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  1. Such a good album, really happy for him. Check out Jools Holland from last night if you didn’t see it. I also came across this the other day 👍
  2. Skelts


    Just read the Kerrang interview that the band linked to on their FB page. Interesting. It ends with a question to Joe asking if love is enough to bring about the peace he so desires. He gives a lengthy reply and concludes: "That's what I want to win" "And to headline the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury" Lofty ambitions. Who'd bet against them achieving it one day?
  3. Good luck opening the tent back up then if you haven't checked it! I suspect you'll be on the Go Outdoors website at some point!
  4. That must have been grim, especially if it was full fat coke!
  5. It's not normally the mad rush that is Glastonbury ticket day, you can usually get them up to a couple of months before. That said, with tickets rolled over from this year, and people missing their festival fix this year, there may be more demand! It's a great festival by the way 👍
  6. There are water points all over the place and I think there are showers somewhere too. Tickets don't normally sell out till late June/early July. We hadn't purchased ours by the time they cancelled - I'm sure there will be plenty left for 2021.
  7. To start with, you've chosen a great first festival, I've been a few times, I'm lucky enough to live only half an hour away. The Levellers open the festival on Friday lunchtime with an acoustic set inside the big top and close it with a full on spectacular on the main stage on Sunday night, it's awesome.. You don't camp a million miles away from your car so it's simple enough to do 2 or more trips if you like. What you bring will depend on how many trips you want to do, and how much (relative) luxury you want! For two of us, we take a 4 man tent (specifically, one of these https:
  8. Skelts


    Model Village premieres on Clara Amfo’s show tonight from 7.30 👍
  9. Skelts

    Drone flight

    Thanks! Amazing how much smaller the site looks without all the infrastructure there.
  10. Not the day she died but her funeral on 6th September 1997. My wedding day and birthday. Made for a bit of an odd day, most people watched the funeral all day then came along to ‘celebrate’ with us in the evening.
  11. Skelts

    Rockfield Studios

    Not sure if this has been posted or aired before but I watched this earlier and it’s quality. Black Sabbath, Queen, Iggy Pop, right through to the Stone Roses, Oasis and Coldplay. Some great behind the scenes footage. Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm, Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000l3vn via @bbciplayer
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    Just caught a bit of the one show and they cut to Whiley/Radcliffe sat on hay bales outside the airstream. It’s on for 20.30 live from the farm
  13. Skelts

    BBC Glastonbury

    Was just thinking the same
  14. Kendrick Lamar - 41 (-10) Dua Lipa - 29 Diana Ross - 72
  15. Skelts

    BBC Glastonbury

    That's on my schedule for tomorrow night 👍
  16. Skelts

    BBC Glastonbury

    Watched it last night, really enjoyed it. Realised I was just chilling out/recovering to Sheryl Crow at the time and could have been there, doh!
  17. This is brilliant - great work!
  18. Skelts

    BBC Glastonbury

    And "Another 50 years of Glastonbury"
  19. "at least Primark is open" 🤣
  20. Skelts

    BBC Glastonbury

    Thanks, just tuned in. Added bonus - my favourite Kylie song is playing right now
  21. Skelts

    Virtual Meet

    Well that was a waste!
  22. Kendrick Lamar - 75 (-10) Thom Yorke - 30 Dua Lipa - 70 Diana Ross - 95
  23. Yeah it is but a hot tub is in keeping with the whole vibe. Especially if you can skinny dip in it!
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