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  1. I don’t know the link between the Bristol venue and the Glastonbury area but we visited Lost Horizons in 2019 and loved it. It’s really chilled out, has its own stage and if your partner is worried about whipping their top off and ending up on instagram, then that’s not going to happen there. At least half the people in there (probably more) are either fully or semi naked and it’s just an oasis of calm. Showers included too which was a life saver in the heat of 2019. The staff will be more than happy to let you have a quick nosey around before you commit to buying a wristband. Thoroughly recommended.
  2. You might want to consider Chagstock this year mate, they're the Friday night headliner
  3. Done the werthers before, it’s really good. Pour some vodka in a glass to leave space. Crush some werthers and add to the vodka. Shake and add to the top shelf of a dishwasher and put it through a cycle without any tablet. The heat melts the sweets and it all mixes with the vodka, it’s really simple. Works with any boiled sweet. We drink the werthers neat but you can mix with lemonade or something if you want.
  4. Have a look in this thread. The guide referred to in the first response is really useful
  5. paging @crazyfool1, our resident Taunton expert.
  6. Skelts

    Crazyfool is in!!

    I just got through to buy for @crazyfool1 and they were already purchased so someone beat me to it!
  7. Quick question. I'm trying for other people tonight and Sunday where I only have their reg and postcode, ie not full address. If I'm successful for them, how do I enter the ticket delivery address - is this just picked up from the registration details?
  8. Just messaged you and it seems to have gone through ok
  9. Got your message and replied. Did that get through?
  10. Tried to PM you mate but bounced back saying you can't receive messages. Don't know if this is a settings thing, or a full inbox?
  11. Skelts

    Lost Horizons

    No, not at all. You’ll find people in various states of undress. Most people are naked but it’s not frowned upon if you’re not
  12. Couldn't agree more, had a great time there in 2015. Was sat outside the tent when it opened (they were the first act of the day) so got front and centre. Turned round 20mins later and it was rammed all the way outside. Great cheesy singalong power ballad fest if people don't know what it is!
  13. Skelts

    Resale Odds

    Good shout. This is only going to add to my fear!
  14. I camp in Michael's Mead. There's a hedge to the left if you're looking up the hill (Spring Ground is the other side of it) and I usually try and get up against it. If you put your tent far enough back, you can stop a walkway behind your tent from forming. Team up with your neighbours to do the same. You could always put guy ropes across into the hedge but you run the risk of someone falling into/tripping over them then!
  15. I think Beth will win my clash, Trailer Park has a special place in my heart
  16. Great line up. Flogging Molly/Beth Orton clash though 😞
  17. Me too. Might bump into you again! Line up released tomorrow
  18. Totally worth it. I crowd funded them for the 2019 festival in return for a wrist band. It was a great chill out area and the first time I've had a shower at Glastonbury, bliss!
  19. Get a weekend wristband for Lost Horizons (£20?). Gives you access to a sauna and showers. And it’s an oasis of calm if you need a break from the madness for an hour or so.
  20. I had my beautiful days playlist on in the gym this morning, it was obviously a sign. I’ll be there again this year 😃
  21. I’m in, just donated, good luck Neil
  22. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 530 Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 345 +10 Justice 472
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