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  1. They're playing Hell stage at 4am Saturday, I hear 😂
  2. If you’ve got a F n B tent, you won’t need one. I’ve also got one and did a test run a couple of weekends ago, it’s properly dark!
  3. You could also try and find the tunnel under the railway. Took me 3 festivals to find it!
  4. Add a cider brandy to it and you're set up for the day!
  5. You might want someone to give you a general area to search in. It's not obvious, or visible from just wandering around the site. You could have some very frustrated kids! I'm happy to give you some guidance without giving her location away if you DM me 🙂
  6. Isn't the bigger issue that you may not be able to take a trolly on the coach at all, never mind two of them? I've never used the coach before but plenty of people who have, all say that you can't take a trolly. I think you need a plan B for that eventuality? What if you get told you can't take them on the coach - do you leave them at the pick up point and jump on regardless? Just something to consider.
  7. There should be a toggle on elastic to achieve just this, without the need for modification. When I opened mine last weekend, it was already hooked up to make the lip. Like at around 19mins of this video.
  8. Hmmm, not sure then. If you tucked them inside, wouldn’t the water pool at the bottom and then find it’s way in? I’ll have to try both ways and see how it goes!
  9. Keep them outside, if it rains, the water will run down the sides and away from the tent.
  10. Put the model name/number into YouTube and you’ll find a few videos about it, I’m sure 👍 from the looks of it, I’d say it’ll be fairly easy to put up with two of you
  11. Me too, used it last weekend and it’s a belter. Real game changer
  12. Amazingly it fits back in the bag with no problem at all!
  13. No sign of a secret resale though, I've been trying the site on & off since 9am today
  14. Ultimate Power at Williams Green, if they're there this year. Normally on Thursdays. Quality power ballad singalong session!
  15. Spent a couple of hours there on Thursday in 2019, early afternoon. No queue at all, it was bliss in the heat. Thoroughly recommend it, not just for the showers. It's really peaceful and a great place to just chill out
  16. You’ve got me at it now! @crazyfool1 is that you at exactly 6.00 mins in?’
  17. If you’re arriving at midday, the lower parts are likely to be full but you should be able to get in higher up. It’s a good spot, the two you’ve mentioned plus Michael’s Mead. There’s a lock up and and a great 24hr cafe there. The higher up, the better the view across the site too
  18. Quechua fresh & black eyed peas 😃
  19. Truth, for sure!
  20. Just got the same model and used it for the first time this weekend down near Weymouth. can safely say I’ll never camp in any other brand again! Came back to the tent late afternoon yesterday when it had been hot & sunny all day. Our old tent would have been unbearable but the new one was fine, just a bit ‘warm’, not at all uncomfortable. And the blackout bedroom kept me asleep till 9.30 this morning which would have been impossible in our old one. Anyone thinking of getting one, think no more. It really is a game changer. @Dan Eazy paging you so you can see the review above.
  21. Just got one myself, trying it out this weekend, I’ll report back. Hoping for good things 🤞⛺️
  22. This ⬆️ Miss them and deal with your regret for years to come
  23. This is the dead end I went down
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