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  1. Below are the acts I saw. Friday: Steve Mason (part), Kate Tempest, Little Dragon (part), Roisin Murphy, Jon Hopkins, The Chemical Brothers Saturday: Dream Wife, Temples (part), Fat White Family, Parquet Courts, Johnny Marr, Courtney Barnett (part), The Raconteurs, The Strokes Sunday: Yves Tumor (part), Lou Doillon, Ezra Collective (part), Toro Y Moi, Kurt Vile (part), Beach House, Kamasi Washington (part), Maribou State (part), James Blake, Christine & The Queens And my top 5: Christine & The Queens Roisin Murphy Johnny Marr Jon Hopkins Kate Tempest Comments: The Raconteurs could have joined top 5 but the two nasty brawls that happened very close to me (and reported by someone above on this thread) ruined it for me. So horrible. My general feeling is that Saturday was way overcrowded and as the time went by, the situation became increasingly unpleasant. I was among those who escaped from the first barrier (set in the back of the front section) during The Strokes’ performance. Couldn’t enjoy the show at all there, almost pressed to die. To answer lighthouse’s question, I only knew Beach House by name but decided to give them a try. Live they sound like something that connects Cocteau Twins with Slowdive/shoegazers. Dark and atmospheric, I liked it even if I don’t count them among the top 5. Another band I gave a try is Fat White Family, but despite a good reputation I had heard beforehand, their Saturday performance felt somewhat pedestrian if not disappointing, as someone says here. An off-day perhaps.
  2. Christine was PHENOMENAL. Very theatrical, so spectacular. And it worked under the difficult festival circumstances, which deserves a praise in itself. The best act of the whole weekend for me (and I wasn’t particularly interested in her before). Unlike DarthSaul, I felt every one of the crowd around me didn’t want the show to end. Pity the 10:30 Sunday curfew hence no encore.
  3. I chose Roisin Murphy instead of Spiritualized and she was fun to watch 100%. Jon Hopkins was phenomenal — an added benefit was, unbeknown to me, I avoided the tentative downpour in the indoor West Stage😄 Question: last year there was a real ale tent. Yesterday I couldn’t find it. Did anybody found one? If yes, whereabout?
  4. And Friday day ticket. Oops.
  5. Thursday and Sunday day tickets were released today.
  6. zzzfest


    Edinburgh so mental last night! A tremendous, violent mosh happened time and time again in the middle of the floor — was surprised that didn’t develop into a major fight thank god. Started 8:35pm, finished 10:15pm to be exact — this with Olympic Airways added so the reported Manchester showtime above on this thread is approximate I guess. No support.
  7. Some more names are added. Looking good.
  8. Yeah, rather weak lineup if not disastrous. Somewhat disappointed. With this lineup, it’s unlikely I’m going for all weekend. Let’s wait for the next announcement.
  9. Thanks. Friday...will go for a weekend ticket then.
  10. Thanks. I wonder whether the other day tickets (i.e. Friday and Sunday) will be released or not. I like New Order but Hot Chip is not my cup of tea... And which day does John Hopkins perform?
  11. I’ve never done this but am considering this year. Did this sell out in the previous years? If it did, how fast?
  12. Shit! The date clashes with Green Man...☹️
  13. A similar question as above. I’m a potential first timer for Green Man 2019 and considering staying Llangynidr. Is it within a walking distance to and from the festival site? Also: is shuttle bus running from Llangynidr and/or Crickhowell? Would be very grateful for an answer or suggestion.
  14. On my way home from FN6 with mixed feelings. I was somewhat shocked to see a far smaller crowd than I had predicted. In my rough estimation, almost half the size as 2015 and 2016 when overselling of the tickets was observed here. Reportedly they reduced the capacity from 15,000 to 12,000 last year, which contributed to a much more comfortable overall condition at the sell-out festival. This time it didn’t sell out. And this despite the announcement of next year’s break (many take it as the virtual end of FN6). Reminiscent of what happened to Electric Fields this year. Is general public tired of music festivals? Maybe. Personally I feel there are too many of them around these days, resulting in a competition of organizers, clashing dates, thinner lineups etc. Saturation in one word. That being said, I can say this was another magical FN6 and I greatly enjoyed it all through the weekend, despite the partially foul weather — hardly year 2016 all over again though, even under the pouring rain. The headliners were all good except the last hiccup that marred the otherwise brilliant performance of The The — the curfew prevented them from giving encore against Matt Johnson’s enthusiasm, the microphone switched off, which left the audience in an undeniable anticlimactic mode on Saturday night. Afterwords I got the setlist from the sound man, which put Uncertain Smile and Lonely Planet as encore numbers. IMHO their allocation of 75mins on the timetable was a bit short in the first place — it should have been 90mins. And — I have to admit — both Friendly Fires and Franz Ferdinand were not bad at all (an understatement, that is).
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