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  1. Their website doesn't work anymore, something is comming ^^
  2. I hope this week finally some news? 😅
  3. When will they announce more names? ^^
  4. This must be fake 😮
  5. Judas Priest is the first name for Graspop 2022 of many to be announced. Hopefully Graspop 2022 will take place finally. 🤞 Staying positive and keep on headbanging 🤘😈🤘
  6. No Hellfest so i suppose no Graspop either? Or will they move to september?
  7. Hopefully we will get to know the last headliner tomorrow with the announcement each year on the day of saint nicholas. Fingers crossed it's SOAD 🤞
  8. I'm so excited for the first bunch of names 🤓 it is so quiet here :0
  9. you mean Aerosmith 😛 @Ken19 Do you have an idea who will replace Iron Maiden?
  10. When will they announce more acts do you think? @Ken19
  11. Still hoping for marilyn manson 😅
  12. Downloadfest 2021, so Mastodon is still in the run ^^ because they aren't on the line-up from Hellfest anymore.
  13. So any thoughts when they will announce more acts?
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