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  1. Thanks. Haven’t decided if I go see them or not though. Yeah, now they have changed their name. Osees not Oh Sees anymore.
  2. That’s useful info, thanks!
  3. Has self-isolation or quarantine mandate on entering the UK from the US been lifted? I mean, for musicians in this case.
  4. Hmm...thanks! Has anybody made a transatlantic gig happen over here recently?
  5. Oh Sees imminent UK shows — will they really happen? Does anybody have info or a clue? https://www.theeohsees.com
  6. I saw them in Edinburgh on Monday. Another hot performance, a cracking night. Abi the violinist being absent for whatever reason, the music was less colourful than it was — but it didn’t detract from the quality at all. The only complaint is that they didn’t play Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde), despite the crowd constantly shouted, “Sechs Freunde!” — the most requested title on the night, apparently. Seems that they dropped the song on the current tour. Long live Sea Power! Support act was Hector Gannet from North Shields. Like Sea Power, they are an environmentally conscious, wildlife-friendly band. Good performance and I liked them, bought the CD album and EP from the merchandising. https://hectorgannet.com
  7. zzzfest

    Nick Cave

    The Arena — I saw opera Aida there in Summer 2001, during the Italian holiday with my then girlfriend (now wife). Visited the box office in the morning of show day and managed great seats in the second row on the ground floor. In the evening, we changed into posh clothes, went to the venue, standing haloed against the beautiful twilight. A recurring memory. Within a few weeks afterwards, 911 happened. We were shocked — shocked as Hell. The moment the World changed. Twenty years have passed since then. The World has been going worse. Sad.
  8. zzzfest

    Nick Cave

    I looked at the European tour schedule, 04/06-26/08. There is a big gap between 09/07 and 02/08. Any hope to see them playing in the UK during these three weeks?
  9. zzzfest

    Nick Cave

    I’m not going to see the Bad Seeds in their Summer tour in Europe next year so I hope Nick & Co. will add the UK dates, especially considering they postponed and then canceled this leg.
  10. zzzfest

    Nick Cave

    Whenever he came to “balcony man” in the singing, it caused a lot of commotion around me. That made the day for us in the nosebleed. You should have been there lol.
  11. zzzfest

    Nick Cave

    As I posted upthread, I bought a nosebleed seat for Edinburgh Playhouse, but due to some circumstances I had to sit out. As I was going to New Order Halifax and Manchester (Heaton Park) gigs, I added Cave & Ellis Stoke-On-Trent, the day before NO’s Piece Hall date. I was blown away. It was so good that I decided to catch them in Glasgow. Again, I was blown away. Honestly this matches the best of the Bad Seeds shows I have ever been to. I was a “balcony man” both times and the benefit is, both venues are 1500-seaters while Playhouse Theatre houses about 3000 so the stages were relatively close even from nosebleed seats. And in Glasgow Nick dedicated the song to those in the balcony lol.
  12. So...has anybody survived, escaped and gone back home alright LOL? Many thanks to those who suggested going to Prestwich on the way back, which nicely worked. It was good the rain held off. Heaton Park was...well, Heaton Park, i.e. an enormous flat field. The ground didn’t go muddy, at least. As for New Order’s performance, I think Halifax was the winner IMHO. Despite this being the group’s biggest gig on the home turf and their second and more important public appearance in the last eighteen months, it felt more like a “business as usual” than an emotional comeback to the live scene. The two support acts, Working Men’s Club and Hot Chip were good — but that made New Order’s set rather anticlimactic for me.
  13. I was also in Halifax. A top-notch performance and certainly doesn’t deserve a title of “warm up”. The venue was fantastic, too. So was the weather. An almost perfect event in every sense. The only possible snag is whether Heaton Park can rival it, let alone surpass it...
  14. From the linked page: “Heaton Park tram stop will be closed for the remainder of the evening from 9pm the night. Metrolink services back into the city centre will run from Bowker Vale” Does it mean you can’t get the tram at Prestwich?
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