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  1. Dinosaur Pile-Up was almost deserted in Leeds, really felt for the band because they’re always brilliant
  2. They’re more than ready for an MSW headline slot I’d say. No doubt about it in the north after four 30-60k gigs at Heaton Park and Old Trafford. Different story down south as has been said but they could definitely pull it off at Reading. More than Yungblud can anyway.
  3. I fell asleep for YMAS's full set at the main stage and somehow didn't burn, it was a miracle. We even has guest bar access and they didn't have any water. It wasn't until coming on here on the Monday I realised the security at the barriers had their own working water taps!
  4. Speaking as a ginger it was too hot if anything! The arena ran out of water (bottled and communal tap) in the hour of each day, absolute shambles in 30 degree sunshine
  5. Not at all, if acts pulled out of R&L after negative announcement reaction there'd be no festival. RATM will be back in the UK one way or another in 2022/23, either they'll have already had UK plans in the works or R&L will have had different headliners lined up. That Foos 2019 undercard was insane, can you imagine a band like ADTR subbing now! Just had another look because I forgot the sheer beauty of the main stage that day: Foos - ADTR - FCATR - The Distillers - Yungblud - Mayday Parade - Swmrs - Milk Teeth - Shikari will never be beaten
  6. Obviously they're a huge name in music and could draw a lot of people in by themselves but I still don't understand why they were booked with the undercard they had, it wasn't exactly a tailored rock day for day ticketers.
  7. MSE: AM, Dua Lipa, Lewis Capaldi, Girl in Red, Aitch MSW: Bastille, Anne-Marie, Rex Orange County, Courteeners, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Headie One FR: Vistas, The Mysterines Pit/Lock-Up: 100 Gecs, Lorna Shore
  8. Has anyone got any complete wildcards they'd like to see play R&L? I'm seeing EODM in a couple of weeks and it's got me thinking about how good they were on the main stage in 2016
  9. No chance of the original Avril Lavigne but they might get her clone
  10. Wrong sir, give me the Pigeon Detectives on the Thursday night at Leeds
  11. Yeah I think Oli said outright or nothing a few years back which is where the supposed beef with FR started but R&L have moved on from rock now so BMTH might reconsider and take any headline slot they can get. Personally I don't think they'll ever headline MSE so it'd be MSW or bust, just not universally popular enough.
  12. I emailed FR last month asking when the instalment plan will go live but had to response - wasn't expecting one tbf. Should be when the lineup is out, 10th maybe?
  13. The more I think about it, the more I think Dua Lipa is the perfect set to follow BMTH, if it's anything like their September gigs the change of pace will be much needed
  14. What layer of bullshit are we up to if it's going truth-bullshit-truth-bullshit-truth?
  15. This is the efestivals forum I fell in love with
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