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  1. You’ve got me at it now! @crazyfool1 is that you at exactly 6.00 mins in?’
  2. If you’re arriving at midday, the lower parts are likely to be full but you should be able to get in higher up. It’s a good spot, the two you’ve mentioned plus Michael’s Mead. There’s a lock up and and a great 24hr cafe there. The higher up, the better the view across the site too
  3. Quechua fresh & black eyed peas 😃
  4. Just got the same model and used it for the first time this weekend down near Weymouth. can safely say I’ll never camp in any other brand again! Came back to the tent late afternoon yesterday when it had been hot & sunny all day. Our old tent would have been unbearable but the new one was fine, just a bit ‘warm’, not at all uncomfortable. And the blackout bedroom kept me asleep till 9.30 this morning which would have been impossible in our old one. Anyone thinking of getting one, think no more. It really is a game changer. @Dan Eazy paging you so you can see the review above.
  5. Just got one myself, trying it out this weekend, I’ll report back. Hoping for good things 🤞⛺️
  6. This ⬆️ Miss them and deal with your regret for years to come
  7. This is the dead end I went down
  8. I’d rather sacrifice breathing than seeing Idles at Glastonbury to be honest. It means so much to them, they’ll put a great show on. 2019 on the park stage was just beautiful
  9. Dragon Field of Dreams
  10. Annie LennOxlyers its a tragedy that she’s never played there, I didn’t know that
  11. What a song, btw👍
  12. Love sensation seekers 😃
  13. I’ve been puzzling over this one. The picture helped! Gus FRing of Fire
  14. Ribbon tower of terror
  15. Nope. The answer is a small venue at Glastonbury.....
  16. Classic Beatles album and an Adam & the Ants track
  17. A Kate Bush classic and a torturous route out of the festival
  18. Bit of a shot in the dark there! What’s the west holts connection to a cherry picker?!
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