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  1. neihter nightwish or steel panther are playing. alter bridge will sub maiden for sure. the last 2 i dont really know
  2. not yet. you can check graspop line up. probably many similar bands wil end up on the line up!
  3. i really want to disagree cause i really want to see them this year but am afraid you are going to be right
  4. judas priest are headlining bloodstock along with devin townsed and behemoth. the last two are exculsive uk shows for 2020. does this mean we still have a chance for judas priest at download this year?
  5. so we have still space for 4 more logo bands i guess. i believe they will be four between judas priest faith no more nightwish five finger death punch megadeth volbeat steel panther and alter bridge.
  6. saw them with maiden last year in birmingham. absolutely amazing show!
  7. i think they will both end up at bloodstock instead
  8. hope they play! i i really wanted them to play firepower at 2018 but they headline bloodstock instead. hope this year they sub maiden at donnigton
  9. the truth is whatever you ever put people are always gona complain and be negative. they just cant enjoy a great festival with great atmosphere despite the bands. of course everyone have different opinions and some bands are like always there but hey that doesht mean many people wouldht love them and have a good time with them!
  10. good line up so far if its legit. only thing missing for me is judas priest
  11. no chance man to book the 2 same headliners from 2 years ago. this could be a terrible booking. lots of people inculding me could miss next year and try anywhere else
  12. this supposed post is fake. think about it none was able to make a screen shot? no chance of biify system and blink to be headliners!!
  13. there is a prossibility we have a shockking name who never played before. imagine if they announce red got chilli pepers pearl jam foo figheters or bon jovi!
  14. alter bridge, system of a down and kiss or iron maiden final prediction
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