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  1. Is having a limited company with each band member registered on Companies House a standard thing? Can’t say I’ve ever thought of looking before but could it be something to do with the record label/just a legal thing?
  2. Was starting to think it'd next week, never occurred to me next week it'll be four weeks from the festival! Does one of The Wombats live over there? Kid Laroi is Aussie but I believe he lives in the US? Not music related but the Aussies and NZ pulling out of the RL World Cup tells you all you need to know about how seriously they feel about the UK right now
  3. As digital tickets not physical? It should be alright you'd think, I'd guess it'd just disappear from the seller's ticket wallet and appear in the buyers and all the info would transfer over, if anything it should make it easier. One of my mates bought a resale ticket and has resold it themselves via Ticketmaster
  4. Just checked the setlist, a really strong set. Doesn't sit right through knowing they didn't end with Out of the Black!
  5. Unreal band, been insane every time I've seen them. How was the new stuff live? That might break up the stuff from the first two albums and stop people calling them boring
  6. Gutted, it seems to have happen to a fair few without much warning when you first add them to your basket. Hope they get sorted. Just guessing but it could be to reduce contact between the ticket holder and the staff on the gate? Read that Tramlines aren't even doing weekend wristbands this year. Don't know what the lead times are on ticket printing/posting but if they've just found out they can go ahead it'll save them time going digital
  7. Never heard of her in my life so either she's getting the US listeners as you say or more I'm out of touch! Yeah for Billie Eilish you could tell from before they put her in the R1 Tent she was going to draw a massive crowd. There's a fair few acts where I'm interested to see the size of the crowd they pull: QOTSA, Disclosure, Tom Grennan, Arizona Zervas etc
  8. I'm only guessing based on other acts that day and the sheer number of plays some of them have had on Spotify. Not my thing at all but I imagine she'll appeal to the Post/Disclosure/Kid Laroi crowd
  9. There'll be some massive crowds this year. KSI, Becky Hill, AJ Tracey, Aitch and Gerry Cinnamon will all draw loads in. The crowds for Post in 2018 and Billie Eilish in 2019 were insane for middle of the day sets, how they got them to play middle of the afternoon I'll never know
  10. Yeah just interested to see what they do. Should give us a better idea where the secret set(s) will be too. With Idles collaborating with Slowthai my money is still on them. Nice R&L sized gap in their tour and one less band on the Pit Stage that day
  11. Just thinking that there's quite a lot more to announce than a couple of stage openers and middle-of-the-day small stage acts. Introducing, Alternative/Comedy, Relentless/night time entertainment, US replacement acts etc. Yeah these aren't big things to a lot of people but the poster is a long way from looking complete. Prepared to eat my words but I think they'll tease it first. They have previous in hyping up really disappointing announcements so it wouldn't surprise me if the tease one where there's a few cancellations
  12. Yeah it could be. It could be anytime, not like they're in any rush to shift tickets any more. From a PR point of view, releasing it around the same time as Latitude would be good for Festival Republic
  13. They're definitely ramping up the number of posts on social media now. It's like they're trying to get people to bite with that one today. Teaser tomorrow and announcement Friday?
  14. It might just be me but QOTSA look really out of place on that lineup for me. They're obviously not there to appeal to the school leavers but will the young weekend ticket holders be able to name many of their songs? Might be the same with Biffy, BMTH and a few UK alternatives but maybe more so with QOTSA
  15. Arctic Monkeys, BMTH, Billie Eilish would be the dream for me. Two Sheffield headliners, a Yorkshire takeover
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