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  1. Never heard of these but that is a mint name hahaha. Are they worth checking out?
  2. Any ideas on who might get added on Monday? Seems to only be about 20 or so slots left to fill.
  3. The EP they released last year was banging, definitely need to check these out.
  4. So I made a clashfinder based on the timings of previous years https://clashfinder.com/s/dl2019/ If you think anything's wrong or needs changing just let me know, It's mainly just guesswork at this stage anyway. Thought the user data was quite interesting, it's only been a week or two so these will probs change but just to get an idea who people are wanting to see.
  5. Enter Shikari have announced they're playing a 'special slot' at Download!
  6. Some proper fuckin quality additions though tbh, Conjurer, Black Peaks, Behemoth, Fever 333.
  7. That's right weird that Slayer is not subbing Slipknot, would have made LOADS more sense, surely.
  8. Announcement of the announcement will be on the app at some point this weekend. We'll get an actual band announcement on Monday afternoon.
  9. Brilliant! So they're announcing a band a day this week?
  10. That doesn't excite me as much as I'd hoped, still some decent acts there so hopefully I'll be more tempted when they announce the rest.
  11. Curious to know the 10 acts you lot are most looking forward to! For me: 1. Tool 2. Smashing Pumpkins 3. Slipknot 4. Alien Weaponry 5. Lamb of God 6. Slayer 7. Power Trip 8. The Interrupters 9. Opeth 10. Amon Amarth
  12. That's absolutely outstanding. Jesus.
  13. Are we expecting more bands so soon?
  14. It's proper good. I was not expecting The Seventh Circle to kick in like that, nearly jumped out my window.
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