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  1. Guessing crowd control so everyone's not all in one place?
  2. Site down? Had a stinker of a day so looking forward to more disappointment
  3. 2019 timetable 10 May - Start 30 May 2018 timetable 9 May - Start 28 May
  4. Feeling underprepared but since when have 2manydjs live been on the lineup 😮
  5. Have heard nothing from Dice about accessticket so far.
  6. lemons

    Arcade Fire

    Love going to see Muse so gonna say I don't really gaf about lyrics. Really enjoyed this album. Solid new additions into the set.
  7. lemons

    Arcade Fire

    Last tour saw them on the wed and came out and bought a ticket to go again the Friday! Great impulse buy, the power of their live set! Definitely more reluctant to purchase tickets right away for anything, a bit vulturous but there seems to be tickets available for most things closer to the time, can chance my arm on getting, at worse, a face value ticket. No longer turn my nose up at arena seats either, not as detrimental to the experience as I thought.
  8. Think Cassyette was opener for Frank Carter & Rattlesnakes tour.
  9. Have cried listening to Foos this morning. Foos were my first big outdoor concert. How devastating for those closest to him.
  10. Have cried listening to Foos this morning. Foos were my first big outdoor concert. How devastating for those closest to him.
  11. From Daves recent book :"Upon first meeting, our bond was immediate and we grew closer with every day, every song, every note that we ever played together," he wrote. "We are absolutely meant to be and I am grateful that we found each other in this lifetime."
  12. Stunned. I've seen Foos a good few times. Teared up tbh. Up early for a trip, will be digging out a FF t-shirt for the travel and know what I'll be listening to.
  13. lemons

    Arcade Fire

    My god, blasting this has actually made my day haha
  14. lemons

    2022 New Music

    New Muse truly shite but they were my first proper gig, must have seen them 8 times or so, they have a hold on me, cheap resale ticket will prob go again 😬
  15. Donated yesterday boss ket me out early coz of convenient location to workplace. Had a break coz of tattoo. Always taken by how many things rule people out of donating so feel a need to donate when I can. Went for chocolate bourbons.
  16. lemons

    2022 New Music

    Enjoyed CMAT debut album. Was new Stromae expected?!
  17. So disappointing just as Ireland has lifted restrictions.
  18. lemons

    2022 New Music

    New Pillow Queens. 2nd album out in April
  19. Anyone familiar with the venues/ have any recommendations? Chalk / The Old Market / Patterns / Green Door Store / The Hope and Ruin / The Latest Music Bar / Komedia / The Brunswick / The Prince Albert / The Folklore Rooms / Backstage
  20. lemons

    2021 New Music

    Not strictly a new song but new version. Touring UK in November
  21. Got tickets for the Sunday. Happy to just go see Chem Bros but could make a day of it. Check out Declan McKenna and a couple of others. We're late 20s, is Trnsmt a mixed crowd or full of kids?
  22. This was one of my hypothetical future "when gigs are back" must sees at a time when nothing seemed hopeful. Gonna get tickets for my niece for Xmas (90% for me let's be honest 😁)
  23. lemons

    How do you feel?

    Sending love to forum users going through hard times xx . Grateful this forum has been a little escape for me through a range of emotions.
  24. Might be looking a ticket for the Monday
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