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  1. Definitely not just denial at the lack of RATM/BMTH and the inclusion of Imagine Dragons, although that is a contributing factor 😂
  2. I tried looking for previous announcement videos as I thought I’d seen some of those clips before. Nah, not having it
  3. I have that same feeling, can’t put my finger on it but it doesn’t look quite like other R&L vids. Anyone with the determination to make a video like that will have been on here and picked out the names we’ve mentioned.
  4. Absolutely not believing that. From a marketing point of view a bright yellow single image poster with 40+ names on will catch the eye more than a video, especially for the first announcement which will be name-heavy
  5. Exactly, I don't think anyone can argue that AM / Dua Lipa / RATM (or even KOL if it turns out to be them) is a strong set of headliners anyway, but when you throw in BMTH, Dave and Yungblud it elevates the lineup considerably with the variety. Everyone looks out for the headliners first when the lineup comes out, they're the ones that shift tickets
  6. Can't speak for everyone obviously but they we're good headlining Leeds in 2014 (even if Alex Turner was leathered). On the 2018 I thought they weren't as good as I hoped but I put that down to me building them up in my head and expecting the best gig of my life. Don't believe the hype etc etc
  7. So much for 9am today when Page116 said the announcement would be. Very much inclined to believe Dan on that basis given he said it'd be next week
  8. If I had to guess: AM - Special Guests Dave - Sigrid … Dua Lipa - Bastille BMTH - Slowthai … RATM - Limp Bizkit Yungblud - Idles
  9. Can’t be legit, there’s no Post Malone
  10. Reading or Leeds? There was acres of space in Leeds's Brown camp when I arrived on Friday morning.
  11. If it is AM / Dua Lipa / RATM / BMTH / Yungblud / Dave where's the 'royal' act?
  12. I can't think of one good reason why they've done it this way, you're committing one way or the other an awfully long time in advance, unless they're just trying to squeeze £25 out of people to do the upgrade
  13. That one with Example was definitely doing the rounds a week or two ago. Have the non-headline acts ever been in non-alphabetical order before?
  14. Lads, tickets have gone off sale: https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/reading-and-leeds-festival Or are at least hidden from the Ticketmaster search page, you can still get there via the Reading/Leeds websites
  15. Raphinha to headline confirmed. Place was bouncing tonight. Fully expected 200 pages by the time I got home if I’m honest 😂
  16. That Jake Bugg placing was very very strange, the exodus of people leaving after Imagine Dragons only to come back for AM was ridiculous
  17. If Maneskin aren’t a special guest or something I’ll be shocked
  18. Deciding against going to The Prodigy’s final tour is the single biggest musical regret
  19. Exceeded: BBCC, Waterparks, TDCC, Beabadoobee, Blossoms, The Kid Laroi Underwhelmed: Catfish, NBT, Bad Nerves
  20. Completely agree re: Catfish, they just didn’t look interested, was like they had better things to do then headline the biggest festival in Europe in 2021.
  21. In the evening sets the food queues opposite MSW at Leeds often queued into the MSW crowd, it was ridiculous especially for the ones persevering with dodgy card machines!
  22. Harsh downvote @Samjones , not a fan of differing opinions?
  23. Good example tbf. At Big Weekend 2019 Miles Cyrus got the crowd to sing the Party in the USA chorus, our lass is still fuming.
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