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  1. Wish I had some upvotes left, your commitment to free booze is excellent 🤣
  2. Stupid question alert - do capri suns get picked up by the metal detectors on the gates? Only ask because I once defrosted one in the microwave and it lit up like a Christmas tree
  3. Could change again but this looks more compete now: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/my-chemical-romance/2022/stadium-mk-milton-keynes-england-23b718ef.html
  4. Anyone going tonight know if the bars are just pints or if they sell bottles of wine?
  5. That’s me not getting in then, was on the fence about whether to bother so that’s the decision out of my hands!
  6. If the videos so far are anything to go by the golden circle atmosphere will be dead for these gigs
  7. Looks like there is but you can potentially walk around into it like most festivals
  8. Yeah they’re surely have a digital backdrop at MK, hoping for something special for these like a different setlist, staging etc
  9. Can only really answer on the bus - If it’s the same place as for Slam Dunk it’ll be from Sovereign St by Leeds station.
  10. From memory there were a couple in 2019 but nothing big, The Amazon’s officially played the tent but also the Introducing stage as a secret set
  11. There’s no doubting TBHC was a sonically fantastic album, so interesting to listen to on the record but it probably won’t work headlining a festival like R&L in my opinion. Even Sheffield Arena of all places went dead quiet during the TBHC songs on the September 2018 tour but it was understandably bouncing for the older stuff. The band have evolved as has been said but the live crowds haven’t in the main.
  12. I thought that too, it’s Avril Lavinge’s clone all over again
  13. *More spoilers* No Planetary (Go) is a bummer, but I’ll absolutely take This is How I Disappear. Agree about the closer, you’d surely play Kids from Yesterday as the penultimate song and then finish on Famous Last Words/Black Parade. Foundations of Decay seems and odd opener too to me, but that’s just me!
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