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  1. I should've really known that considering I'm from the same village as The Music...
  2. It just sounded like the record with Tom during Ill Ray:
  3. Along similar lines our lass suggested the lead singer from Ghost in the full cardinal costumes for a laugh... They'd be a very strong sub so I wouldn't be surprised if they did an MSW headline slot in 2022 or, more likely, 2023.
  4. Anyone seen the videos from Kasabian last night? Doesn't look like they'll miss Tom too much when it comes to the gigs. Would be a belting sub act
  5. If Green Day, FOB and Weezer play the same 17-23 song set lists they have on the US leg of the tour it’ll be an absolute bargain. I’d struggle to justify paying more than the £82.50 I’ve paid for Foos, Hella Mega, My Chemical Romance to be honest.
  6. At times since their 2016 set I’ve felt like leaving about 15 minutes in to go watch TDCC headline the R1 tent was a daft move but looking back it was an excellent choice. I distinctly remember being bored stiff at the intro jam lasting longer than the opening song.
  7. I was literally about to post the same thing. Green Day and Fall Out Boy could charge about £70 and £60 standing each with an average support act and with Weezer as well the Hella Mega Tour has an insane lineup for the money. RHCP are definitely taking the mick, no two ways about it.
  8. If people are into them then fair enough but £90+ fees in Manchester is extortionate. Foo Fighters at the same venue is what, £70+ fees? Shite venue to boot.
  9. £90 general standing in Manchester, just getting an error message for London but that'll be at least £100: https://shops.ticketmasterpartners.com/red-hot-chili-peppers-album-presale?eml=2021October11/5487610/6010967&etsubid=293623997
  10. Not sure these days, they’ll naturally share fewer and fewer acts as DL and R&L drift apart. I would say though it’s unlikely on the basis that ADTR will be in the EU in Feb/Mar, then the EU/UK in June so surely they won’t come back again in August.
  11. That set looks very very plausible to me. I can't see Capaldi settling for any less than a MSW headline slot now, even if he is the most boring live act on Earth
  12. There's actually a lot of people asking from them in the comments of R&L's last tweet, second only to the obvious winner Arctic Monkeys at the minute so here's hoping
  13. You could arguably see RATM/ADTR one stage and BMTH/RTJ or similar on the other. There's a month-long gap between BMTH finishing in the EU before going off to Russia, what's the chances of them throwing in a handful of UK dates before I book Amsterdam
  14. Still a better reception than for that weird Subway gig
  15. Been looking at the ill-fated 2020 lineup and it already looks stacked compared to when it first came out. Mabel, Aitch and Tom Grennan fifth down, AJ Tracey and Sam Fender headlining the R1, it would have been carnage in there. Every main stage run from mid afternoon onwards would have been rammed. Incidentally, plenty of acts I'd like to see back in 2022 that didn't do 2021: Courteeners, Idles, Fever 333, Creeper, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, The Maine, Fonatines D.C
  16. They’ll never do an MSE headline slot but MSW is easily something they can do - if Biffy (and QOTSA) can, they can. Admittedly there’d be a fair percent of the set list that the average punter won’t know but that’d be the case for most acts across the weekend for most people. They’d be a less divisive headliner than BMTH in today’s world.
  17. Crowd would be bang up for the big ones like Elephant, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards etc no matter what their usual musical persuasion. By that time of day the arena will be rammed as usual at that time
  18. All depends on who else is on the same days I guess. This might well a diabolical hypothetical lineup but if you put Tame Impala on a day with the likes of Rex Orange County, Lewis Capaldi etc, and MCR on a day with MGK, Maneskin, Olivia Rodrigo, All Time Low etc it wouldn't be far off for the current demographic. Although I admit I might be way off the mark there
  19. Did we rule MCR out with them being over in June and starting a US tour on August 29th?
  20. I didn't catch Disclosure this year but bands in the other sunset sets I saw (Catfish, TDCC, Gerry Cinnamon, Biffy) don't have much in the way of effects anyway. I'm sure Tame Impala could get away without the production anyway
  21. I can't see them missing out the UK if they're over here anyway, unless they do a different UK gig. Tame Impala would be some booking but wouldn't they lose their light show if it was anything other than a post 9pm headline slot?
  22. The fact that RHCP, Foo Fighters, Green Day and Fall Out Boy are all in the UK on the same weekend is insane
  23. Yeah subbed the second main stage at this year's fest and has Leeds Arena in November. You would have expected Sheffield Arena
  24. He can get a crowd going but he comes across as an insufferable bloke. Anyone see him on Buzzcocks last week? Weird is a decent album but he comes across as gimmicky on stage at times.
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