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  1. The UHD from the pyramid streaming was amazing
  2. I wonder if she saw the flag that said Prince Andrew is a sweaty nonce!
  3. Bumping this as it’s also my favourite annual thread!
  4. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    One of my highlights, amazing energy. He’d be a must-see if the stars aligned in the future
  5. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Defo cut, i went looking for it earlier. Found it on YouTube though, absolute genius moment
  6. Skelts

    Crowd Etiquette

    Agree with this, it’s the same at an Idles gig
  7. He was also at Idles plus somewhere else I forget!
  8. This was obvious from the tv coverage. Same for Skunk Anansie, loads of room
  9. Skelts


    Wow, pyramid screens and most of the speakers gone already!
  10. Yeah, that is harsh! Can’t believe it didn’t kick off! If I had a flag, I’d have bought it down to head height and waved it in front of the cameras until they fecked off!
  11. Yungblud, absolutely amazing energy. Idles, smashed it as usual. Foals, epic Pet Shop Boys. Iconic Couldn’t limit it to 3!
  12. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Agreed, thanks for all the contributions and interaction, it’s been great watching live stuff alongside others, it’s felt like a proper community x
  13. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    PSB is all killer, no filler, a great set 👌🏻
  14. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Has he bought any guests out yet? Stormzy is rumoured?
  15. Skelts


    @crazyfool1 is at PSB now, looks like you had a great festival!
  16. Skelts

    Kendrick Lamar

    Not sure why you got a downvote for this so have an upvote 👍
  17. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    He’s had some tv coverage this weekend, he was front and centre at Skunk Anasie and Idles 😂
  18. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    What a beautiful set. Perfect to send you off to your final night of carnage!
  19. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I’m loving it, how nice would it be to be there right now? Time for another drink I think 👍
  20. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    What a beautiful evening on the farm
  21. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Looks great doesn’t it. Easy to get down to the front by the looks of it too. Great way to spend an early evening
  22. Skelts

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Judging from the webcam alone, the crowd looks tiny, how is it from the tv shots?
  23. Yeah, looks full looking out from the stage but aerial shots show loads of space. Still a decent crowd though
  24. Tina not welcome. Lol, nice try
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