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  1. zzzfest

    Nick Cave

    Nosebleed for Edinburgh 😇
  2. Cheers for your comment. One of the points I made in my previous post and you missed out entirely in yours is a concern about household. Should I unfortunately contract CV and return home, symptomatic or not, then what will happen? I know, ultimately it is a question I have to give an answer for and make a decision by myself.
  3. Ah, now I know what you mean. The GOV UK clearly states “60% against symptomatic disease”. As far as I understand, while AZ is effective enough to keep most people from going bad as to the extent that they need to be hospitalized (90%, more or less), it only protects people from being infected by coronavirus (i.e. Indian — Delta — variant) up to 60%. Am I correct? If so...worrying enough for me.
  4. UK GOV website for instance (22/05/2021). They say 60% (2 doses against Indian variant). https://www.gov.uk/government/news/vaccines-highly-effective-against-b-1-617-2-variant-after-2-doses But, yeah, I did a quick search and some information source says something like 90%. What’s to rely on, really?
  5. I don’t have a concrete answer myself, obviously. All I can do is see how things are going for the time being.
  6. Hope so... The problem is, even double vaccination is not effective enough against Covid, especially AZ which is reported to be appx 60% effective, more or less. Let’s see what will happen (or not, hopefully) next few weeks.
  7. Many thanks for your comments. For all the inappropriate measures that shouldn’t have been taken at the Dutch festival, worries still remain there. Do all these people reveling in their freedom in nightclubs and gigs not have slightest concerns that may go beyond themselves, family members who don’t share interest with them having to isolate as well if things turn out wrong, I wonder?
  8. I belong to a higher age group, double-jabbed (AZ) a while ago. I have a few outdoor gigs and festivals to attend in mid to late August and early September penciled in. Of them, two are in down South and NW, taking some substantial hours for me to get there by train. Coming to this stage and especially reading this news from the Netherlands that 1k out of the 20k attendees of a certain music festival were found Covid-positive after the event, I’m starting to wonder if it’s a good idea to do. I speculate from the NL news that it is almost certain any music event of sufficient size will end up bearing some Covid-positive cases among the attendees, be it a small or large number (that every attendee has to present proof of vaccination or negative test result guarantees there will be ZERO carrier in the site seems to be naive to me). Then, if unfortunately somebody is found infected, will I be contacted by the event organizers or some authority and asked to self-quarantine for a certain period of time, let alone having a test, LFT or PCR, and regardless of the result of it? My wife is not a keen gig-goer and mostly I go on my own, this time no exception. And if I should go under such condition, she won’t be certainly pleased, as it is likely she will have to do the same as I do, as a second contact. I’m guessing some (or many) of you here are under a similar situation in regard to family members. I’d appreciate your thoughts and comments. Thanks. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/15/music-festival-in-holland-leads-to-over-1000-covid-infections.html
  9. Pixies in Newcastle (“Live At Times Square”) have been rescheduled to next year. https://www.facebook.com/LivefromTimesSquare/photos/pcb.1568278196709576/1568274313376631/?type=3&theater
  10. Party At The Palace and Party At The Park, two Scottish festivals due in August, have now been cancelled again, following last year. https://partyatthepalace.co.uk https://partyatthepark.scot
  11. Quite an attractive selection of contemporary music, most of which will be performed at Edinburgh Park, the socially distanced outside venue that is situated in South Gyle area near the airport. The general sale of the tickets started today. Damon Albarn was sold out in a minute. https://www.eif.co.uk
  12. In the evening of Burns Night last year I strolled around the city centre of Edinburgh where Burns & Beyond events were going on at various sites. KT Tunstall played a 30-minute set x four times with intermissions between them, and I saw three of them. Setlists varied but she always finished it with Suddenly I See. One of the few live performances I managed last year. How the world has changed...sigh.
  13. Wish Festival No.6 was still going on...
  14. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/uk-visa-free-work-musicians-eu-brexit-b1784600.html?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=Echobox&utm_source=Twitter#comments
  15. Eric Clapton: Royal Albert Hall extra show added: http://www.whereseric.com/eric-clapton-news/303-ec-rah-extra-2021-show-added The news may indicate more gigs will happen by then and beyond.
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