    Vodka Infusion

    Agreed, it's the best! For those not familiar with it, it's equal parts vodka, cherry brandy and amaretto. Just mix together and drink, no infusion needed. It's great neat but would also mix well with lemonade I guess. Credit to @Curlygirl
  8. I did exactly this for my trip last weekend and it's a great idea, made it really easy to pack up too. Forget searching for tent footprints, just go to Screwfix and get a tarpaulin that's roughly the right size. It'll be about half the price of a tent footprint. The one we got had plenty of eye holes to peg it out, we just had to fold one end over to be able to get the tent pegs in.
  9. They're playing Hell stage at 4am Saturday, I hear 😂
  10. If you’ve got a F n B tent, you won’t need one. I’ve also got one and did a test run a couple of weekends ago, it’s properly dark!
  11. You could also try and find the tunnel under the railway. Took me 3 festivals to find it!
  12. Add a cider brandy to it and you're set up for the day!
  13. You might want someone to give you a general area to search in. It's not obvious, or visible from just wandering around the site. You could have some very frustrated kids! I'm happy to give you some guidance without giving her location away if you DM me 🙂
  14. Isn't the bigger issue that you may not be able to take a trolly on the coach at all, never mind two of them? I've never used the coach before but plenty of people who have, all say that you can't take a trolly. I think you need a plan B for that eventuality? What if you get told you can't take them on the coach - do you leave them at the pick up point and jump on regardless? Just something to consider.
  15. There should be a toggle on elastic to achieve just this, without the need for modification. When I opened mine last weekend, it was already hooked up to make the lip. Like at around 19mins of this video.
  16. Hmmm, not sure then. If you tucked them inside, wouldn’t the water pool at the bottom and then find it’s way in? I’ll have to try both ways and see how it goes!
  17. Keep them outside, if it rains, the water will run down the sides and away from the tent.
  18. Put the model name/number into YouTube and you’ll find a few videos about it, I’m sure 👍 from the looks of it, I’d say it’ll be fairly easy to put up with two of you
  19. Me too, used it last weekend and it’s a belter. Real game changer
  20. Amazingly it fits back in the bag with no problem at all!
  21. No sign of a secret resale though, I've been trying the site on & off since 9am today
  22. Ultimate Power at Williams Green, if they're there this year. Normally on Thursdays. Quality power ballad singalong session!
  23. Spent a couple of hours there on Thursday in 2019, early afternoon. No queue at all, it was bliss in the heat. Thoroughly recommend it, not just for the showers. It's really peaceful and a great place to just chill out
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